FreeeUp Saves You Time and Money

Instead of posting jobs and interviewing hundreds of applicants without a guarantee of their reliability, sign up to FreeeUp for free and gain access to the top 1% of online freelancers who have applied to offer their services through FreeeUp.

Build an online team as you want with workers from $5 to $50 per hour available on a first come, first serve basis.

Request the exact worker you need

Submit what skill set you need, get introduced within hours.

The FreeeUp marketplace has a wide variety of workers from eCommerce experts to content creators, Facebook Ad specialists, graphic designers, web developers, and much more. The process to find the worker you need is extremely simple.

Start by submitting a Worker Request from your FreeeUp account. State the worker that you need for your team along with details about your preferences.

Your request will be offered to the pre-vetted network of workers and you'll be introduced to the best fit for your project.

You'll receive an email introduction to the worker and a notification in your FreeeUp account about the new worker.

How does FreeeUp vet its workers?

FreeeUp receives hundreds of freelancer applications every week from people interested in joining the network. There is a 4 step interview process that all applicants are put through before they are allowed to enter the network vetting their skills, attitude, and experience.

1) Initial application: Resume, cover letter, typing test, Internet speed test, etc.
2) Interview #1: Conversation vetting English, skills, experience, and attitude.
3) Interview #2: Higher level vetting of the freelancer's skills and experience.
4) Marketplace Guidelines: Communication guidelines that all workers must memorize and prove they understand.

The workers in the network represent the top 1% of all applications that are received. FreeeUp is dedicated to providing you with the most reliable and talented freelancers on the Internet.

What if FreeeUp doesn't have the skill set I need?

FreeeUp is happy to recruit and interview for skills outside the core areas on the marketplace. It does not cost anything additional to you. The marketplace performs this for many clients who are looking for very specific skill sets so they can stay focused on growing their business.

Freelancers will be put through the marketplace vetting process and will be introduced once they make it into the FreeeUp network. There is no obligation to hire the workers you are introduced to when using this service. It is simply another way the FreeeUp Marketplace shows support to its clients.

Hire the best worker for your project

Meet worker, make the hire, get working.

Once you've been introduced to a worker, you can make a decision if they are the best fit for your project.

Set up a 15 minute meeting. Chat with the worker about the project to make sure they are the perfect fit.

If you love them, simply hire them through your FreeeUp account. They will be added to your account and you will be added to theirs.

If you want another option, click the button within your account to Request a Different Worker. You'll be introduced to another worker that could be a great fit based off the feedback that you provide.

How will I be introduced to the worker?

After submitting worker request, you will be introduced to a worker within 24 hours via email and directly in your FreeeUp account. You will be provided their contact information so you can meet with them to make sure they are the right fit.

Manage workers on your FreeeUp account

Track hours, view worker comments, get contact info.

Once hired, you can manage worker relationship on the platform.

Track all hours recorded by workers daily and weekly. Adjust worker hours based off your needs.

View notes from workers on all hours they were clocked in.

Set up communication methods with workers. Workers are typically available through Skype, email, Viber, WhatsApp, phone, and text.

How do I know that all worker hours are accurate?

FreeeUp has multiple levels of security to ensure all hours are billed properly. First, workers on the marketplace know that all hours must be approved by clients before billing. Second, there is a marketplace contract that all workers sign agreeing to accurately bill hours to clients. Third, billing periods occur every week so you are always reminded to check worker's hours prior to billing.

In the rare case that you think a worker incorrectly billed their hours, we encourage you to first contact the worker as there is usually a simple solution. You can also always contact the marketplace to resolve any escalated billing issues.

Pay your freelancers for their hard work

Credit card, ACH, PayPal, weekly invoices

Billing occurs on every Thursday to the payment method you set up when creating your account. Billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of every week.

ACH: Set up a bank account where worker payments will be billed from each week. Save 1.1% on all invoices with this payment method.

Credit Card: Add a credit card to your account and you'll be charged from it every Thursday.

Retainer: Add a retainer to your FreeeUp account using PayPal.

Will I receive an invoice when charged?

Yes, you will receive an official invoice via email every week after you have been charged for workers.

How can I review my worker's hours before being charged?

Log into your FreeeUp account and review worker's hours logged for the week. Every Wednesday is a buffer day when you can check hours and report any discrepancies you find to the worker. If there are any billing issues, please contact within 1 week.

Minimize risk with turnover

Speedy worker replacement

In the rare case that a worker quits or you decide they are not the right fit, you will be introduced to a new worker from the network quickly.

Don't lose time when turnover happens. The marketplace is here to support you in your online hiring efforts.

How do I request a replacement worker?

It's as easy as submitting another Worker Request through your FreeeUp account. If you need assistance with pausing your current worker, reach out to the marketplace and you will be provided support.

What happens if I set up the worker and then they decide to quit?

The marketplace will introduce you to a new worker quickly and will also cover the replacement costs for the new worker so that you don't take a step back.

Hear What Clients Are Saying

Ben Cummings, Founder of eCommerce Fast Track Coaching

Jim Bunch, Founder of The Ultimate Game of Life

"The best hands on outsourcing resource I've come across. Nathan and his team do a great job of connecting you with the best, vetted talent they have available. The communication level is so high and professional. Will continue to recommend FreeeUp to friends and colleagues."

Troy Johnston, Happy FreeeUp Client

"FreeeUp is a fantastic service. I always find top quality freelancers through them. Nathan is an excellent leader and cares about his freelancers and clients. He always answers my questions and solves issues immediately. Highly recommended!"

Seth Hurd, CEO of Hurd Dynamics

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