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We’ve been getting a lot of requests here at FreeeUp about how we structure an amazing Amazon team. Clients have been curious to know how an online hiring platform handles their own hiring and team building. It is certainly a very good question, and right on target. So, today we are going to outline how FreeeUp handles each step of the process to set up and structure the perfect Amazon team for Private Label businesses. Whether you as a business owner that prefers to hire in-house staff, remote workers, or a combination of both, we hope that this system will help you to build and structure teams that will rock it every day.


17 Key People You Need On Your Amazon Team

If you haven’t already seen it, check out this episode on Finding, Interviewing, and Vetting Online Workers from our How to Hire Remote Workers video series. It is a quick watch that will give you a few relevant hacks that you can keep in mind as you read on. The rest of the series will also prove to be a very helpful step-by-step guide as you add people to your Amazon team.

Get Your Managers in Place

One of the first things that you will want to do is to find the key people who will help you run your Amazon business. These key people are the managers who will be in direct and constant communication with you. They will also eventually be handling most of the communications and task supervision for the rest of your team. Your managers will take care of building the systems and processes that you need to make your Amazon business thrive. They will also handle much of the work involved in creating onboarding guides for the different tasks under their care. The onboarding itself for these positions that you will soon be filling can also be handled by adept managers.

You want to make sure that you are comfortable with each of these managers’ skills and their commitment. You will also want to be able to develop a long-term relationship with them for how they communicate with you and perform their daily tasks.

Build out your management team with these key positions:

  1. Amazon Director – for general Amazon supervision. This manager will be responsible for overseeing all work specific to the Amazon platform, such as the creation of optimized listing images and text, Amazon PPC, and customer relations.
  2. Marketing Director – for business and product marketing. This manager will be responsible for supervising the design and execution of creative business branding and product campaigns.
  3. Inventory Manager – for keeping track of inventory and orders. This manager will be responsible for making sure that inventory is maintained at the appropriate level and orders get processed and shipped on time and without hitches.
  4. Accountant – for managing finances. This manager will be responsible for making sure that the books and taxes are kept straight, and for helping you to figure out margins and areas where you should cut back or expand into.
  5. Executive Assistant – for day-to-day administrative tasks and keeping you organized. This manager will be responsible for keeping your calendar straight so that you can focus on getting things done, and for helping you check tasks off your list that don’t really require your personal touch.

Once you have these key people in place, you will be able to quite easily structure an Amazon team for each area of responsibility.

Build Your Amazon Team for Each Department

As each of your managers is set snugly in place on your A-team, they can begin preparing for hiring and onboarding. It is a good practice to take on only two or three new workers at a time so that your managers can properly vet, set up and supervise each Amazon team member. Don’t rush the process since trying to get all these positions filled in a panic will not work well for you in the long run. Take your time and work with your managers to find the right people who value your company and have the professional drive and work ethic to make it grow. Onboarding should be a priority so that you can ensure that each position functions well and each member integrates seamlessly with the rest of the team.

Each of these positions should be filled with highly skilled individuals who have ample experience in their respective niches:

Amazon Director

  1. Customer Service – able to handle queries, complaints, and follow-ups to manage customer satisfaction and get more good reviews.
  2. PPC Advertiser – fluent with the ins and outs of Amazon’s brand of advertising and keen with keywords and clicks.
  3. Product Launcher – creatively savvy with unique campaigns that highlight your products and also reflect and build your brand image.
  4. SEO Copywriter – knowledgeable in general SEO best practices and an expert in handling Amazon keyword research and placement.
  5. Photographer – experienced and with an excellent eye for product angles specifically.

Marketing Director

  1. Graphic Designer – gifted in composing artful graphics that pop and get the message across at a glance.
  2. Content Writer – talented with words and discerning when it comes to advertising content that will comply with Amazon’s policies.
  3. Social Media Manager – a born people-person with well-rounded experience on the major social platforms, particularly Facebook.
  4. Digital Advertising Manager – quick on the draw and able to keep abreast of the latest in web marketing.

Inventory Manager

  1. Freight Forwarder – highly organized with a stable network, decent insurance and a reputation for being sharp with packing standards as well as scheduling and follow-ups.
  2. Warehouse Manager – with strong people and technical finesse, excellent communication and tactical skills, a good background in finance and legalities, organized, analytical, attentive and decisive.


  1. Bookkeeper – with solid integrity, discipline, and a knack for numbers as well as data entry, sound judgment, excellent communication, and paying keen attention to detail while able to see the big picture.

In due time, all the positions that you need to build your team will be filled. With a dash of patience and a dab of elbow grease, you as the CEO will have a fully supported Amazon team handling all aspects of the business while you focus on growth and leadership.


This article and infographic is inspired by Tomer Rabinovich and his Amazon Private Label company. Tomer is a full time eCommerce entrepreneur with a focus on the Amazon Private Label business model. While not working on his business, Tomer spends most of his time traveling the world speaking at various Amazon seller events. Tomer’s knowledge on the ideal makeup of a Private Label Amazon business allowed us to create this amazing piece of content breaking down each role you may hire if looking to build a Private Label business on the Amazon Marketplace. FreeeUp thanks Tomer for his expertise.


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