US virtual assistant

Who to Hire? US Virtual Assistant or International Virtual Assistant?

  So, you’ve decided you need a little help. Your business is growing, and that’s great. You’re getting to the point where you don’t have much time to manage your daily tasks, whether that making sales reports or modifying your ad spend. But the question is, should you hire a US virtual assistant, or an international one? Hiring a virtual assistant is an investment, there’s no question about that. Here at FreeeUp, we believe it’s […]

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What is a Freelancer and How Do They Help Your Company?

What is a Freelancer? Curious about what a freelancer is? Interested in hiring one? In this article, we’ll explain how a freelancer is different than a regular employee. We’ll then explain how you can use the unique advantages of freelancers to help your business grow. A Freelancer is someone who works on a contract basis for a company, rather than working as a full-time employee. Typically, freelancers work for more than one company at the […]

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remote customer service

How to Get Top Performing Remote Customer Service

  You’ve been there before. You have a dream for your business, a plan to boost your sales, to form partnerships with other companies, and to launch an amazing ad campaign. And yet… you spend hours of your time every day doing customer service instead. In many ways, this isn’t a waste. Good customer service is invaluable, especially early on in your company’s growth. It sets you apart from your competitors and promotes brand loyalty. […]

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hiring remote workers

10 Most Common Mistakes of Hiring Remote Freelancers

  In this post, we outline the 10 most common mistakes people tend to make when they are hiring remote freelancers. At FreeeUp, we’ve personally found great success using online contractors. Before our founders started FreeeUp, they were running e-commerce businesses using mostly remote freelancers, and taking in millions in sales each year. However, we do know that not everyone has had the same experiences we have. Maybe you’ve found the hiring part overwhelming, or […]

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Freelancer Interview Questions

12 Must Ask Freelancer Interview Questions

  When you write up freelancer interview questions, you shouldn’t feel like you are rolling dice. It might seem just like that most of the time, though. How do you come up with questions that can accurately determine a potential worker’s skillset, attitude, and communication style, and still keep the interview from dragging on forever? At FreeeUp, we’re here to help. Our founders, Nate Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, recently sat down in a live chat […]

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remote employees

3 Reasons to Feel Comfortable Hiring Remote

  This post is to help you get comfortable hiring remote although hiring freelancers can seem like a big deal. How can you trust someone you don’t personally interact with? How can you hold them accountable for their work? It might seem uncertain whether a freelancer can really contribute if they are a hundred miles away. These concerns are completely natural, but that doesn’t mean they should stop you from giving your business a head […]

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solid rapport

Building Solid Rapport with Customers and Prospects

  Building solid rapport with others is essential in business. Whether you’re on the sales side or the customer side, you need to be personable. When you can connect with people on a deeper level, you can establish trust. This trust in turn impacts buying decisions and encourages repeat sales and loyal referrals. Of course, having a stellar product is the real victory, but during your first interaction with the customer, they vetting more than […]

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managing remote workers

3 Secrets to Hiring and Managing Remote Freelancers | Secret #3: Push to Become Better

  Hiring and managing remote freelancers can be tricky. This series aims to help you deal with the 3 most basic parts of getting freelancers to perform at a high level. This first post on how to Master the Interview dealt with making the hiring process go more smoothly. The second outlined the key points to help freelancers Integrate Flawlessly. This last post discusses how to push remote freelancers to do better once you’ve hired […]

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6 Crucial VA Interview Questions

6 Crucial VA Interview Questions You Need to Ask

  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, hiring a virtual assistant, or VA, can be a big help. You’ll finally be able hand off some of your most pesky spreadsheets and cut down on the flood of emails in your inbox. However, just as important as deciding whether to hire a VA is choosing the right VA. Think about your needs You may dread the prospect of long interviews. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. […]

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