eCommerce Consultants tasks expertise rates

What Do eCommerce Consultants Do, and How Much Do They Cost?

  eCommerce may be an area where you lack specific marketing or technical abilities, and that can make it hard to determine how to hire an ecommerce consultant and how much to compensate them.  Your business’s eCommerce needs may require a variety of tasks that need to be delivered at different points.  And, eCommerce consultants have different backgrounds and expertise. This guide will help you understand what to expect when using eCommerce consultants and what […]

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freelance writer

How to Succeed as a Paid Freelance Writer

  Flexible, Enjoyable, and Handsome Payment are the three features of freelance writing. Being a paid freelance writer is a profession in itself and has helped a myriad of writers to earn the name, and fame. But not all writers who want to freelance get these opportunities for everything they write. Not all the creative minds get rich. The truth is not that sweet related to freelance writing. It is an occupation full of freedom […]

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prestozon amazon ads

How to Set Budgets for Amazon Ads

  If you sell on Amazon, then you know how important Amazon ads are to your success. Over the past year, Amazon has been vastly increasing the portion of search results that is given to real estate. For better or for worse, if you don’t buy ads, then the very best you can do organically is halfway down the page. Okay, so setting aside some money for Amazon ads is important. But how do you […]

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freelancers run social commerce

How and Why to Have Remote Freelancers Run Social Commerce Strategy

  To maximize your social commerce strategy as a business person, you need to have qualified people to run it.  By hiring qualified people from all over the world to run your page, you can fully utilize social media networks to support online buying or selling of products. You might be wondering why you should let remote freelancers run social commerce strategies instead of hiring in-house. The question you need to be asking is why […]

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expandly time saving tips

10 Time-Saving Tips for Online Sellers

  Online sellers can often feel like Jacks of all roles. Managing listings, orders, stock, invoicing and reporting alongside marketing, accounting, warehousing and facilities. Sure it’s fun to begin with, but it soon becomes time-consuming, money-draining and stressful. And with the festive season well on the horizon, it’s about to get worse – but it doesn’t have to. At Expandly, we help online retailers save time every day, and we’ve gathered together our top time-saving […]

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sell your freelance business max return

How and When to Sell Your Freelance Business for Maximum Acquisition Value

  When selling your freelance business, it makes sense that you would want to maximize the value and earn as much money on the sale as humanly possible. You have put time and effort into building and growing your business, you deserve a return! Knowing you want to make as much as possible on a sale is one thing. Knowing how to actually maximize the acquisition value is another. Luckily, there are a few things […]

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healthcare freelancer

The Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Healthcare Freelancer

  In today’s competitive eCommerce marketplace, eCommerce store owners are constantly looking for new ways to drive revenues, increase profits, and tap into new techniques to grow their business. This means any advantage that can be found should be used to its full potential. Delegation One of the key things that many eCommerce business owners are trying to decide is whether or not they should hire on additional help to grow their business. When you […]

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amazon fba service providers

When is the Right Time to Start Working with Amazon FBA Service Providers?

    As you may already know, in order to run a successful Amazon FBA business it is crucial to work with certain service providers that help you boost your sales and stay competitive. Many sellers ask themselves when they should start working with service providers. The answer is, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to Amazon or if you have already launched several products in the past. It’s never too soon to start relying […]

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private label freelancer managers

Four Necessary Skills Young and Ambitious Managers Have to Master Today

  Being a manager today involves constant work on improving your skills and evolving. The workplace environment is changing rapidly. More and more companies are relying on freelancers to accomplish an array of key tasks. According to the Future Workforce Report by Upwork, 63 percent of companies have a partially remote workforce today, but a majority of them lack remote work policies. This is a problem. The managers are trying to follow trends without adjusting […]

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