Freelancer Marketplace Comparison

A Freelance Marketplace Comparison: Upwork vs. Freelancer vs. FreeeUp vs. Fiverr

  Why You Need a Freelance Marketplace Comparison As a business owner, you want to hire only the best for your business. This means having a freelance marketplace comparison to go to so you can find the best freelance professionals. Have you ever wondered which freelance marketplace provides the best freelancer options? Many business owners have often wondered the same. In fact, the seeming lack of good options is part of what led the two […]

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amazon selling tips

21 Amazon Selling Tips for the 2019 Holiday Season

  There are a ton of Amazon selling tips floating around the internet. Who has time during this busiest season of the year to read, sort, and apply them all? Because you’re serious about crushing the 2019 holiday season, we’ve summarized the gist of all the great Amazon selling tips for you. By applying this shortlist, you can make this season your most profitable yet. Personal Preparation Based on the numbers, you are in a […]

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philippine virtual assistants

Philippine Virtual Assistants | Skills, Rates, Working Times, & More

  One of the smartest decisions that you can make for your business is hiring Philippine virtual assistants. As many businesses have already discovered, they have several qualities that make them well-suited for online work, no matter the type or location of the business. When dealing with a global talent pool, it pays to know the qualities of this freelance segment – it makes up a large portion of the online freelance workforce. For starters, […]

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Expert with Facebook Ads

Why and How You Should Hire a Facebook Ads Expert

  If you are a small business owner dabbling in Facebook ads, stop wasting your money doing it yourself! You need a Facebook Ads expert to make it worth the investment. This includes what your time is worth to go and learn how to use Facebook advertising and the spend you will lose as you experiment, trying to make it work when you don’t have the necessary experience. Facebook Ads is one of the best […]

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hire a freelancer for your amazon store

How to Hire a Freelancer for your Amazon Store

  You may have not yet had a chance to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store. But if you are running a thriving online store, you likely already know the value of good help. In order to build a booming business, you have to hire skilled people at some point to help with the day-to-day tasks. You simply cannot expect to scale your business to the heights that you aspire to if you insist […]

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outsource web development

Should You Outsource Web Development? 9 Factors to Consider

  We think you should definitely outsource web development. And it’s not because we’re a freelance marketplace. (You could say that the opposite is true, in fact — FreeeUp was built because outsourcing is awesome, whether web development or other work.) That said, you should outsource web development because it gives you and your business at least a dozen benefits that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise. Here are our favorites: 1.  Time Are […]

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private label freelancer managers

Key Private Label Freelancers for Outsourcing Your Amazon Business

  Many Amazon business owners ask us how they can put together an amazing group of private label freelancers for their Amazon accounts. Clients have also been curious to know how an online hiring platform handles their own hiring. It is certainly a very good question, and right on target. So, today we are going to outline how FreeeUp handles each step of the process to hire, set up and structure private label freelancers for […]

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freelancer interview questions

12 Must Ask Freelancer Interview Questions

  When you write up freelancer interview questions, you shouldn’t feel like you’re just rolling the dice. Hiring freelancers might seem just like a risky game of chance most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. How do you come up with freelancer interview questions that can accurately determine a potential freelancer’s skillset, attitude, and communication style while still keeping the interview from dragging on forever? FreeeUp founders Nate Hirsch and […]

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good advice for people with talent

20+ Proven Tips for Freelancing Successfully on FreeeUp

  You can get a lot out of being on the FreeeUp Marketplace as a freelancer. Here are the top FreeeUp freelancer tips for making the most out of your freelance business right here, right now. I.  Use Available Free Resources There are a ton of free sources of information and tips on FreeeUp. Below are some of these resources that you can tap into to gain knowledge to help you grow and thrive as […]

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