freelancer interview questions

12 Must Ask Freelancer Interview Questions

  When you write up freelancer interview questions, you shouldn’t feel like you’re just rolling the dice. Hiring freelancers might seem just like a risky game of chance most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. How do you come up with freelancer interview questions that can accurately determine a potential freelancer’s skillset, attitude, and communication style while still keeping the interview from dragging on forever? FreeeUp founders Nate Hirsch and […]

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good advice for people with talent

20+ Proven Tips for Freelancing Successfully on FreeeUp

  You can get a lot out of being on the FreeeUp Marketplace as a freelancer. Here are the top FreeeUp freelancer tips for making the most out of your freelance business right here, right now. I.  Use Available Free Resources There are a ton of free sources of information and tips on FreeeUp. Below are some of these resources that you can tap into to gain knowledge to help you grow and thrive as […]

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freelance business workstation

10+ Key Qualities You Need to Build a Freelance Business from Scratch using FreeeUp

  You can start to build a freelance business by working through any of the available online platforms. But FreeeUp is the best place to really grow professionally and scale your business. The principles behind it and the way it’s structured create a supportive atmosphere that’s crucial to success. Starting Out You can’t really expect to build a freelance business without any experience. This applies both to your own personal experience freelancing and to your […]

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freelancer earning through eCommerce

Who are eCommerce Freelance VAs?

  If you are the lucky owner of an eCommerce business and haven’t yet taken advantage of eCommerce freelance VAs, then this article is for you. You probably already know how much work is involved in the daily operations – especially if you are looking to scale and grow your business. From copywriting to product sourcing and from customer service to drop shipping, there is no shortage of tasks that must be done. And if […]

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FreeeUp different

How is FreeeUp Different From Other Marketplaces?

  If you’ve hired online, you know that not all hiring platforms are alike. What makes FreeeUp different from all these other platforms is a combination of factors. In this post we explore these factors which make up the core of FreeeUp as a marketplace. We also explore how they came to be and why they make it the better marketplace for hiring digital freelance professionals. FreeeUp’s Origins Online Hiring Frustration FreeeUp founders Nathan Hirsch […]

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freelancer mistakes

Avoid these 7 Most Common New Freelancer Mistakes in 2019

  Are you just now embarking on a freelance career? If you’re new to the whole gig game, there are a few freelancer mistakes you are bound to make if you’re not careful. Freelancing is not a completely different world from the traditional office jobs that you may be have trained up in. It does have some unique characteristics, however, that you need to be aware of. And you’ll need to master them if you […]

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improve client meetings

How Calendly Can Improve Client Meetings

  Why it’s Important to Improve Client Meetings Let me share with you one of my most valued freelancing secrets: Freelancers who aren’t organized don’t thrive. Sure, you may be happy with where you’re at right now, but let’s be honest — you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t feel some kind of need for help. With everything from deadlines to contacts to meetings, it’s key to sync-up your online business in order to stay […]

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hiring fears

4 Big Hiring Fears and How to Overcome Them

  Many business owners experience a fear of hiring, especially when hiring for the first time. These hiring fears stem from concerns that are all too real. There are solutions to each of them, however, and this post will walk you through them to help ease your mind. We have targeted here the 5 most common hiring fears that we’ve encountered and broken them down for you. 1.  Hiring Employees Most businesses nowadays, particularly smaller […]

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outsource graphic design

The Ultimate Guide to Outsource Graphic Design

What would you say if I told you that you could outsource graphic design without all the headache involved in either outsourcing or finding the right graphic designer? You probably wouldn’t believe the half of it. It can’t possibly be that easy, anyway. But that’s what this ultimate guide is all about. It’s the process that you, your mother in Florida, and the guy who lives down the road can use to outsource graphic design […]

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