how to use Trello

How to Use Trello to Keep your Freelance Business Organized

  If you are a remote freelancer like me who has been in the industry for quite a while, you will understand how organization plays an important role in achieving a healthy work-life balance. Learning how to use Trello, a free project management tool, to keep clients and tasks organized is essential to running a freelance business. For newcomers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by doing one project with one client to suddenly picking up […]

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Agency Owner’s Guide to Hiring Freelancers and Agencies

Most agency owners start out as freelancers. They are equipped with talent, skills, and experience that cater to different clients and businesses. Whether they are providing creative services, marketing, IT, and whatnot, they want to move up from being blue-chip freelancers to agency owners. This is where their dreams of going big start. Being a freelance agency owner is not an easy task. Just like ecommerce entrepreneurs, you need the initiative to start your business, […]

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shopify freelancer

How to Sell on Shopify Using Freelancers from FreeeUp

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms to start your ecommerce business on. It’s unified and easy to use, even for beginners. However, in order to scale up your online store as early as possible, you need help from at least one Shopify freelancer. Global hiring platforms such as FreeeUp specialize in helping ecommerce businesses succeed. The range of services they offer is as vast as the pool of talent they have available for […]

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graphic design freelancer

21 Projects a Graphic Design Freelancer Can Handle For You

Every ecommerce business needs a graphic design freelancer to take care of visuals. Creating compelling and attractive graphics will make you stand out from other businesses who simply blend into the background. Customers are more likely to remember your brand if you regularly show them something new and interesting. Graphic design is one of the most persuasive marketing tools for companies who are into ecommerce trade. Creativity is a talent. Combining it with strategy and […]

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Freelance Experts Share Tips on Starting a Freelance Business from Nothing

16 Freelance Experts Share Tips on Starting a Freelance Business from Nothing

  The flexibility of freelancing encourages professionals working in a typical eight-to-five office to forego their traditional careers and jump into freelance. Starting a freelance business is like starting your own company from the ground up. It may seem easy with just your skills, a laptop, and a good internet connection. However, to succeed, you need as much focus as an entrepreneur trying to make a name for his first product. Getting Started What if […]

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Ecommerce Virtual Assistants

30 Ecommerce Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Online Store Faster

  The continuous innovations in technology can be overpowering for any entrepreneur, especially if this is your first time selling on the internet. Venturing into ecommerce can be lucrative and competitive at the same time. Delegating tasks to an ecommerce virtual assistant may seem strange to someone who has built their product from an idea to a brand that is known and trusted by customers. However, in order to stay ahead on the online scene, […]

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outsource ecommerce customer service

How to Outsource Ecommerce Customer Service Overseas Without Running Into Issues

  Every business needs customer service, regardless of the industry you are operating in. It is an important medium of contact that provides understanding between you and the consumers. It’s great if you are the type of store owner who loves talking to your buyers. However, you don’t have the time to spend all day in front of the computer answering emails. This is why you need to outsource ecommerce customer service. Although many first-time […]

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ecommerce influencers

25 Ecommerce Influencers You Have to Follow on Social Media in 2019

  The advancement of information technology has paved the way for brands to easily reach their target market. Modern day shoppers are consumed by the power of social media. They turn to ecommerce influencers to help decide what products and services to buy that will match their unique lifestyles. Through influencer marketing, businesses are able to engage and accumulate loyal followers over digital media channels. What Makes An Influencer? Just about anyone can be an […]

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virtual marketing assistant

17 Virtual Marketing Assistants Who Will Increase Your Traffic and Customers

  Marketing is an essential component of every e-commerce business, and like many other elements in running one, it continually evolves as the market changes. The tasks related to building and promoting your brand have to be done by a skilled professional who has relevant experience, is adept at using different marketing tools, and up to date with the latest marketing trends. As you take steps to expand your business, hiring a virtual marketing assistant […]

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