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The Definitive Guide to Outsource SEO to a SEO Specialist

  As an entrepreneur, you set aside time to brainstorm, plan, learn, iterate, and meet your goals. But there’s so much to do in your business every day that it’s impossible to do it all—and do it all well—on your own. The solution is to outsource, and one of the tasks that’s prime for outsourcing is search engine optimization, also known as SEO. A strong SEO strategy requires a lot of time and, more importantly, […]

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creative freelancer va

How Creative Freelancers Can Work Smarter with a VA

  Creative freelancers—for example, writers, designers, web developers—tend to work alone. Unless you’re turning your freelance business into an agency, you’ll likely do a lot of your work solo. Maybe you’ve outsourced a bit, though not consistently, but I’m going to show you why hiring a creative freelancer VA has huge benefits. My Background I’m a solo freelancer with no dreams of scaling into an agency. While having an agency and hiring others sounds like […]

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Facebook Ad Consultant

Facebook Ad Consultants | Rates, What They’re Best For, and Where to Find Them

  Facebook advertising has boomed in popularity as a way to gain new customers and stay engaged with existing ones. With more than 2 billion users according to Statista, Facebook’s advertising platform allows businesses to target nearly any audience in the world with seemingly endless demographic and behavioral targeting. If Facebook advertising will be a part of your marketing plan, you need to decide whether you’ll hire a Facebook ad consultant to help create, place, […]

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Starting Scaling Freelance Agency

The Ultimate Guide to Start and Scale a Freelance Agency Using FreeeUp

  Starting a freelancing agency is scary (but exciting). Scaling that agency is even scarier (and, yes, even more exciting). As you start your journey in the freelance agency world, this post will show you what’s possible and how to get there. This post is best for these two groups of people: Want-to-be freelancers getting ready to leave a day job to make a go of it on your own. Freelancers just starting out and […]

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A Freelancer’s Guide to FreeeUp.com | Everything You Need to Know

As a freelancer, there are so many marketplaces out there you can join. It can get overwhelming to know which one is best for you and how many you should join. I’ve been on FreeeUp since March 2018, and joining was one of the best things I’ve done for my freelancing business. Here’s an interview I did with FreeeUp co-founder, Nathan, a few months after joining FreeeUp and seeing big success.  Since that interview, […]

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How to Start Outsourcing Work to US Freelancers

  So you’re a business owner and you’re trying to cut costs but aren’t sure exactly how you should do it. According to the United States Department of Labor, labor accounts for nearly 70% of total business costs, a startling fact but one that sheds new light on the costs of doing business. In today’s digital society, everything is done virtually online. From banking and investing to business meetings and remote doctor’s appointments, we are […]

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Freelance Graphic Design Rates

Freelance Graphic Design Rates 2019: How Much Should You Pay?

  Wondering how much you should be paying for graphic design work for your business? We were too! We dug into the different factors that affect freelancer graphic design rates and laid out what you can expect to pay for each based on a variety of factors you need to consider. On FreeeUp, each freelancer sets his or her own rates and works to provide estimates based on your project’s scope, goals, and outcomes. The […]

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how to find remote jobs

20 Tips to Find Remote Work Online (Quickly!)

  Working remotely has become increasing popular over the last few years. With the ability to connect through technology, the need to be located near clients or customers is becoming less and less of a requirement. For many people, working remotely can be a rewarding experience that allows you to make your own hours, determine your own income, and have the flexible work-life balance we’re all looking for. Taking the step to become a freelancer […]

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2018 Holiday Season

10 Facts You Need to Know About the 2018 Holiday Season

  We’ve all seen the disturbing images on TV of angry mob stomping each other in a frazzled attempt to be the first shopper in the door for a Black Friday sale. While those incidents still happen, more consumers than ever are heading online for their holiday shopping needs. The continued growth in online shopping is just one trend we’re watching for the 2018 holiday season. Here are other things you should know: Loose Purse […]

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