holiday freelance tips

23 Holiday Freelance Tips to Keep Clients Happy

  Everyone can use some holiday freelance tips to get them through this busiest season of the year.  With all the festivities and family gatherings to deal with, things can become toxic. It’s difficult to balance all that with work, especially for freelancers who can’t get away because they work from home. With a number of projects to juggle and a handful of clients to satisfy, things can easily go out of hand if you’re not […]

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customer service SOP

4 Benefits of Creating Customer Service SOPs (with examples)

  Good customer service is critical to business success. Most business owners believe this to be true.  If you get a glimpse of their monthly budget allocation, however, you’ll be surprised to discover that it’s not getting prioritized the way it should. Customer service, like other aspects of the business, should be just as important.  You have to remember that it is the direct connection between your business and your customers. Without great customer service, […]

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hire freelancers online

Top 50+ Websites to Hire Freelancers Online

  Have you ever wanted to run your business from home but couldn’t figure out how you would hire freelancers online to make it happen? In today’s advanced world, technology makes that dream a reality for anyone who wants it. In fact, business owners all over the world are choosing to run the entire show online. They offer services and products online, and they hire freelancers online to manage and grow their businesses. The number […]

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what is a freelancer

What is a Freelancer and How Do They Help Your Company?

  What is a Freelancer? Curious about what a freelancer is? Interested in hiring one? In this article, we’ll explain how a freelancer is different from a regular employee. We’ll then discuss how you can use the unique advantages of using freelancers to help your business grow. A Freelancer is someone who works on a contract basis for a client, rather than working as a full-time employee. Typically, freelancers work for more than one client […]

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customer service virtual assistant

Hire a Customer Service Virtual Assistant to Handle Your Customers

  If you are a business owner running a successful eCommerce business and have yet to hire a customer service virtual assistant, you’re probably spending much of your time dealing with customer service issues. When your business is getting 50 or more orders per day, you’re likely getting double the inquiries too, correct? These inquiries may include questions about products, concerns about orders or feedback on a variety of issues. When you’re spending most of […]

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how to start your ecommerce business

How to Start and Grow Your eCommerce Business

  Are you starting, or have you already started an eCommerce business? If you’re thinking about expanding your knowledge into an eCommerce business, you have a lot of work ahead of you in order to excel to the heights your business needs to achieve. Congratulations, you have just stepped into unfamiliar waters. However, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Most eCommerce business startups are flawed and fail within a couple of months because […]

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worst hiring experience

How FreeeUp’s Founders Failed Hiring Developers and What They Learned

  Hiring is such an important part of running a business.  Getting the much-needed people and skills to help you grow your business is crucial in meeting your business’ goals. While most of us would love to have a high batting average, the reality is, things don’t always turn out the way we expect them.  Whether you like it or not, you’re going to have your share of bad hires. This is, of course, part […]

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outsource email marketing

A Beginner’s Guide to Outsource Email Marketing Within 1 Week

  Email Marketing Email marketing has been around for quite some time and though it doesn’t get the credit it rightfully deserves, it is arguably still, one of the best and most reliable lead generation tools companies depend on today. What is email marketing and how important is it to have email marketing as part of your marketing strategy? The importance of email marketing Email marketing is basically the process of using email to promote […]

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Stay Productive While Traveling

15 Proven Tips to Stay Productive While Traveling

  There’s nothing like making a living from the comfort of your own home. Unless, of course, you’re working on the patio of your hotel room while soaking up the sun. For today’s digital nomad, freelancing is not limited to your home office. Location-independent freelancers have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. While professional and consistent work can be scheduled in between worldwide adventures, staying motivated and productive while traveling can be […]

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