amazon product listing

Ultimate Guide to Outsource Amazon Product Listing to an eCommerce Freelancer

Creating an Amazon Product Listing When you have a promising business like an Amazon store, you want everything to be perfect.  So much so that you’d want to do everything yourself. You take photos of your products, manage your website and social media, and even create your own Amazon product listing.  These tasks may not be as complicated as you think, but they are undoubtedly time-consuming especially Amazon product listing. Searching for products alone already […]

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outsource lead generation

Ultimate Guide to Outsource Lead Generation

  What is lead generation? Imagine yourself having dinner at your favorite pizza place.  You’ve ordered pepperoni as always and it just got served to you fresh out of the oven. The smell is intoxicating so you waste no time getting yourself your first slice.  Just when you’re about to put that heavenly slice inside your mouth, the phone suddenly rings. “Hello sir, this is Adam from Company X.  I just wanted you to know that […]

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shopify virtual assistant

25 Shopify Virtual Assistants to Hire for Your Online Store

Why you need a Shopify virtual assistant Running a Shopify store can be a profitable business if done right.  With e-commerce becoming such a huge industry today, it’s not surprising how so many people have decided to go into online entrepreneurship. Shopify has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It provides you with a unified, yet easy to use platform that you can build even if you do not have any website-building or […]

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using remote workers

How to Expand and Advertise Your Business or Personal Brand Using Remote Freelancers

  Promote your personal brand using remote freelancers We are in an age where people are online most of the day.  Send a personal message to a friend or colleague via Facebook and you’ll get a reply within the hour. That’s how powerful the internet and social media has become.  It’s become somewhat of a necessity. People would not be able to live without them.  Let’s face it, it’s now up there at the same […]

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using virtual assistants

How Damien Coughlan Went from $0 to $314,000 in 5 Months Using Virtual Assistants

From zero to success We all love a good success story. Nothing can be more inspiring than stories of triumph.  It’s motivating to read or hear stories of people who defied the odds to achieve their dreams. Rags to riches stories always get my attention whether it’s a movie, a podcast interview, a book or a blog post.  It just feels good to see people achieve, especially if they went through several obstacles but still […]

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avoiding conflict

Why Avoiding Conflict with Workers is Bad

Avoiding conflict never works Being a business owner is no walk in the park and you know that for a fact because you experience it every day.  Making tough decisions that are crucial to the business and to workers is not something an average person can do. Between running the business and managing a group of people, it’s fair to say that it just doesn’t require skills, it also requires sound judgment, good decision-making, and great […]

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outsource customer service

Is It Safe to Outsource Customer Service Overseas?

Being a business owner requires sound decision-making.  It is only natural for you to want nothing but the best for your business and to always go for quality when you can. But you can only wish that it was that simple because quality means cost and that’s something you also need to consider. It’s a never-ending dilemma in a business owner’s life.  You want to take your business to the next level but you also […]

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