Amazon seller feedback

An Expert Guide to Amazon Seller Feedback

  Amazon’s vision is to be the “earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” Their mission statement revolves around one thing that has always been important to them—the customer. And Amazon uses its seller feedback rating to see if third-party sellers are reaching the high standards of customer service it expects. Amazon calculates your feedback rating based on the feedback received from its customers over […]

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Amazon Buy Box

Winning the Amazon Buy Box with Repricing Software

Amazon is a competitive marketplace where prices are constantly changing. It is estimated that Amazon changes its prices more than 2.5 million times daily. On the marketplace, which is responsible for 50% of all US ecommerce sales, third-party sellers compete against each other to win the Buy Box (the Add to Cart box where around 90% of sales on the marketplace go through). To improve their chances of winning the Buy Box and winning it […]

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