hiring online workers vs in house employees

10 Advantages to Hiring Online Workers vs In House Freelancers

  Have you ever tried hiring online workers before? If you have, then you understand the importance and value they can bring when you and the freelancer connect with the same vision. If you haven’t, you are truly missing out on an opportunity to grow your business at a faster, more productive rate. You have a business. You want your business to succeed. However, there’s a couple of decisions you should make in order to […]

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partnership with a friend

3 Reasons Why Partnership with Friends Works

  teAs an entrepreneur, you have many connections, but perhaps not a partnership. Your social account is full of people you have gotten to know over the years, and possibly, you have even collaborated on some projects together with some of these people. But do you dare go into the unknown ventures together? Do you have what it takes to stick your hand out to one of these connections – friends – and jump into business […]

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workload management

Freelancer Etiquette | #2: Polite Workload Management

  Are you a freelancer whose main source of workload comes from providing support from a remote location? If so, there are many responsibilities you have to your client and yourself to make sure you continue a professional and pleasing ‘workforce of one’ mantra. One of the responsibilities you have as a freelancer is constantly communicating with the person or business who has hired you for different projects. From understanding your role to knowing just […]

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micro-target your online audience

Why and How to Micro-Target Online Audiences

  Businesses thrive because of a certain prowess they attain through experience and fortitude. When you are an entrepreneur who is looking to build your brand through certain marketing techniques, there’s one thing you need to make it work. The right audience. This is what rattles most entrepreneurs and is one of the main reasons so many people fail to launch a successful company online. They can’t micro-target the right types of people for their […]

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social media profiles

The Impact of Social Media Profiles on Your Business

  Are you a fellow entrepreneur burning the candle at both ends building your business? If you are, you’re like a lot of people in the marketing industry who have grasped the reality of what their business needs to succeed. From social marketing campaigns to pinpointing an exact audience to professionally written content which extracts the right amount of emotional action, you’ve thought of everything. But have you possibly made a mistake? With everything there […]

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get organic product reviews Amazon

Become a Better Freelancer for Amazon | #1: Get Organic Product Reviews for Your Amazon Clients

  The best freelancer for Amazon isn’t equipped with a cape and flying abilities in getting organic product reviews, but they do exhume superpowers of sorts. In order to continue the good work as a virtual assistant for your clients, you need to wear a lot of hats and have a lot of experience and expertise under your utility belt. One of these is to understand the power of a successful product launch on Amazon. […]

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3 tools manage virtual assistant

3 Tools To Help You Manage a Virtual Assistant for Amazon

  Do you have a business on Amazon? Whether you’re a successful Amazon seller or someone who is just getting started with their business you may have already guessed the secret weapon to making all of this work efficiently. The virtual assistant. As you have already guessed, completing your assignments, listing products, creating perfect customer service, plus many other duties can get hectic without the assistance of a professional VA by your side. In this […]

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build a reliable team of online freelancers

How to Assemble a Reliable Group of Online Freelancers

Do you own a business? Better yet, are you a business owner looking to free up more time so you can focus on bigger picture strategies? If you are, you should think about expanding your company to include a reliable group of great workers. There is only so much you can do by yourself, and at times the business can suffer because you stretch yourself too thin. In this article, we want to share the […]

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essential communication in remote worker business

8 Hacks To Get the Most Out Of Workers | Hack #6: Implement and Maintain Communication Processes

  Is your business in need of powerhouse remote workers who understand communication? If you’re seeing more success and becoming busier in your day to day operations, it may be time to start thinking about how you should expand your business by adding a couple of online remote workers. This is a series we’re doing which will help you in the process of everything you need to know about remote workers. If you haven’t already, […]

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