Why become a freelancer at FreeeUp?

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When you join the FreeeUp network, you join hundreds of clients who are actively looking for freelancers within the eCommerce industry. Whether it's business operations, store management, or digital marketing, we have positions constantly opening up with reputable clients.

We find you work

Stop spending hours searching for jobs. When you join the FreeeUp network, we find the best projects for you and then introduce you to the clients. Spend more time working and less time searching.

Consistent projects

Are you looking for a consistent set of incoming projects? On the FreeeUp Marketplace, you can establish relationships with clients that last many different projects they need completed for their business.

Exclusive network

FreeeUp has hundreds of clients that hire remote freelancers exclusively through our network. Become a freelancer on the FreeeUp platform and gain access to exclusive projects with a reliable group of clients. Opportunities only continue to grow.

We're growing!

Since our founding, we've been rapidly adding freelancers and clients to our network. Growth only continues to increase as we improve our software, marketing, and network of freelancers. Become a part of the excitement!

Learn how to communicate

FreeeUp can make you a better freelancer. We have years of experience as a client and provide freelancers with onboarding materials on communication best practices. Learn how to impress all of your online clients.


“Earlier this year, I knew that I wanted to shift my consulting business from a mixture of different types of individual clients and agencies to focusing on Amazon sellers.

Before I started working with FreeeUp, finding enough quality clients to successfully transition my own market positioning was a challenge. As I’ve worked more with the company, I’ve been able to reach my goals much faster than I thought would be possible.”

Guilu A.

“FreeeUp is the most amazing thing that has ever happened for many of us.

We don’t have to look for clients or get worried about getting paid. With FreeeUp, we always have work with amazing clients and we are able to focus on working and billing hours while FreeeUp takes care of the rest.”

Jackquiline D.

“I found FreeeUp through a friend working within the network at the perfect time. I was having a third baby and was looking for new opportunities. I ended up quitting the position I was in because of low pay.

I felt I would be more financially secure with FreeeUp. And my instinct was true! I have been in the eCommerce industry for more than 5 years, but it is only with FreeeUp that I found consistent financial security and high quality clients. Long live FreeeUp! “

How do I get paid?

Every Thursday, FreeeUp pays its freelancers for the previous billing period. All billing periods run from Wednesday to Tuesday of each week.
Payment is offered through PayPal, Payoneer, or you can invoice us.

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How does it work?

Sign up to become a freelancer in the FreeeUp network. Interview with our Human Resources Specialist so that we can learn more about your skills and experience. Study and prove you understand our communication guidelines.
Once a part of the network, get introduced to our reliable network of clients as they request your skill sets. Get paid every week and turn freelancing into an online career!

Who are the clients?

FreeeUp's clients come from all over the world and specialize in the eCommerce industry. They're Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, and online store owners looking for reliable remote freelancers to grow their company.
Clients range from small startup companies to large online businesses that have been around for years.

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