10 Ways to Optimize eCommerce Holiday Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) combined is one of the biggest eCommerce holiday sales every year. If you’re running an online store, it may just be your most profitable weekend ever,  provided that you play your cards right. For the uninitiated, BFCM is the weekend following Thanksgiving and is traditionally when people go all out with their shopping both in brick and mortar stores and online. It kick starts the holiday season leading […]

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Freelancer Marketplace Comparison

A Freelance Marketplace Comparison: Upwork vs. Freelancer vs. FreeeUp vs. Fiverr

  Why You Need a Freelance Marketplace Comparison As a business owner, you want to hire only the best for your business. This means having a freelance marketplace comparison to go to so you can find the best freelance professionals. Have you ever wondered which freelance marketplace provides the best freelancer options? Many business owners have often wondered the same. In fact, the seeming lack of good options is part of what led the two […]

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protect website from duplicate content

How To Protect Your Website From Duplicate Content

  At one point, you might have heard or come across the term “duplicate content.” You may also have read through how it affects your ranking on search engines negatively and how it might attract certain penalties if done repeatedly. Well, while duplicate content can affect your ranking negatively, it doesn’t attract any defined penalty whatsoever. The questions, then, would be: What is Duplicate content? How does it affect your SEO? How can you solve […]

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amazon selling tips

21 Amazon Selling Tips for the 2019 Holiday Season

  There are a ton of Amazon selling tips floating around the internet. Who has time during this busiest season of the year to read, sort, and apply them all? Because you’re serious about crushing the 2019 holiday season, we’ve summarized the gist of all the great Amazon selling tips for you. By applying this shortlist, you can make this season your most profitable yet. Personal Preparation Based on the numbers, you are in a […]

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customer service SOP

4 Benefits of Creating Customer Service SOPs (with examples)

  Good customer service is critical to business success. Most business owners believe this to be true.  If you get a glimpse of their monthly budget allocation, however, you’ll be surprised to discover that it’s not getting prioritized the way it should. Customer service, like other aspects of the business, should be just as important.  You have to remember that it is the direct connection between your business and your customers. Without great customer service, […]

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philippine virtual assistants

Philippine Virtual Assistants | Skills, Rates, Working Times, & More

  One of the smartest decisions that you can make for your business is hiring Philippine virtual assistants. As many businesses have already discovered, they have several qualities that make them well-suited for online work, no matter the type or location of the business. When dealing with a global talent pool, it pays to know the qualities of this freelance segment – it makes up a large portion of the online freelance workforce. For starters, […]

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25 Specialties Shopify Marketing Experts Can Add to your Business

  Ecommerce businesses using Shopify for websites and online sales may require the assistance of a marketing expert to help get the site set up, drive traffic, and optimize sales. Fortunately, if you require the services of a Shopify marketing expert, there are skilled freelancers with a wide variety of skills that can help you start, build, and grow your Shopify site. And now, more than ever, those experts are easy to find and hire […]

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launch a podcast

How to Launch a Podcast by Hiring Remote Freelancers

  Audio is the newest medium that entrepreneurs are using for digital content marketing. Starting a podcast show for your business is a challenge, especially for beginners. It’s difficult to run a show, let alone launch a podcast if you can’t even find time from running your store or your website. Work-Life balance is important for both personal and business growth. It is to no surprise that entrepreneurs are tapping into the freelance market to […]

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Amazon seller loan

5 Tasks You Could (Finally) Outsource with an Amazon Seller Loan

  Can you really outsource tasks like marketing, website design, and customer service for your Amazon business? Here’s how the right Amazon seller loan makes it possible. Does it feel like you are on an uphill climb with your Amazon business? Handling all aspects of your business alone can be an isolating and overwhelming place to be. Sure, you would love to be able to hire out some of the tasks to others. However, outsourcing […]

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