100 Tasks to Outsource to Virtual Assistants

Which virtual assistant tasks are you ready to take off your plate?

That should be a question that you’re asking yourself almost every week.

As your business is getting off the ground and starting to grow, you need to make sure that you are not the only one doing all of the work.

Getting into a trap where you are the only one performing all of the tasks for your business is a very slippery slope to go down.

In no time, you’ll find yourself stuck in a corner where you are working 10+ hours each day, but only on the operations of the business. All of those awesome thoughts that you had about growth will be jammed far back into your brain and you won’t have any time to breath.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation and it’s quite sad to see when there are millions of virtual assistants and freelancers all over the world looking to help business owners take tasks off their plates.

In this article, I want to inspire you to start taking tasks off you plate. And to do that, I’m going to provide you with a list of 100 virtual assistant tasks that you can start to outsource.

This list is created from 5+ years of recruiting, hiring, and building online companies using remote freelancers. To date, it’s helped me and my business partner to sell over $25 million online.

Without all of the virtual assistants that we hired, we’d be nowhere close to that achievement.

So, buckle in, open a new notepad on your computer or phone, and get ready to start taking notes.

100 Virtual Assistant Tasks to Outsource

First, let’s start with basic business tasks that you can easily take off your plate to start saving you hours each day.

This first set of virtual assistant tasks are extremely common with almost any online business that is growing and gaining more customers every day.

Jot down ones that are most relevant and frustrating to your business in that notepad that you opened.

  1. Daily business reports 

Hire a virtual assistant to compile data and prepare daily business reports so that you and your business owners can track how the company is performing. Whether it’s daily revenue, gross profits, expenses, or net profits, knowing the details of your business each day can help to make smarter decisions over the long run.

  1. Simple data entry tasks 

If you have simple tasks that you perform on a daily basis that data entry focused, you should not be spending your time there. Hire an affordable VA to handle that for you and stay focused on growing your company.

  1. Online research – gathering emails for leads, partners, influencers, etc. 

Is your business constantly looking to improve and add new customers or partners? Of course you are. Online research can take up hours every single day and there is always more of it that you can do. Instead of spending time researching, stay focused on the custom emails that are going to bring you more business. A freelancer is perfect for this.

  1. Advanced Excel work 

Does your business require any advanced Excel work that isn’t worth your time? Most companies have to deal with loads of data on a regular basis calling for expertise within the Excel program. If you don’t have it or you don’t have the time to work within Excel, hire a freelancer to manage your Excel projects.

  1. Copy write content for websites 

Do you want more conversions on your website or online store? Copywriting is an essential aspect of educating your customer and guiding them towards an eventual purchase or sign up. Hire an experienced copywriter to bring your content to the next level so you can capture more sales and leads.

  1. Create content for your product listings

If you own an online store, you must know how important it is that your product listings have amazing and unique content. Building out content for product listings can take a lot of precious time! Why spend your time on it when you can hire a specialist to handle it for you?

  1. Take notes during meetings

Do you run meetings every week? Do you wish that you had better notes to share out to workers or to come back to after the fact? Hiring a VA can make that wish a reality. They’ll take notes, summarize them, and organize them into your online files.

  1. Project manager

Have you hired so many of remote workers that it’s becoming too many to manage on a daily basis? That’s an amazing problem to have. A remote project manager can step in creating a layer between you and the freelancers you hire, giving you more time to stay focused on growth. With a project manager, you gain a person who can watch over all the remote workers while providing you with key updates.

  1. Virtual assistant for scheduling and organization 

Are you someone that has meetings 8-10 hours per day? Organizing your calendar and scheduling appointments can take time and become mind numbing if you are worrying about 20 other things. Having a personal assistant can take that burden off your plate and keep your life organized to a tee.

  1. Clearing email accounts 

How much time do you spend in your email account per day? 2 hours? 4 hours? You can hire a VA to clear out simple emails from your account every morning so that you’re only dealing with the top level communications that need your attention. You’ll never imagine how much time this can free up.

  1. Lead generation for new customers 

Every growing business needs lead generation workers constantly finding and reaching out to new clients. Hiring a lead generation expert will ensure that someone is always researching potential customer markets and providing you with the contact information so you can intelligently reach out. Say hello to more business!

  1. Translating content to different languages

Taking your business efforts international? Hire a freelancer to translate your content to different languages so that you’re not limited when expanding to new international markets.

  1. Managing your bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is perhaps one of the most important aspects of keeping your business up and running for the long run. Depending on your business, it can be a tedious and time consuming task on a daily basis. Hire someone with years of experience managing business books and feel assured that your financials are being handled properly.

  1. Providing tech support to customers

With more and more software companies being built, tech support is becoming more important than ever. As with customer service, it takes time and you need the right knowledge to speak with customers about the product that you’re offering. Hiring an experienced tech support agent can make that aspect of your business less worrisome.

  1. Writing blog articles and blog content

Content is king, right? The more content you produce, the better you can make your SEO and organic search results. Writing blog articles takes time (2-5 hours per article) and you need someone to handle the writing for you. There are thousands of freelancers fully capable of making your blog content desireable.

  1. Managing blog website

Do you run a blog for your business? If you do, you’ve probably realized how much time it can take to keep it operating and growing. Hire someone who’s been through the trenches before and can organize your content calendar, content writers, and everything else involved.

  1. Reaching out to website owners for back links

Great SEO comes down to high quality keyword targeting and back links. Without one of the two, you’ll never reach the pique of your potential. There are specialists out there that know how to get good backlinks from reliable sources. Hire a SEO back link freelancer to join you

and increase organic search rankings.

  1. Emailing potential customers, partners, etc.

Once you’ve researched potential client’s email addresses, you still need to send them a custom email to attract their attention. That process of creating the emails and sending them out can take time. You can hire someone to manage that process for you while you provide critiques to the emails that they are creating.

  1. Create PowerPoint presentations

Do you regularly run webinars or have public speaking events? A strong PowerPoint presentation can make a huge difference in your ability to educate your audience. Hire a virtual assistant with strong PowerPoint skills to brand and build all of your presentations.

  1. Manage your Skype account with clients

Do you use Skype to communicate with clients? It can become overwhelming when you’re trying to talk to so many clients on a daily basis. It can pull you away from working on growth for your company. Hire a VA and coach them on how to communicate with your clients to solve simple issues so you don’t have to use your time doing that.

  1. Create posts and recruit for new openings

Looking for some workers? Hire a recruitment specialist to create posts, circulate them on multiple hiring platforms, and review applications. They can remove hours of work that you would otherwise be performing. You can still handle the final interview, but why not have someone that gets the best applicants for you first.

  1. Handle legal documents and situations

Every business runs into legal needs whether it is initial contracts or new partnerships with other companies. You will need a lawyer at some point or not and having a freelancer on call that you can get answers from quickly is an easy way to get legal advice without paying hundreds of dollars every month.

  1. File yearly taxes for your business

Do you have an accountant yet to handle your business and personal taxes at the end of the year? Hiring the right accountant can make sure that you get the most out of your tax returns and don’t overpay. There are plenty of skilled freelancers that can help you with your business and personal life in this matter. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

This next set of virtual assistant tasks focuses on companies that are selling online.

Whether it’s selling on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Jet, Sears, Rakuten, or any other eCommerce platform out there, you are going to run into tasks that you won’t have time to perform on a daily basis.

eCommerce companies require a large amount of maintenance to keep things moving forward, keep customers happy, and continue to grow revenue and profits.

If you can hire a virtual assistant to help you manage these operations, you are going to put yourself in a position where you can stay focused on growth for your business.

Similar to above, jot down any that make sense for your business.

By the end of this entire article, you should have AT LEAST 5 tasks that you could start to outsource to a VA.

  1. List products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, WooCommerce

Are you selling on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, or some other eCommerce platform? Well then you are probably listing products to generate more sales. In order to save time, pass that task off to a freelancer specialized in listing products so you can stay focused on other aspects of growth.

  1. Perform keyword research for products

Want to increase organic traffic for your eCommerce products? You’ll need to start with finding the most relevant and least competitive keywords that you can target. It’s a science to find the best keywords and a task you can easily pass off to an expert.

  1. Manage bulk uploads to eCommerce platform

Uploading new products, changing prices, and updating inventory requires a lot of bulk uploads to your eCommerce platform. What’s worse is when there are errors in the file requiring edits to be made. Hours can quickly go by while working on these types of projects. If you ask us, it’s much better suited for a freelancer who specializes on your given marketplace.

  1. Optimize product title and content on listings

Once you’ve listed your products, you’re not done. You can always improve the product title and content to rank better in search engines. If you want your customers to see your products more often, hiring a freelancer with an expertise in optimizing product listings is a safe way to go!

  1. Mange marketplace accounts for Amazon and eBay

Looking to step away from the day to day operations of running your marketplace seller account? We can’t blame you. It’s a lot of work! Hiring a freelancer with years of experience managing online seller accounts is a smart choice to make.

  1. Start a Jet seller account

Interested in tapping into the new Jet.com seller marketplace. Quickly approaching as a new eCommerce marketplace specialized for the customer, Jet is a new platform where many sellers are flocking to increase overall revenues. Hire a Jet expert to walk you through the process of getting your products up on Jet.

  1. Start a Walmart seller account

Recently invited to join Walmart’s exclusive online marketplace? It can be a huge opportunity for eCommerce businesses offering products from Walmart’s core. Hire a Walmart eCommerce expert to guide you as you list your products, understand customer service policies, and fulfill orders to your customers.

  1. Perform advanced SEO on Amazon and eBay

Amazon and eBay have their own search bars that have become engines in themselves because of the number of products and searches that are happening. When a person wants to find a product, they search Amazon or eBay, just as they would search Google for information. Making sure your SEO on these marketplaces is key to optimizing sales and can easily be handled by a remote freelancer.

  1. Manage PPC campaigns on Amazon and eBay

Want to start running pay per click advertising campaigns on your Amazon or eBay seller account? Hiring a PPC expert is an amazing route to fast forwarding to a time where you are receiving sales from your ads on the marketplaces.

  1. Manage seller metrics on Amazon and eBay

Amazon and eBay metrics can be daunting for a new, or even experienced, seller because of how many there are and how strict the marketplaces hold you to them. The worst thing is that if you don’t manage them properly, you could be suspended from selling on the marketplace. No one wants that to happen! Remove that risk by hiring a freelancer to check on your metrics daily and provide you with any issues they come across.

  1. Answer customer service emails

Customer service is one of the first tasks that you should pass off your plate as a business owner. It’s repetitive work and happens all throughout the day pulling you away from other growth initiatives. Hiring customer service freelancers to answer your emails throughout the day will save you a world of headaches.

  1. Manage live chat

Want to add live chat to your website to further engage your customers? Hiring a freelancer who can work at the times when traffic is highest throughout the day is an amazing way to offer this feature to your customers.

  1. Call customers about orders

Sometimes an eCommerce order needs a personal phone call to figure an issue out because the customer isn’t responding to email. Who better to handle that for you than a reliable freelancer who has customer service phone experience?

  1. Process returns, refunds ,and cancellations

Do you hate setting up returns for your customers? We totally get it! Having a freelancer who can handle these requests at a high level will remove stress from your plate and keep your business operating at a high level.

  1. Manage orders from eCommerce platforms

Is fulfilling orders and recording details taking up too much of your time? You can hire an order fulfillment contractor to work daily so that orders are being processed throughout the day, are being shipped on time, and tracking numbers are being provided to all orders.

  1. Keep inventory updated on eCommerce platforms

As an eCommerce business, you never want to sell a product that is out of stock. Whether you are running a traditional wholesale business or a drop ship model, inventory is of utmost importance. Add someone who has experience in the field and can make sure that all products on your store are always in stock.

If you are running a drop shipping business, we highly recommend that you also read this eBook from our partners at Oberlo, 50 Ways to Get Sales with Drop Shipping. The guide goes into extreme depth on strategies that you can take with your drop shipping business to generate sales. And once you know how you’re going to get sales, you can utilize Oberlo to help in sourcing products. It’s a win-win.

  1. Manage Amazon Vendor Central account

Selling your own products through Amazon Vendor Central? Similar to Seller Central, it can be tedious work to oversee all operations and ensure everything is optimized at all times. This is where an Amazon Vendor Central expert comes in…

  1. Write Amazon and eBay suspension appeals

If you’ve ever been suspended from Amazon or eBay, you know how awful it is to go through the suspension process where you’re waiting to hear about the fate of your selling abilities on that marketplace. Hire a freelancer with years of experience writing suspension appeals to craft you a letter that will give you a greater chance of being unsuspended.

  1. Source new products for your eCommerce store

Growing your eCommerce business and looking for new products? Similar to research new customers, finding the best products is a tedious process that should be worked on consistently. You can easily set that up with a product sourcing freelancer.

  1. Monitor your brand’s listings for unauthorized sellers

Selling online is still a bit of the Wild West. Sellers don’t always have authorization to sell the products on their store and it’s up to the product owner to keep an eye on them. You can hire a freelancer to monitor your products online and alert you when there are any unrecognized sellers.

  1. Alert you of sellers violating MAP policies

Have you ever caught one of your retailers seller below your MAP? That’s super frustrating, but also difficult to catch. Add a remote worker who can monitor your listings looking for MAP issues and contacting the retailer so that it can be fixed.

  1. Take product photos and videos

We all know that the best eCommerce stores have amazing product photos and videos. However, if you don’t have the right set up and equipment, it can be extremely difficult to get photos at a high level. In comes freelance photographers and videographers who can take care of that for you.

  1. Create custom designs for Amazon Merch

Are you looking to expand to selling through Amazon Merch? It’s a new and upcoming aspect of the Amazon Marketplace that you could take advantage of. Hire an Amazon Merch specialist to create custom designs for your products and manage them on your Merch account. Expand into a new area of potential without spending too much of your own time. If it works out, great! If not, shut it down. But at least you’ll know.

  1. Manage your Etsy store

Do you run an Etsy store? If so, it means that you are probably making all of your products as well. That can take up a lot of time and you don’t want to be pulled away from what you do best. Hire an Etsy store manager to handle the orders, inventory, and communication with customers while you stay focused on building great products.

Are you feeling inspired yet? You should be!

This is as comprehensive as possible so that it can get your brain churning. There isn’t a virtual assistant task online that can’t be outsourced.

This article is the start to you understanding how much of a difference outsourcing can make on your time, both in your professional and personal life.

This next set of tasks is specific to marketing your business online. Driving traffic, building up social media channels, running effective ad campaigns, and the list goes on.

Remember that list that you started 45 tasks up? Keep it going and look to add at least 1 from this next batch that could fit with your business model.

  1. Set up social media channels

Need someone to set up your social media presence? It can be one of the most time consuming processes when first starting a business. It’s absolutely essential because of the potential and it can be easily managed by a veteran social media manager.

  1. Post on social media channels every day

Better yet, need someone to manage posting on your social media channels 7 days of the week? Look no further than a specialized social media manager to come in, brainstorm new ideas, and continually increase the number of followers on your social channels.

  1. Create graphics for social media

Social media is moving in the direction of image and video first. People, more and more, are becoming more attracted to images rather than text. To keep up with the trends, it’s important to have someone who can create visually compelling graphics to share on your social media platforms. A social media freelancer can handle that for you.

  1. Optimize content on website for SEO

Do you have anyone optimizing your website content for SEO purposes? Even if you do, are they doing it on a regular basis? Strong SEO on your website can drive more traffic, more leads, and new customers to your business. It’s a tactic you don’t want to overlook and that can be easily handled by a SEO freelancer.

  1. Perform keyword research for business

Do you know which keywords your business is ranking for? Keyword research is an important factor to make sure that you are appearing to potential customers where they are searching. This work requires someone with an expertise and experience to dive into your business and how you can best target your potential customers.

  1. Create branded content for website

Long are the days when you could toss up some text onto a website and impress the millions of people flocking to the Internet. Today, you need to complement your website content with visually appealing graphics, videos, and images so that it’s a great experience for your visitors. You can hire a freelancer to evaluate your website, provide suggestions, and get to work based off your feedback.

  1. Set up and manage Google Adwords campaigns

Is your business ready to tackle Google Adwords to bring in new customers? The Adword platform is one of the largest for marketing managers and can be an essential strategy to catapulting growth as you get your business off the ground. Having the right person in charge of the campaigns is just as critical to getting it started. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it yourself if you don’t have the expertise.

  1. Build links back to your website content

A major aspect of improving your website is building links back to your content and top pages where you want your customers to visit. There are many strategies out there for creating back links that you can learn about and implement through an online freelancer. These backlinks will improve your SEO and expose your business to influencers in your industry.

  1. Reach out to websites for guest post opportunities

Want to tap into large communities where your potential customers may be visiting? Writing guest articles on your niche expertise for industry related websites is a great strategy to drive new traffic to your business’s product or service. With an online assistant, you can consistently reach out for new guest article opportunities.

  1. Contact podcast hosts for new interviews

Do you want to be interviewed on podcasts to share your expertise with communities of potential customers? Podcasts can be a great marketing strategy to bring in new customers, but it takes time to find the best ones and apply as a guest. Hire a freelancer to research podcasts, connect with them on social media, and send credentials on why you’d be a great guest.

  1. Create a new logo for your business

Need a new logo for your business? Hire an experienced graphic designer to speak with you about your business and create a logo that exemplifies your product/service and company values.

  1. Build banners for promotions you are running

It’s important that you market your promotions when you are running them. Having the right creative copy can make a significant difference in how effective your promotional campaigns are. Hire a creative freelancer to put together promotional banners and graphics that will catch your customer’s eyes and pull them in for the sale.

  1. Use Photoshop to edit photos

Have advanced graphic design work that needs to be completed in Photoshop? There are freelancers that specialize in Photoshop and can be on call for your business as you need them for special projects.

  1. Use Indesign to create books, ebooks, white papers

If you’re writing a book, eBook, or white paper, you want to make sure that it is designed to read and feel like a trustworthy book. Don’t put out a product that isn’t 100% professional. Hire an Indesign expert to spruce up your content so that your customers are blown away.

  1. Write blog posts

If you’re running a blog, you want to be creating content as often as possible to continue to engage your audience and new readers. Hiring a blog writer can make that task much simpler and less time consuming. You can hire a writer with experience in your given niche so that all of your content is adding high value to your community.

  1. Create content for your website

Looking to make updates to the content on your website? Or just looking to add your first round of content to your website? Hiring a freelancer who has years of experience creating content for websites can ensure that your message is clear and your potential for conversions are optimized.

  1. Write content for email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are an amazing tool to tap into as you are building your customer base and then retaining that customer base. Building out drip campaigns can take time and requires knowledge of email marketing. Hiring a freelancer can save you hours of time and also create an amazing set of drip campaigns that will bring in new customers and keep your current ones happy.

  1. Build you an online course

What better way to display your expertise than creating an online course? Online courses are being used by influencers, businesses, and entrepreneurs to gather new customers for their products and services. If you have the desire to start an online course, but don’t have the time to put all of the content together, hiring a freelancer with the experience can make your idea become a reality much faster.

  1. Create video ads for your business

Have you ever seen the short animated videos that describe what makes a business unique? They’ve become popular in business marketing and can serve as a simple way to introduce your business to new customers. Hire a freelancer to build your own video ad so you have more creative material when attracting new customers.

  1. Shoot or touch up testimonial videos

Hire a video expert to touch up videos that you are using for marketing and advertising purposes. A cleaned up video can make a huge difference when presenting your brand to customers. You don’t want to come across as a cheap business that didn’t take the time to edit your videos.

  1. Take product videos

In addition to hiring a freelancer to take product photos, product videos can make a huge difference on your eCommerce store for the customer. If you have an interactive product, a video can bring it to life and help convert your traffic into paying customers.

  1. Increase conversions on website

Are you receiving a lot of traffic, but not seeing strong conversions? There is a science to conversion optimization on websites and conversion experts will pinpoint exactly where there will be issues. You can hire them to run A/B tests, split tests, and track heat maps on your website. All of their work will contribute to creating higher conversions from your traffic.

  1. Set up and manage Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is quickly becoming one of the most effective manners in which to reach specific groups of potential customers. If you’re not an expert at Facebook Ads, it’s worth hiring someone that has years of experience with the platform and can optimize your ads to bring in new customers.

  1. Set up and manage email campaigns (MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc)

Want to make sure that your email campaign is sent out every week? Hire an email marketing manager to oversee your email campaigns via one of the most popular email marketing platforms. With them, you can rest easy that your email list will continually be informed with your new content and offers.

  1. Create custom sales funnels

Do you have a sales funnel set up for your business yet? Are you looking to add multiple sales funnels to bring in more customers and work them down to becoming a customer? There is an art to bringing top of the funnel visitors through an education process until they trust you and are ready to start purchasing. Allow a seasoned freelancer to build out your sales funnels so that you are optimizing conversions through each stage of the funnel and ultimately adding new customers.

  1. Set up and manage ClickFunnels sales funnels

If you’re building sales funnels, you’ve probably heard of Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels. It’s a platform that has quickly emerged as a leading web page builder to create sales funnels and automate email sequences. Hire a ClickFunnels expert to manage the sales funnels for you and create new web pages for your business.

  1. Land new PR opportunities

Do you want more coverage on the Internet or in traditional media channels? Hiring a PR freelancer who has connections to online publications, podcasts, and traditional media companies will increase your chances of getting your business or product featured to communities of people relevant to what you’re offering.

  1. Hold photoshoot for custom branded pictures

Sick of using stock photos for your website and marketing efforts? Hire a photographer freelancer, give them directions on what you’re looking for, and have them shoot brand specific photos that you can use for your website and marketing campaigns. It will make you stand out and further create your business brand.

  1. Edit photos for website

Hire a freelancer to optimize the photos on your website so that it doesn’t slow down the load speed when visitors are coming to your site. Have the make sure that the images look great on mobile as well.

  1. Perform sales outreach to bring in new customers

Want someone regularly reaching out to new customers via email, phone, and social media? Hire a sales outreach freelancer to identify potential customers and reach out to them with custom communication methods to set up meetings for you or just inform them about your business.

  1. Edit raw audio files

Are you a podcaster? Do you have hours of audio to edit every week? Stop spending your own time on that and hire an audio freelancer to edit your audio files. They will get rid of the ums and awkward silences while adding branding to make each episode sound top quality.

  1. Create infographics

Infographics are a powerful tool for businesses within content marketing. If you have a specific topic that you know well, but is difficult to explain in words, hire a freelancer to build a simple infographic that you can share with your potential customers and community. They will appreciate the effort you put into the infographic and share it with their community further increasing exposure of your brand.

  1. Record voice over for video or ad

Do you want your video or advertisement to sound professional? There are freelancers that specialize in recording audio voices for businesses. Tell them exactly what you want and they’ll create a voice over that speaks directly to your audience. Make your content sound top notch within hours.

  1. Manage mail merges to new customers, partners, influencers

Do you send mail merges out to new leads that you are researching? It can be a tedious process and take time out of your day. Why not hire a freelancer who specializes in the process and can take care of it for you? They will send the mail merges, keep you updated on open rates, and you can focus on replying to all of the responses.

Now, we’re getting somewhere. This list is so comprehensive that it may start to become overwhelming.

Don’t let that stop you from seeing the potential in outsourcing some of the tasks on your plate to a virtual assistant.

If you’ve already started to jot down tasks from the list above, make room for 1-2 more.

Below are the final 20 tasks that pertain specifically to web development and web design. Both are super important when starting an online business as you want your customers to trust you as soon as they land on your home page.

Add 1-2 more tasks to your list as you finish reading through the article. You’ll thank me later 🙂

  1. Build a Shopify store

Do you want to create your own online store using the Shopify platform? There are plenty of resources on the Internet that will teach you how to do it yourself, but hiring an expert Shopify freelancer will ensure that all of the bells and whistles are featured in your new online store.

  1. Build a WooCommerce store

Have you decided to use WooCommerce instead to build your online store? No problem! You can hire a WooCommerce expert that knows plenty about creating a store using the platform as well as integrating seamlessly with your WordPress website. For a project this important, you want someone that has experience building stores.

  1. Create Shopify apps

The Shopify app store is home to hundreds of additional features that you can simply add onto your eCommerce site. If your business needs an app that isn’t featured in the App Store, it’s smartest to hire a Shopify developer who can create the custom app for you. It will add an expertise that you don’t currently have.

  1. Build WordPress plugins

Similar to Shopify apps, WooCommerce and WordPress have their own plugins that will create additional functionality for your online store. Hire a WordPress/WooCommerce developer, explain what it is that you want your store to be able to do, and let them get to work on it.

  1. Build a custom Shopify theme

One of the most important aspects of an online store is the design and user experience. You can search through Shopify’s default themes and purchase the one that you like the best, but you may want a Shopify designer to come in and touch it up to the custom aspects that you want so that your store stands apart from the thousands of others. This requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Shopify’s own programming language.

  1. Build a custom WooCommerce theme

Want a custom theme for your WooCommerce store? It takes a lot of careful design and user experience knowledge to create an online store that appeals to customers on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Hiring the right person for the project can make a world of a difference between an amazing online store and one that doesn’t do much to stand out.

  1. Build an eCommerce store with Wix

Have you decided to use Wix for to build your online store? You could take hours to learn the software and build your own online store OR you could hire a Wix expert to build your online store while you stay focused on other aspects of building your eCommerce business.

  1. Build a blog using WordPress

Want to build a blog for your business? WordPress is hands-down the best platform for blogging and they make it super simple to manage once set up. Hire a WordPress designer to choose your theme, set up the main pages of the blog, organize content categories, and get everything ready for launch.

  1. Develop a business website using WordPress

Just getting your business off the ground and need your first website? You’re on the right track! If you don’t have the expertise to build your own website coding or using a platform like WordPress, you can hire a freelancer who has built handfuls of websites for young companies. They’ll understand the main messages you want to communicate, choose a theme, and design the website for optimal use by your visitors.

  1. Optimize performance and speed of website

Is your site loading too slowly? When a website loads takes too much time to load, you can lose potential customers. People are used to fast load times and you want to make sure that load time is not the reason that you lose a potential customer. Hire a web developer with expertise in minimizing load speeds so that your website functions at the same level as leading websites.

  1. Improve user experience of website or store

Once you have your website created, you need to make sure that you continue to optimize the user experience. You can do this by A/B testing, split testing, surveying visitors, and many other tactics. If you hire a web developer to manage this aspect of our website optimization, you will see consistent improvements in the experience that you’re creating for your customers.

  1. Build a custom website using HTML, CSS, Javascript

Are you interested in building a website from scratch? Some business owners prefer this. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, you want to make sure that you hire the right developer to make sure that it is built at a high level. Hire the right person and feel safe knowing that the time they are spending is going towards a high quality version of your website.

  1. Build a web application

Does your product or service revolve around a web application for your customers to interact with? If you’re a non-technical founder looking to turn your idea into a business, you can hire a technical freelancer with experience building web apps. They will listen to your ideas, lay out the game plan for building, and keep you updated as they are making progress. It allows you to build what you want, own the program, and stay focused on other aspects of growth.

  1. Build advanced business software

Hire a software developer freelancer to build the software that will support the core of your business without the need for hiring a full time developer. Hire someone with years of experience, has a portfolio of software that relates to yours, and who is a great communicator. Finding someone like this can be difficult and hiring the right person will be key to your company’s success.

  1. Create a mobile application for your company

Does your business want to tap into the ever-growing mobile craze? Millions of people are viewing their mobile phones more often than any other device today and a mobile application can create a completely new experience for them to interact with your product. Hire a mobile app developer to put your mobile experience together.

  1. Build wireframes using Balsamiq

If you’re building a program, piece of software, or website, you want to create wireframes before you actual build it out. This improves the end product drastically. Hire a Balsamiq freelancer to build out wireframes for you so that you create a user friendly website or program from the get go.

  1. Manage your web hosting

Is the concept of web hosting over your head? I think that it is for most small business owners, but it’s also something that you don’t want to let slip away. Hosting impacts the speed of your website and all of the content that you’re delivering via your site. Hire a web hosting freelancer to handle all of it for you and make sure that your site is running at the most efficient level possible.

  1. Technical project manager

If you’re running development at your company, you inevitably need a technical project manager to keep everyone on task and continue to create detailed tickets in the task management software that you use. Hire a project manager to keep your developers on track so that projects are completed in a timely manner and you stay up to date with what is going on.

  1. Manage your company database

Do you have someone managing your company database yet? This is an extremely important task for businesses as it is where all of your data is stored from your customers and programs. Hire a freelancer to manage and optimize your database so that it is firing on all cylinders and has security measures set up so that no hacks can occur.


Get Out There and Get Started

You now have a list of virtual assistant tasks that you can take off your plate through outsourcing.

That is one of the most difficult steps to starting to outsource — Big congrats!

If you are worried about where to find reliable virtual assistants, set up a phone call today with the founder and CEO of FreeeUp, Nathan Hirsch: https://calendly.com/freeeup-nathan

Nathan will listen to the details about your business, answer any questions that you have about using FreeeUp to hire virtual assistants, and explain how to get started with the FreeeUp Marketplace.

If it’s your first time learning about FreeeUp, you should know that FreeeUp is different from other online freelancing marketplaces.

Instead of allowing just anyone to sign up and offer their freelancing skills, FreeeUp interviews hundreds of freelancers each week and only takes the top 1% of applicants.

That means that you gain quick access to top freelance talent just by signing up to FreeeUp. And it’s completely free to create an account. You’ll be introduced to a vetted, experienced, and communicative freelancer within hours.

It’s been a pleasure taking you through this journey and I hope that outsourcing becomes a major part of growing your online business.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments and I’ll gladly answer them!

Cheers 🙂

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Connor Gillivan


Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of FreeeUp.com. When he’s not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he’s mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, ConnorGillivan.com. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.


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