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As you may already know, in order to run a successful Amazon FBA business it is crucial to work with certain service providers that help you boost your sales and stay competitive. Many sellers ask themselves when they should start working with service providers. The answer is, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to Amazon or if you have already launched several products in the past. It’s never too soon to start relying on help from outside, because the only way to succeed as a seller is to exploit the experience and knowledge of skilled professionals.

Finding the Perfect Product

Before engaging in any selling activities, you should rely on the professional opinions and advice of experienced service providers. Making use of their knowledge will minimize the risk of malinvestment and ensure you’re making the right business decisions.


You’re eager to get started, but it’s important to get informed first – especially when you’re about to make your first steps in the Amazon world. Doing some research on your own will already give you an overview of markets you might want to enter. Also, there are great websites that will keep you informed about the latest news and policy changes.

There are plenty of great Amazon FBA blogs that feature stories about other sellers’ experiences and the mistakes they have made during their FBA journey. But because most of them deal with general topics and often aren’t applicable to your situation, hiring an Amazon FBA consultant is the right choice. A consultant will give you an initial assessment of your individual situation, which will help you prevent common pitfalls and fuel growth on Amazon.


Whether it’s your first FBA business or whether you’re a serial entrepreneur: once you’ve found a market you want to enter, sourcing the right product is crucial for your long-term success in this highly competitive environment. Sure, you could try to find the perfect producer and factory for your product all by yourself. But this will take a lot of time – and nerves. An experienced Amazon FBA sourcing agent will help you find the ideal product with the best price/performance ratio and will save you lots of work.

Design & Branding

Once you’ve found a product that meets your quality and price expectations, you might want to add your logo and design to it. And since we live in the 21st century, there is no need to be an artist yourself. There are plenty of highly talented and creative branding experts out there that will help you build your brand from scratch.

Financial/Tax Services

But no matter if you choose to brand your products or not: we highly recommend to make use of external bookkeeping and tax services. Outsourcing your tax management right away has the huge benefit that a tax firm will keep your bills and taxes neatly sorted and filed. This way, you can prevent getting serious financial problems due to any additional payments demanded by the tax authorities. Lacking experience or simply not drawing enough attention to tax duties already cost some people their business. Therefore, it’s better to rely on an expert.

Launching your Product

As soon as you’re ready to sell, you should think of the way you want customers to see your product – it’s time to think about your product’s presentation and visibility.

Product Photography

In order to present your product in a manner that makes people want to buy it, it’s worth thinking of hiring a professional product photographer. A skilled expert will ensure a high quality showcase of your goods and that you stay compliant to Amazon guidelines.

Copywriting & Listing Optimization

People make their buying decisions not solely based on nice product photos. Instead, they want to read about its attributes, features and benefits. Professional Amazon FBA Copywriting & SEO experts will not only help you creating appealing product descriptions, but phrase those descriptions in a way that your products will be found on Amazon.


Another way of increasing your products’ visibility is investing in a PPC advertising strategy, which might seem like an easy way of boosting your sales. And that’s true – if done right. But without any expert knowledge, it can be an incredible waste of money. Therefore, it’s recommended to let an experienced Amazon FBA PPC expert or Amazon FBA PPC expert or agency take care of your campaigns.

Boosting your Product Sales

Your business is growing and your sales are increasing, but now is not the time to lean back. Especially if you want to expand your selling activities to other markets or countries, you should make use of external resources to get some of your tasks done.

Virtual Assistance

To make sure your revenue will rise further, it’s crucial that day-to-day operations run smoothly. Outsourcing some tasks to a virtual assistant, like customer care and accounting duties, will allow you to focus on planning further steps for your business.


If you decide to expand your business to a country in which a language is spoken that you’re not able to speak on mother tongue level, it is absolutely crucial to outsource your listing translations. Especially when it comes to keyword optimization, it is not sufficient to know the respective language only on a basic level. Search patterns vary between countries, therefore it’s better to let a native take on translation tasks.

Legal Consulting

The last, but not a less important task to hire a professional for, are those related to legal or suspension issues. When you’re confronted with those kinds of situations, remember that reacting imprudently and without solid knowledge of all your options could cost you lots of money, or even worse, your business. In those cases, a legal consultant or suspension expert will be worth hiring.


To sum up the above, one can say that there is no specific point in time when you should start working with service providers. Rather, you should see service providers as the foundation of your success and build your business on their expertise from the very beginning – before you have even sold one single unit on Amazon.

And here’s the good news: You can now find your ideal service providers in an international directory for Amazon FBA service providers or hire experienced freelancers on a professional freelancer recruiting website.


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