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Product videos can make customers stop scrolling. They draw attention and can keep audiences engaged for 20 seconds or more. In the fast-pace e-commerce environment, this is pure gold.

If you are selling on Amazon, you know there is not a single category nowadays that isn’t filled with fierce competition – no matter how niche it may seem.

How can you stand out and convert users into buyers?

It’s been almost two years since Amazon invited beta testers to add product videos as enhanced content for the very first time. Since then, enhanced content has proven to give FBA sellers a competitive advantage. Research suggests that 96% of polled consumers found product videos helpful in deciding what to purchase. Moreover, 1 in 4 eCommerce customers have stated that they look for product videos on YouTube before buying the item.

Let’s talk about which types of product videos you can post and how to do it so you can take advantage of this powerful eCommerce selling strategy.

Creating the Right Video

product video

If you’re looking for conversions, you need to be strategic about the content that you post on your listings. This is not only about catching the eye of Amazon customers, but also turning their interest into a sale. Among the huge variety of different kinds of product videos, there are two that do well: product feature videos and lifestyle product videos.

Product Feature Videos

These product videos are straightforward. The goal is to show the customer what the product can do. The ultimate purpose of a product feature video on your Amazon listing is to show your item in action to help a customer make an informed decision. By doing this in an attractive format, your delivery of the information can make shoppers choose your product over similar ones.

Making a product feature video is easier and more affordable than other kinds of videos. Having video footage of your product is always great, but you can even use pictures you’ve already taken for your listing and combine them with text and animation to make an effective video. Just remember to be clear and to the point when you create one – you want to make it easy for your audience to get the information they’re looking for and to remember the main features of the item.

Lifestyle Product Videos

product video

These videos are a bit more complicated, but effective in converting browsers into buyers. Instead of showing customers what your product does, you focus is on telling them how these features bring them benefits. By helping them picture themselves with the item and enjoying the perks of its features, you’re using their imagination as a selling tool.

The goal here is to give more than just the features and benefits. Your goal for this type of video is to help customers picture an ideal scenario with the product so they can see it in action and how it can improve their lives.

Understanding your target audience is key. Knowing what they are looking for can help the shopper to envision themselves living that lifestyle.

Comply with Amazon Standards

Whether or not the product video feature is already available in your account, the first thing you want to do is check the Amazon guidelines for product video uploads. This way, you can start preparing your product videos for when the time comes.

This is what you must comply with to post a video on your listings:

Own the Rights to Your Product Videos

product videos

You must be the owner of the rights to every element of your enhanced content. This includes pictures, video, music and, of course, the item you are showcasing.

Make Sure the Video Is High-Quality

  • An aspect ratio of 16:9, or the standard YouTube orientation
  • An ideal resolution of 1920×1080, or at least 1280×720
  • RGB color profile recording and an ideal DPI of 300
  • A single brand logo display
  • Either 3GP, AVI, AAC, MP4, FLV, MOV, or MPEG-2 format

Clip A Good Thumbnail Image

  • Depict or mention your product in the thumbnail
  • Use the highest possible image quality in either JPEG or PNG format

Avoid Making any References to:

  • Your seller or distributor company
  • Your contact information
  • Your status as an authorized seller
  • The product being sold exclusively by authorized sellers
  • Products from your competitors
  • Product pricing
  • Shipping costs
  • Descriptive promotional product information (i.e. top-selling, hot item)
  • Time-sensitive product information (i.e. on sale now, best product of the year)
  • Products being used for criminal activities
  • Customer review information
  • Editorial or third-party quotes
  • Warranties or guarantees
  • Other logos of brands or organizations
  • Any website other than Amazon (especially links to them)
  • Offensive or perverse content

How To Post your Product Videos

product videos

As of today, Amazon’s video product feature is only available to third-party sellers on Seller Central as part of its Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) section, and to first-party sellers on Vendor Central’s A+ Content. You’ll need to enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry to access EBC features on Seller Central.

Keep in mind that Amazon A+ Content is a paid feature on Amazon Vendor Central, but EBC Content is free for sellers. If you don’t have access to this feature, you can still get videos onto your listing pages.

Get Videos from Product Advocates

If you have a great product and give great service, then you must have happy customers. You can ask them to post video reviews to get video content on your listings. Just be careful who you ask and how you do it since you can’t control what they will say and how they might react to the request. You may have an idea of who your best customers are from repeat orders, customer engagement or other interactions they have had with your business.

If you can get a few nice product video reviews, it will help convert future buyers regardless of how amateur they are. Getting your biggest product advocates to upload videos can even be more powerful than using your own. Seeing the product being held by someone who actually bought it and hearing them talk about it is more genuine because it provides valuable social proof.

Add Product Videos to Your Amazon Listings Today

Whether you post product feature videos, lifestyle product videos, or ask your customers to post video reviews, the benefits are clear. Having video on your Amazon listings can seriously improve your customers’ experience, increasing your conversions and boosting your eCommerce revenue. Amazon has provided this feature to its brand registered sellers on Seller and Vendor Central, which can give you a reliable competitive advantage on this increasingly crowded platform.




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