Amazon listing text

If you have hired a writer for Amazon listing text, you wouldn’t be alone!  As Amazon becomes an even bigger household name, the number of freelancers who specialize in Amazon marketing only grows.

There are plenty of reasons to task a passionate, qualified writer with perfecting the prose of your Amazon listings.

Finding a qualified writer to help you with your Amazon marketing needs is important. But finding a professional writer for your Amazon listing optimization needs might be something your business has to build toward.

If you’re not able to invest in this specialized help just yet, that’s OK!

You can contribute to the success of your Amazon content all by yourself with these quick tips.

1. Ensure the title features your product name before your brand name.

Amazon is an amazing vehicle for building brand awareness. But by and large, Amazon buyers don’t search by brand name; they search for individual products.

So, if your Amazon listing titles open with the mention of your brand first, simply move the brand name to the back end of the title. Ideally, your title will utilize common keywords to clearly communicate the name and function of the product before attempting to build brand awareness.

2. Verify the details of your product are correct.

This is a given! Nothing spoils a sale like a potential customer noticing an error in your listing’s information before you do. And detecting (and fixing) mistakes in your Amazon listing text can do more than just save you a bit of face-palming embarrassment. It can keep frustrated customers from feeling cheated and decrease the number of returns you get.

Many Amazon sellers advertise several variations of a product, or they choose to split and A/B test listings. This makes maintaining accuracy a challenge. Ensure your listing contains absolutely consistent and correct information, especially regarding:

  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Color
  • All included items
  • Common (or uncommon) uses
  • Bundles and bonus items

Clear, correct product information from top to bottom in your Amazon listing text

can and will save you a lot of headaches in the long run. Most importantly, accuracy ensures your customers receive exactly what they were told they’d receive.

3. Double (and triple) check for typos throughout your listing.

Maybe scouring Amazon listing text for spelling errors is second nature to you. And if you ask us, that’s exactly as it should be for professional and non-professional writers alike! But even after reading and re-reading your Amazon listing’s written content, mistakes can slip under the radar.

These tricks of the trade eradicate any and all typos in your Amazon listing:

  1. Try a spell-checking software. Sometimes, the computer just knows best.
  2. Read your written content out loud.
  3. Read your written content backward. Yes, this is a thing!
  4. Step away for a few minutes before returning with fresh eyes.
  5. Have someone you trust take a second look at what you’ve written.

4. Hunt for hidden homophones.

Even expert writers can use the wrong spelling of the right word. If you subconsciously mix up sense, scents, and cents, you wouldn’t be the first!

But following this tip is especially important for Amazon sellers in order to maintain credibility and competence. Plus, because homophones aren’t technically spelled incorrectly, spell-checking software won’t catch them.

We combined two lists of oft-confused homophones in marketing writing, originally compiled by Julia McCoy from Express Writers and Julie Chomiak from Pagemodo. Be sure to inspect your listing from top to bottom, and make sure the following words are used properly:

  • Then v. Than
  • Here v. Hear
  • Loose v. Lose
  • Affect v. Effect
  • They’re v. Their v. There
  • Your v. You’re
  • Adverse v. Averse
  • Compliment v. Complement
  • Discreet v. Discrete
  • Elicit v. Illicit
  • Insure v. Ensure
  • Principal v. Principle
  • Proceed v. Precede

If some of these have you thinking, “Wait, those are two different things?” then don’t hesitate to grab your dictionary! Though common, accidents like these can suggest that as a seller, you either don’t know proper usage or don’t care to incorporate it. Neither is a good look for your brand.

5. Respond to a customer in the comments.

It’s seriously reassuring when the Verified Seller of a product engages with customers in the comments section of their Amazon listing. It gives you an active presence on your Amazon listing and puts many questions and concerns to rest. So if you feel comfortable, respond to some comments.

In addition, you should always thank visitors and customers for leaving feedback.

Note: If this is a responsibility you typically outsource or leave to a virtual assistant, it’s okay to hold off on this step. After all, responding to your customers the right way is just as crucial to responding itself.

Final Thoughts

Revamp your Amazon listing text by the time you finish your morning cup of coffee.

These quick and simple changes polish your written content and your presence, bolstering the overall positive impact your listing has on potential buyers.

When you’re ready to bring on a specialized content writer, you can push these responsibilities off your plate. Until now, all you have to give yourself is anywhere between five and six minutes for each task to thoroughly spruce up your Amazon listing text in just 30 minutes total!

This post was contributed by Emma Schermer Tamir, Chief Creative and Co-Owner of  Marketing by Emma, a firm that creates compelling, authentic, conversion-oriented copy that turns websites, Amazon listings, packaging texts, and more into effective sales machines.