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Do you own a business? Better yet, are you a business owner looking to free up more time so you can focus on bigger picture strategies?

If you are, you should think about expanding your company to include a reliable group of great workers. There is only so much you can do by yourself, and at times the business can suffer because you stretch yourself too thin.

In this article, we want to share the best ways to put together a reliable group with the right experience so you can get the most out of your business. A truly successful business not only makes money, but it also runs smoothly from the inside out. Hiring freelance remote workers is the most common option for people in your situation. Here’s how to make this happen.

1 – Keep Collaboration Part of the Work Environment

Once you’ve hired a reliable group of online workers and got everyone going on their related projects, make sure you keep collaboration part of the strategy. In order for any business with multiple workers to succeed, they have to understand when help is needed from their co-workers.

It’s up to you to make it easy on the freelancers to work together. Provide a system of communication which you will instill in the freelancer and drive that home to them. Since Skype is easiest (and free), most professionals use this to stay in communication with each other to learn where each worker is at with certain projects or if they need help.

It’s not uncommon to also create a cloud-based operation, or a place where all work files and related tasks are kept so all of the workers can come and get assignments or see the progress of others. Again, if you’re looking for a free option, Trello connected with Google Docs is a great way to establish these forms of documents/filing cabinets.

2 – Allow a Freelancer To Grow

As a boss and company owner it’s up to you to make sure each of the freelancers has everything they need to succeed within your company. When they feel successful, your company will be affected by this positive mindset.

Once a month, provide free onboarding for the freelancer in their area of expertise. There’s always a great webinar or tutorial online consisting of the up and coming strategies. For example, if you have a content writer, search for a content writing setup where they can go hone their craft. You may even find a great class where you will need to pay to have them go. If you feel it is relevant, do it. Monies spent on the education of the freelancer is always an investment in your company as it builds an even more reliable group.

One thing most business owners skip is the freelancer brainstorm. Depending on your work committment, you should set a time, 30 minutes or an hour each month, with pay, to allow workers to bounce ideas off one another. This study proved how the effects of brainstorming in a group can lead to problem solving skills among workers. Allow it to happen!

3 – Set Clear Goals and Rules

This is targeted more towards the management side and can help your business run smoothly and effectively.

When a freelancer is first on-boarded, make sure they know your vision for the company, what you expect of them overall, and the rules you have set within the business for online workers.

It’s imperative the freelancer understands they need to apply your company’s goals to their own set of ethics while working with your business. It’s also a good practice to mandate the freelancer to create personal goals for themselves as well. This will ensure that reliable workers grow more capable in handling the different areas of your business.

This can be concreted at the very beginning so there’s no surprises later. Having a freelancer who sets goals and works hard to achieve those weekly/monthly goals within your company is simply a smart business sense.

Once they understand the rules within your company and the goals they need to attain for themselves, it is up to you to provide positive support for them on a daily/weekly basis. Make yourself available to the online worker to answer any questions about projects or offer help when needed.


If you’re thinking about adding some freelancers to your business, these are three key principles you should always think about when hiring a remote worker. You want a business which can run effectively and without problems. The way to accomplish this is to remember these important tips.

Do you have any experience hiring freelancers for your company? What are some of the issues you have faced? What are some tips you could give those reading now? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section!



Wade Harman is a content writing wizard with an M.A. in Cognitive Psychology. He shares social media psychology and other marketing tips online related to cognitive trigger response. He loves to fish and read comic books for fun, to get the creative juices flowing.



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