Selling on Amazon can be a daunting task. From designing and sourcing your first private label product to optimizing your detail pages with the right keywords, there is a nearly endless list of things you need to do. But sellers can automate some of their most important tasks to free up time for listing optimization and marketing. Automating Amazon seller feedback and product review requests is one of the most time-saving and effective ways at winning on the platform.

What’s the difference between seller feedback and product reviews?

Seller feedback rates an Amazon seller’s performance based on a 1- to 5-star system, with 5 stars being the best possible score. The seller feedback score contributes to the percentage of Buy Box wins and account health. The score is calculated on the accuracy of the transaction, if the correct products were included, the timeliness of shipping, and customer service. The overall performance is displayed in a table broken down by the past 30 days, 90 days, 12 months and lifetime of the seller.


Product reviews are a crucial part of a shopper’s buying journey. Reviews inform shoppers about a product’s performance, fit, feel, quality and any other need-to-know features. Amazon’s machine learning algorithm uses reviews to rank products in search. Relevant product reviews are displayed toward the top. Reviews are especially important for new products but they are less important for top-selling products in regards to ranking.

Why sellers need to automate their seller feedback and product review requests

Two reasons. Time and effectiveness.

Most people don’t have time to personally message everyone who purchases their products. But email automation platforms like Feedback Genius makes that possible. Sellers can message every customer—at strategic touch points—to gain valuable opinions on their performance as a seller, and how their products function. For example, a seller can create a message to be sent to a shopper when their package is out for delivery, or when the package has been marked as delivered to request seller feedback.

By automating buyer-seller messages, sellers can track the effectiveness of their messages. This is possible because every shopper who purchases a particular product will get the same message at the same time in the purchasing journey. This allows sellers to measure a message’s effectiveness, which opens up the ability to split test and optimize each message for greater success.

How effective is Feedback Genius at getting seller feedback and product reviews?

Seller Feedback

Seller Patrick had only received one seller feedback after one month since he launched his product on Amazon. Unhappy with his results, Patrick started using Feedback Genius. Within his 30-day trial period, he was able to get 1 seller feedback per 23 orders, compared to 1 seller feedback per 150 orders like before. He then optimized his subject lines and body copy, which resulted in 1 seller feedback per 11 orders over next 30 days—he had a 13x improvement in seller feedback in 60 days because of Feedback Genius.

Product Reviews

Kevin, a long-time Feedback Genius customer, was able to launch a new product in a competitive category and get it ranked number one with the help of targeted emails. Kevin created an email workflow that only sent messages to repeat buyers. He would send specific messages based on the amount of times a shopper had purchased from him. His messages were simple, basically asking the shopper to leave a review of his products to inform other shoppers about his experience. He never asked a shopper to leave a positive review either. His thinking behind this strategy was that nobody would buy a bad product twice. He would send a message each time a repeat customer purchased from him until they left a review.

This strategy resulted in a 50% increase in sales and more than 900 product reviews within four months.

Getting started with Feedback Genius is easy

Sending targeted and relevant messages to Amazon shoppers is easy. Every new Feedback Genius account is given a 30 day trial where the seller can create messages and try out the features. Sign up is simple; provide Feedback Genius with your business name, email and Amazon MWS credentials and you’ll be ready in minutes. We offer resources to help you get started.

Don’t leave valuable Amazon seller feedback and product reviews on the table. Start getting better Amazon seller feedback today!


This article was contributed by Seller Labs, a partner of FreeeUp. Cory Checketts is the Content Manager at Seller Labs and is the author of this article. Cory is the lead copywriter at Seller Labs. He has five years of experience doing strategic communications and professional writing. When he’s not typing you can usually find him getting dropped off the back of amateur cycling pelotons on the roads of northeast Georgia. 


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