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Hiring digital marketing freelancers is your best bet when you want to drive more traffic to your website. They know how the game is played on the ground. They know their targets and what the opposition brings. Furthermore, because they perform specific tasks in a freelance capacity, you can hire and integrate them easily into your day-to-day operations.

Digital marketing freelancers is a broad category, so below you will find 9 particular digital marketing freelancers who can help draw more attention to your business.

(1)  SEO

A search engine optimizer should always be the first of the digital marketing freelancers that you hire. The first task in online marketing is determining the keywords that your business needs to be found for, and the competition that it faces at the keyword level. An SEO will work with you to learn your brand and your audience, define those key terms, and translate them into phrases that are searched by your targets.

The second task will be implementing optimization strategies to prepare all your content – your website, blog, social media, and any other online content you produce. Working with your branding point person, these keywords can also be worked into your non-searchable materials such as online communications, eBooks, and other resources that are shared out. This way, you get all your content in line with the strategy to promote consistency for your marketing efforts.

Down the line, you might also want to think about using Adwords to give your business a boost as and where needed. The SEO you hire can help you out here, or you can hire a freelance Google Adwords expert.

(2)  Lead Generation Researcher

Once all your content is on its way to being optimized, you should start thinking about hiring for lead generation. One or two digital marketing freelancers in this area can help you build a good list of people that you can reach out to with different pitches. You can build lists for potential customers and prospective partners on many different channels. Have these lists filtered out according to the different categories of people and companies that you want to connect with down the road.

A good master lead list is a solid foundation for other digital marketing freelancers to work with. Have this list prepared and ready for them to draw from as they create campaigns in their specific areas of expertise.

(3)  Guest Article Outreach

With your old content primed for rankings and some nice new content that has been SEO’d from the get-go, you can start a guest article outreach. Go back to your lead lists and assign them to a couple of digital marketing freelancers – one with experience in customer outreach and another with experience in partner outreach.

For customer outreach, think about who you can tap to contribute post content for your blog. A happy, returning customer could be very willing to do more than just leave a good review, especially if you can offer them a token gift in return. For partner outreach, think about connecting with similar companies to yours who could benefit from a link back to their websites. Offer them a post exchange so that you can get a link back to your website, too.

Have your outreach digital marketing freelancers create pitches – or use your own pitches. Then have them start emailing past customers and potential partners, monitor responses, and track your blog calendar to keep content relevant and fresh. If you don’t have a blog writer yet, you can hire a freelance content creator as well to complete this marketing effort.

(4)  Podcast Outreach

Podcasts are the new blogs when it comes to getting the attention of partners and big clients. Busy business owners like yourself have neither the time nor the energy to read through posts. They want the story in a nutshell, and if possible, just the golden nuggets. Podcasts are presented in just this way, and are easy to follow. Listening is easier than reading, and sometimes the only thing these hustlers can do, especially when what little time they have away from work is on a commute or in the shower.

You can still reach these busy people by getting invited to join episodes and speak about your experiences and services. By guesting on podcasts related to your business, you gain access to these shows’ targeted audiences and expand your reach without having to reach out to – and be ignored by – audience members individually. They will come to you through your website as your interview sparks their interest.

Similar to guest article outreach, experienced digital marketing freelancers can help you snag great podcast opportunities. Use those lead generation and email outreach freelancers to get you set up.

(5)  Mobile Designer

Your website needs to be responsive if you want to expand your reach. 55% of general website traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile wins overall in most industries, most notably business and shopping at about 57% each. People may switch over to desktops to dig deeper, but they will most likely visit your site for the first time on their smartphones. They will also want to be able to get updates and search for specific information this way. Mobile bounce rates are also about 40% higher on mobiles than on desktops. This means that if the experience isn’t as smooth as silk, you will lose a good chunk of your traffic – your potential customers.

The second of the digital marketing freelancers that you will want to hire is a mobile site designer. Your current website may be designed to be responsive, but it may not be mobile optimized. The mobile experience on any website out of the box can be greatly improved in many ways. This designer will have specific mobile optimization experience that the average website developer does not. The architecture is complex, you must have simplified information and forms, and you will need mobile-specific features like breadcrumbs and a click-to-call phone number.

(6)  Social Media Marketer

Social media is one area where you can always gain by focusing more attention on it. To do this, you need digital marketing freelancers who have expertise on the different platforms. Consult with a few of them and find out where you should be building your business presence. Hire experts on these specific platforms to plan with you. They will then implement the right social strategies to draw attention to your brand and drive traffic to your website.

Social media marketers have special knowledge of behavior on social sites that makes them essential to your social campaigns. They know what groups and individuals to follow, how to create connections, what and when to share content, and how to bring it all together to lead people to your doorstep.

(7)  A/B Tester

If your optimized website is not converting as well as you would like, hire an A/B tester to play around with different versions of your pages. They can use landing pages for your testing to see how changes in the layout and format of page elements affect users. Differences in elements like pricing, colors, fonts, headlines, promotions and image positioning can make a big difference in the response you get.

These digital marketing freelancers are focused on increasing your conversion rates by retaining more traffic. You may actually have a ton of traffic being directed to your pages, but they don’t make it because something is turning them away, and they bounce. An A/B tester will find out why and learn what page design keeps people interested.

(8)  Call Tracker

Once you start getting increased traffic to your pages, you will need a call tracker to take care of inquiries. Another huge factor that can make your website bounce rates high is a communication gap. Consumers want to be able to contact your business for more information before they take the plunge. You need to make it easy for them to reach out. Otherwise, you could lose them at this critical stage.

Call tracker software makes the line of communication readily available. This opens up not only your potential customers’ path to you, but the chance to collect call data that can be invaluable to your future marketing efforts. Now you need a human call tracker to make use of this data. A call tracker knows how to analyze call data to learn how people get to the point where they call you, and how to get more people to contact you. Once the call tracker has this information in hand, you can start working with other digital marketing freelancers to improve your business content, lead pitches, website design and social engagement.

(9)  Analytics Tracker

Finally, you need someone to track your website analytics. Trackers are the most important of all the digital marketing freelancers that you need at the end of the line. These individuals are the ones who monitor your website analytics and implement additional tracking features like heatmaps and conversion funnels to learn everything they can about what visitors like and don’t like.

Google Analytics, for one, is a powerful tool that generates a lot of data, and you need someone who knows how to interpret it, pinpoint problem areas, and use it to formulate strategies. An analytics tracker can, for instance, look at your revenue numbers by traffic source and see the concrete results of your different campaigns – email newsletters, organic SEO, promotions – whatever you have running through your website. An analytics tracker can also make use of platform-specific analytics like Facebook’s own trackers to expand the database. From there, you will have solid suggestions based on actual numbers on what to change and where to invest more.

Over to You

So there you have 9 specific digital marketing freelancers who can get you all set up and start drawing in more traffic to your website. It’s your turn now – are you ready to get the ball rolling?

First, make sure that you have a plan in place for rolling out your marketing revamp in the different areas mentioned. Identify the areas that need the most urgent help. Identify the related areas that need to be brought up to speed for the campaigns to work properly.

Then, you’ll be ready to hire the digital marketing freelancers who will work on campaign strategy and implementation. If you are not sure where to look or how to tackle the hiring process, check out how FreeeUp works or schedule a meeting with FreeeUp CEO Nathan Hirsch to talk about your hiring concerns.


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Julia Valdez is a professional teacher and decades-long lover of the art of words on paper, the stage and the big screen. She spends most of her time doing freelance content and project management, community volunteer work with the Philippine Advocates for Resilient Communities, adventuring with the Greenhouse Christian Fellowship, and sharing lots of laughs over little crazy things.


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  1. All of these can be easily outsourced without any difference in quality or ease and all you’re left with are the benefits like lower costs. It’s a digital world indeed!

    1. Hey John, indeed, there is a wide range of freelance workers connected with the FreeeUp marketplace who have these skills – and others.

  2. Now I can understand what digital marketing freelancers are lol I thought they were only for a social media marketing and SEO!

  3. So there you go, aside from SEO and social media marketers, lead generation and guest article outreach is also part of digital marketing. Awesome list!

  4. I agree that hiring digital marketing freelancers helps businesses drive more traffic, specifically those in the SEO industry.

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