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Running and managing an ecommerce account is not a one-man show.  Though most of the work is done online, there’s no question that as a business owner, you’ll be needing all the help you can get from ecommerce freelancers.

While hiring experts and specialists makes a lot of sense, the hiring process should be streamlined according to your needs.

The key is to hire managers first who will help you run the business and keep things organized.  By taking this initial step, you’re not only helping yourself shed some of the workload, but you’re also making the hiring process more efficient.

Hire Managers First

If you noticed the number of skills you need to hire for, you might be disheartened.  Thinking about the hours you have to spend looking for the right ecommerce freelancers for each post can be discouraging.

You don’t have to put all of this on your shoulders, though.  With the managers in place, they should be able to build out the systems and processes that the business needs to thrive, including bringing on additional key people.

Instead of building your entire roster yourself from the ground up, the managers you put in place can help onboard people on your behalf.  They can help vet these ecommerce freelancers and help you choose the right candidates for each role.

They’ll also be able to help provide guidance to the individuals who just joined your business.  This will help you  concentrate on overseeing the business as a whole. Though you can do spot-checks from time to time, micromanaging everyone would prove to be counter-productive.

Your time is better spent managing the business itself rather than the ecommerce freelancers who help you run it.  You can leave your new hires under these managers’ supervision.  Besides, these managers will be reporting directly to you anyway.  You’ll still be updated on what’s going on and how the new hires are adjusting to their new roles.

Get the ball rolling beginning with these key management positions:

1) Accountant

Having someone to monitor your finances is essential. This manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the books and your taxes are accurate, apart from helping you identify which areas to cut back on and which ones to invest in further.

2) Marketing Manager

This manager will be responsible for both business and product marketing. This person will be in charge of overlooking all marketing initiatives and campaigns from all channels.

3) Ecommerce Ops Manager

This manager will be in charge of the daily operations that cover anything involving product sourcing and listing, inventory management, and order fulfillment. This person will also be in charge of handling customer service concerns and escalations.

4) Content Manager

More than writing great content, this manager will also be in charge of the overall direction and strategy behind content creation. This person will be responsible for brainstorming, assigning, scheduling, and marketing content.

5) Executive Assistant

Mostly dedicated to administrative work, this person is also responsible for keeping you organized and productive by making sure to check tasks off your list that you don’t need to personally attend to.

Now that you have these key positions in place, it will be easier to structure the new hires based on their areas of expertise.  Again, you don’t have to do this all by yourself when you’ve got managers who can do the task for you.

Hire for Each Department

With your managers in place, they can now help you with the hiring process.  Don’t try to take on too many ecommerce freelancers all at once though.  As much as possible, take only two or three so you can give the managers time to assess and onboard each one of them.

Avoid rushing the hiring process as much as you can.  You’ll run the risk of hiring the wrong person if you’re not careful.

Take your time and work closely with the managers in hiring and onboarding people so you can ensure that you’re getting quality individuals who can really contribute and help your business grow.


6) Bookkeeper

This person should not only have a knack for numbers and the patience to do data entry, but he or she should also be honest, disciplined, and meticulous.  A good bookkeeper should also have sound judgment and excellent communication skills.

Marketing Manager

7) Email Manager

This person is considered an expert in email marketing and in charge of managing a brand’s email campaigns as well as communicating the company’s brand via email.

8) Social Media Manager

Armed with excellent people skills, this manager’s responsibility is to promote the brand and its products across all its social media accounts.

  • 9) Pinterest – discover, create, and regularly post high-quality pins that drive traffic.
  • 10) Instagram – create an Instagram following by implementing strategies that help attract engagement.
  • 11) YouTube – drive traffic and attract more followers by creating high-quality videos that provide value.
  • 12) LinkedIn – attract leads by establishing the brand as an industry expert by sharing high-quality content.
  • 13) Facebook – drive traffic and increase brand awareness by establishing a Facebook presence through quality content that people will like and share.
  • 14) Twitter – establish a Twitter presence that people will follow. Increase brand awareness by posting high-quality, retweetable tweets.

15) Ad Manager

This is someone who is in charge of planning, organizing, and implementing advertising campaigns. This person also initiates market research studies and analysis of findings.

  • 16) Facebook Ads – a Facebook-savvy individual who has rich experience in ad targeting and running Facebook Ad campaigns.
  • 17) Amazon PPC Ads – someone who understands good content, keyword research, and SEO and knows how to generate quality clicks from PPC campaigns.

18) Partnerships

A person who possess good communication and negotiation skills and has the nose for finding influencers through outreach initiatives. Someone who has experience in building relationships.

E-commerce Manager

19) Product Sourcing / Supplier Relations

This person has excellent communication and negotiation skills and a nose for products that sell. This is someone who has a deep knowledge of the marketplace and the processes involved in product sourcing.

20) Product Listing

This is someone who knows how to optimize a product listing and use it to draw potential buyers in. This person should have rich experience in marketing and selling.

21) Marketplace Management

This person is responsible for the strategy and their implementation on various e-commerce marketplaces. This person will also be in charge of account management as well as forecasting and planning.

  • 22) Amazon – deep knowledge of the Amazon marketplace. Experienced in Amazon marketplace research, planning, and strategy.
  • 23) eBay – familiarity with the eBay marketplace. Understands the ins and outs of running an eBay store and in charge of formulating growth strategies and execution.
  • 24) Etsy – experience in running an Etsy store. Deep understanding of the Etsy marketplace and the ability to formulate growth strategies and generate good results.

25) Order Fulfilment

This is someone with great attention to detail, patience, and experience in doing administrative tasks.

26) Inventory Management

This person has experience in managing inventory and has the unique ability to strike a balance between a properly stocked warehouse and maximized budget.

27) Customer Service Manager

This person has good communication and people skills as well as the patience to assist customers with product inquiries. They should also possess the maturity to handle escalations.

  • 28) Emails – excellent business and writing skills as well as the patience to address several emails in a normal workday.
  • 29) Phone Calls – phone savvy, articulate, and confident. Should have excellent verbal communication skills and the composure to not crack under pressure.
  • 30) Live Chats – excellent typing skills and the ability to communicate using various chat apps.

31) Conversion Rate Optimization

This person is in charge of analyzing and tracking key metrics and KPIs as well as identifying areas of opportunity that can affect a brand’s overall conversion rate.

Content Manager

32) SEO Specialist

An expert in SEO, this person should have deep knowledge of SEO and keyword research best practices

33) Video/Photo Manager

This person has a keen eye for beauty and knowledge of various image/video formats and principles that can help attract potential leads.

34) Graphic Designers

These ecommerce freelancers have the unique ability to create stunning graphics that help get the brand’s message across.

35) Blog Manager

This person is in charge of the overall blog strategy. Deeply involved in blog assignment, topic research, editing, and scheduling.


Hiring for the skills essential to your e-commerce business takes time, but you’ll be able to fill all these roles with some help. The managers you put in place should ease the workload and help you concentrate on growth and leadership, something a CEO is meant to do in the first place.

If you’re in the process of hiring ecommerce freelancers, just be patient and learn to trust the managers you’ve hired by delegating department-specific tasks to them.

If you’re new to the game and looking to start hiring ecommerce freelancers soon, we’d like you to sit down and evaluate your needs.  Start writing down which departments you want to start hiring for.

You don’t have to get everyone onboard immediately, especially when you’re on a budget.  Start with the managers so you’ll have someone to assist you with the rest of the skills you need to fill.

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