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The whole world has been captured by the internet since its first inception. In fact, many brick and mortar businesses are switching to this business model, which is electronic commerce or e-commerce.

Even young kids are enchanted by online videos, games, and tutorial courses. The youth are enjoying an unlimited wealth of knowledge within easy reach. The millennials are building their empire with their own e-businesses. Older adults are also keeping up with this fast-moving trend so as not to be left behind.

How about you?

As an online entrepreneur, you are certainly looking for innovative ways to make sales and improve conversions.

You may have set up your own e-commerce business, online store or shop. Perhaps you are at a loss as to what to do next. You searched for the best products to sell, built your website, and hired online freelancers to assist you in your business needs. Then, you got stuck.

What is missing?

The internet is booming in unprecedented proportions. This is why you need to ride on the waves of this information superhighway to maximize your business’ fullest potential.

Every web page includes copy for internet visitors and viewers to read. Words are so powerful that the popularity of written text published on the internet still outweighs videos and images being shared.

This brings us to the need for producing words that make the web visitors stay on your page and influence them to do what you want them to do.

Because of marketing budget cuts, some eCommerce companies are rethinking hiring regular writers to take care of content to sell their products and services.

This blog post will walk you through the need to hire freelance copywriters instead of regular content writers for your eCommerce business.

Make Sales

Copywriting uses words that sell. It is a skill and art that is learnable. Copywriters are experienced at writing words that compel, persuade, convince, and market to sell.

In your eCommerce business, you need copy for your Amazon, eBay or Shopify product descriptions, web content, landing pages, email marketing newsletters, social media posts, direct-response sales letters, video scripts, and so much more.

You may have a great product, but if you fail to use words that will cause your prospects to take action, then all marketing efforts seem futile. You are not actually selling your product or service, but the benefits of the product – what it can do to change and uplift the lives of your target customers.

People do not like to be sold to but they love to buy. Copywriters can help boost sales and increase conversions in your products through enticing words that your customers cannot refuse.

Gain Leads

Your eCommerce business must have a concise yet comprehensive marketing plan in place. Part of this plan is lead generation, which a copywriter can assist you with. A copywriter can help you with identifying your buyer persona or target audience and craft copy for your promotional methods per your plan.

This is where a sales funnel comes into play. You can start collecting contact information through a landing page or sales page with text written by a copywriter. You may give away a free eBook, product sample or coupon to those who will give you their contact info.

The purchasing or buying journey constitutes the sales funnel from leads to becoming customers. If configured correctly, the sales funnel can help automate your marketing and increase your income automatically.

Enhance Your Brand and Voice

Every eCommerce business is distinct from other businesses, even those in the same niche market. What could possibly set your business, product or service apart from your competitors? You need to stand out, not blend in.

A copywriter can help you shape, develop, and enhance your brand and voice. You need a copywriter whose writing style matches your business voice. There are so many freelance copywriters out there. You need to hire the right fit to produce copy that will demonstrate your company values, product features and benefits, and successfully increase your sales and conversions through compelling content.

In hiring a copywriter, you need to make sure that she can write for your niche and target market. You also need to set a requirement for the kind of voice or tone she needs to employ, such as corporate, clinical, conversational, high energy, cavalier or serious.

Tell Your Story

Every business, product and service has a story. People love listening and reading stories. There’s something magical and mysterious about a story. Stories can easily be retained in memory, even by a little child.

You can use storytelling in your business messages. A copywriter can transform your company history, product benefits, and marketing ideas into a well-crafted story.

Think about it in a minute. You will surely remember a story from the television or radio or YouTube video about a brand, product or service. Those brands or businesses that tell great, heart warming, and inspiring stories are able to sell more compared to those who just keep on marketing in the more traditional ways.

Hire a copywriter who is a good storyteller – a creative freelance copywriter – for your business. You’ll never go wrong.

Improve Your Presentation

You may have an excellent product or service but if you fail to present it well to your target market, then that’s an area you need to improve upon. A copywriter can make words flow together seamlessly. A copywriter can bring coherence to all your copy and tie it up to your overarching theme, vision, or action plan.

Many eCommerce businesses do not prioritize hiring freelance copywriters to write their copy. They make a mistake of delegating work to regular writers who can write to inform and entertain, but not actually sell.

Make Your Audience Know, Like, and Trust You

As an online entrepreneur, you are not only in this eCommerce business to make sales but also to establish a relationship with your customers long-term. Through words that compel, your audience will KNOW you, your business, product and service intimately. A copywriter can write messages that will make your prospects know you.

Then, if the freelance copywriter succeeds in those messages, your prospective customers will LIKE you. They will get used to all your email marketing newsletters, social media posts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

You will keep on establishing a relationship until they are able to TRUST you. In this process, you can transition into selling to them your product or service. They will be ready to buy from you because you have made them comfortable and earned their trust.

Inspire People and Transform Lives

There are eCommerce companies who miss the real point of doing a business. A product or service is created to serve as a solution to a problem. The sales and income generated through marketing efforts are the rewards for your diligence and hard work.

More importantly, we put up an online business or any other type of business to inspire people and transform and uplift lives. Imagine the impact that your product and service can have on even just one person. That person may be losing all hope for his unsolved problem and here you come with the suitable product to alleviate, if not eradicate his problem.

The world is in dire need of eCommerce businesses and online entrepreneurs who genuinely care for people, not just create wealth for themselves. If you hire freelance copywriters who work with integrity of heart and skillfulness of hands, you’re on the right track.

Where Do I Sign Up!

It is not easy to find, hire, and work with a great freelance copywriter that can help you with the outcome that you need for your eCommerce business.

But, there’s good news.

Here at FreeeUp, it’s easy for you to get freelance copywriters based on your requirements. Our freelancing platform already has some pre-vetted freelance copywriters to introduce to you based on the skills, qualifications, and experience that match your needs. FreeeUp takes away the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring hassles and lets you spend your valuable time on growing and scaling your business.

We have direct response copywriters, Amazon copywriters, eCommerce copywriters, and general copywriting VA’s to assist you. If you need direct response sales letters, auto-responders and email newsletters, sales funnels, video scripts, product descriptions, taglines, headlines, blogs and articles, web content, or eBooks, you’ve come to the right place.

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Emilou Ilagan freelance copywriter


Emilou Ilagan is a freelance copywriter, author, and digital publisher. She is the owner of Kavod Publisher, contributing author in app, and member of FaithWriters. She is a writer with a heart for transforming lives through writing. She loves the rain, blueberry cheesecake, bowling, and everything else that comes in between.


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