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Who are freelance technicians?

The continuous integration of the internet into business operations has been rapidly increasing in the 21st century as many businesses look for ways to minimize operational costs. Freelancing as an occupation itself has been rapidly increasing as more people continue to prefer it to traditional office positions. Indeed, the future looks bright for upcoming freelancers with more business owners opting to hire freelancers when they want various tasks completed fast.

The dictionary definition of a freelancer is any person who is able to provide his or her services without any long-term contracts. The freelance economy is rising and there is a huge demand of freelancers in every domain. A freelancer works irrespective of the time frame with a flexibility to work from home, the reason why gig economy is booming.

Freelance technicians comprise of a pool of experts who have technical knowledge on a wide range of issues and are available to provide their services on a short-term basis. Although businesses prefer freelancers for a wide range of services, the most common and rapidly growing service is that which involves server maintenance. A freelance technician can provide annual server maintenance services without signing any long-term contract as these services are required on a seasonal basis only.

Why Server Maintenance is Important for E-Commerce Sites

Every business depends on systems, mainly the two aspects of data and transactions through various cloud and software platform applications. Generally, the network administrator is responsible for server maintenance. Many businesses do not have one, however. The answer is hiring freelance technicians to do spot checks and fix issues.

Through server maintenance, you can ensure that your computer networks perform reliable operations. This can be achieved by continuous monitoring, identification of issues, upgrading the servers per the latest updates, and protecting the data and servers from crashing.

Every business should have a maintenance plan which helps in achieving this goal. In addition to the maintenance plan, businesses should know how frequently operations checks should be performed. The cost can be a deterrent, but server maintenance plays a very crucial role as it affects downtime, which is not a positive input to the business.

Freelance Technicians Can Frequently Check the Parameters Listed Below:

Audit backup Systems: Backup is the only means to protect important business information. You should hire freelance technicians to conduct tests on a monthly basis.

Analyse user accounts: If the business experiences a change in workers, either inflow or outflow, account authorization should be checked. Storing old data is downright risky.

Check disc management: In regard to server maintenance, the production system should not be used for extraction. Instead, you need a freelance technicians to delete old data including logs, emails and software versions which are not in use. This way, you can keep your system secured.

Updating operating systems: Everyone gets regular updates from Windows and Linux. But not everyone implements them. Updates can be annoying interruptions. You need to get your operating systems updated, however, for security reasons. If you don’t want to bother with it yourself, freelance technicians can come in and do the updates for you. They can set you up for automated updates as well, and take care of any glitches that might pop up.

Permit RAID alarms: It’s always a best practice to use RAID alarms if you’re on an Intel device. The Intel RAID Controller audible alarm beeps to warn you when a drive fails. If you use this type of system, you can have freelance technicians enable error alerts to monitor single hardware failure.

By performing the above checklist, you can ensure successful business functioning without experiencing any server related issues. Prevention is always better than cure.

4 Reasons Why E-Commerce Businesses are Opting for Freelance Technicians to Maintain their Servers

More organizations acknowledge the important role that freelance technicians are playing in their businesses. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits that businesses enjoy whenever they hire freelancers:

1.  Freelance technicians ensure that companies are able to adopt a smart hiring strategy.

Most companies have the peak season when work is in abundance and they require a larger workforce, and the off-peak season when there is limited work that can be accomplished by fewer workers. Most online businesses know when they enjoy peak selling seasons and this requires them to hire more freelance technicians to help them out. Once the peak season is over, the firms can easy scale back down to maintain a manageable workforce without any issues.

2.  The use of freelance technicians leads to maximum utilization of the available workforce.

E-businesses face a variety of challenges that require them to have standby technicians to address them. A business that is able to hire freelance technicians finds it easy to onboard the required workforce as needed. This flexibility leads to zero waste and zero backlog.

3.  Hiring freelance technicians provides an avenue for direct and indirect savings on costs.

Full-time in-house technicians are likely to increase operating costs for an e-business as salaries and wages are required on a regular basis. Adopting the use of freelance technicians reduces operating costs as these workers are only contracted when their services are needed.

4.  It creates a sense of convenience for business owners.

Freelance technicians are independent and autonomous workers. They are used to working on various projects with various individuals and companies. They are experienced and thus often require less supervision.

How are Freelance Technicians Helping E-Commerce Businesses?

There is a wide variety of services that freelance technicians provide to e-businesses. Some of the most common are:

  • Development of business applications

An e-business often resorts to developing its own applications to make the delivery of its services convenient to customers. The development of business applications is a major service that freelance technicians give to businesses.

  • Providing cyber security services

Although e-businesses encounter many challenges as start-ups, a major one is cyber security. Qualified cyber security freelancers can provide these services to e-business without taking a long-term contract with them.

  • Website updating services

An e-business will need to upgrade its websites continually as part of server maintenance and to improve the customer experience. Freelance technicians are a viable option for smaller operations that can’t have an expensive developer on the payroll.

  • Cloud hosting services

Cloud hosting is an important tool for many e-businesses as it enables them to access important information freely whenever they wish. Having personal cloud hosting infrastructure is quite expensive, hence the need to hire freelance technicians to help the business manage cloud hosting services. Freelance technicians can also provide annual server maintenance as part of the cloud hosting services.

  • E-commerce site design services

Since freelance technicians are not tied to any one business, any online store can outsource site design to top talent.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Technicians

The freelance economy is rising and there is a huge demand for freelancers in every domain. The reason why gig economy is booming is that freelancers enjoy flexible working hours and the freedom to work from home. Hiring freelance technicians gives you:

  • Access to Certified Workers

With the best of the best going for this more satisfying lifestyle, you will find the top talent freelancing rather than looking for steady work., for instance, is a global pool of talented technicians that businesses can go to for part-time and remote projects.

  • Easy & Safe Hiring

Having a global platform where hiring is easy and quick brings businesses and freelance technicians together without the hassle. For instance, the FreeeUp marketplace was built to make hiring and paying reliable and experienced workers faster and easier.

  • Stay within Budget

Hiring freelance technicians allows you more flexibility in terms of what your business can afford to invest in server maintenance, website updates, and the like. Because you are looking for workers in the global talent pool, you are likely to find one that has the skills to complete your project without going over budget.

  • More Productivity –

Freelancers are happy workers. The inherent flexibility of their chosen work style makes them the happiest type of worker. With this satisfaction comes increased productivity. They aren’t on call from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. If they are having a bad day, they don’t work. This means that when they do work, you are getting their very best.

Time to Make a Move

Interested in assigning your server maintenance work to skilled freelance technicians? FreeeUp exists to take care of finding the right technicians for you. Sign up as a client today so you can submit a worker request and get introduced to the top freelance technicians who match your requirements.


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  1. I’ve hired off Upwork before to do IT stuff for my websites, but it’s difficult to get the same person every time I need maintenance or upgrades done. It makes everything more complicated and takes longer.

    1. I feel your pain, Mike. Unpredictable availability is part and parcel of the freelancing world, unfortunately. If you hire through FreeeUp, though, you can easily re-engage a freelancer you’ve previously hired simply by reaching out to them or naming them in a new worker request. Most of the time, they will free up time to work on your project, especially if you’ve mentioned the first time around that you will be needing sporadic maintenance moving forward.

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