One of the best ways to grow your Amazon store is to hire freelancers for Amazon business tasks.  The reason for this is that it is imperative that you remove yourself from tasks that are not focused on growth and income production.  These tasks must be delegated or top line revenue as well as bottom line profits will shrink.

Depending on the current size of your business, the number of freelancers you will need to hire will vary.  The fact that you probably need to hire at least one is probably becoming pretty evident to you though.  You probably wouldn’t be reading this article if that weren’t the case.

So, what we will discuss below are the 10 key freelancers for Amazon business tasks that you can hire. These can be one person who is awesome at everything, or 10 people who specialize. There are pros and cons to each. 


This should probably be the very first Amazon freelancer you hire.  Why?  Because doubling up your sourcing power is a no brainer.  If you are able to set up someone to find deals for you to invest in you are able to spend more time on higher level tasks.  This can include wholesale contacts, making deals with managers, or throwing the ball with your kid.

Customer Service

Customer service is supposed to be handled by Amazon.  We know that isn’t always the case.  Customers may reach out to us for a product question, shipping information, or maybe even a return.  A lot of these emails can be responded to with some boilerplate email.  You should not be handling that.  It is a waste of your time and should be given to an Amazon freelancer for a much lower wage than what your time should be valued at.

Amazon Case Resolution

When you have inventory piling up (and hopefully flying off the shelves) at Amazon, things happen.  This can include lost inventory, damaged inventory, inventory that is in the warehouse but not live due to pricing issues, and so on.  This can be frustrating and can result in lost money.  You can lose money from damaged inventory as well as not getting inventory live to be sold.  

Having an Amazon freelancer handle this for you can do a few things.  First, it can speed up your inventory churn rate resulting in faster growth and more capital resources.  Second, you may be able to get more of that damaged inventory turned into reimbursements further padding your Amazon account balance.

These are important jobs but still not as revenue generating as what you should be focused on.  These task are easily handled by another person while you focus elsewhere.

Account Health

I know, you run a tight ship and your account is always in good standing.  That is awesome and I commend you.  However, we all play in the Amazon sandbox.  They make the rules and it is up to us to play by them.  That being said, keeping a watchful eye on your account health is important.  It would be wise to have someone who watches over this for you and reports only when an issue arises.  This can based on parameters you set so no false flags get raised.


We all get feedback and even strive for it.  The problem is that we sometimes get negative feedback that is unwarranted.  That’s OK, unhappy customers tend to be more vocal.  The plus side is that we can get these removed pretty easily, usually.  I’m sure you have had to do it quite a few times.  

Instead of keeping a watchful eye on your feedback score you should let an Amazon freelancer handle it for you.  It is very easy to handle, not a top priority, and other than making sure you have a nice clean account it does not produce revenue.  Outsource this!

Long Term Storage Fees

All of us make bad buys.  It doesn’t matter if we are new to the Amazon scene or if we are a ten million dollar seller.  It happens.  No one should be ashamed about it.  

The other thing no one should do is pay long term storage fees on those bad purchases.  Sometimes it is best to cut and run.  Liquidate the item locally or donate and take the tax write-off.  This is the perfect job for an Amazon freelancer.  You should not take up your time removing items.  Allow an assistant to handle that while you go out and find better product to sell.


This is a task that I loathe, with a firey passion.  It is also something that even i have not outsourced but should.  If you find someone with experience and that you can trust this could be a huge time saver.  Allowing an assistant to balance your books will allow you more time to work on more profitable areas of your business.  It may also be helpful to have someone else keep an eye on your accounts as they may see ways to improve certain aspects of your business that you may not.

Business Consulting

This is not something you will want undertaken by the typical Amazon freelancer.  It is a task for someone with some experience and insight into what it takes to grow a business.  However, it may be a very worthwhile investment.  You may find new verticals to expand your business into.  You may be able to expand your sourcing criteria, find new wholesale contacts, and it may be very profitable to have someone who is willing to help you stay accountable.  Running an Amazon business can be lonely and it is easy to get side tracked.  Having a coach or consultant could pay dividends.

Inventory Management

You have been selling on Amazon for years.  So have I. If you are anything like me it is not often that you remove ASIN’s that you have not sold in years.  In my opinion, this is not a huge concern but if for some reason you or an assistant need to go through your inventory it could be very helpful not to have five thousand dead ASIN’s.  I recently started having my Amazon freelancer do this for me.  It has made it much easier to find items I am looking for when I need to make a change or even add inventory and I am not using a third party software to do so.

Inventory Health

This is my favorite task to outsource.  I despise making sure photos and product listings are accurate.  However, I find that it is necessary at times.  You know, when people make a listing and use a photo of a product they took on their bed.  IT’S NOT EBAY PEOPLE!  I sometimes find myself screaming that at the computer, literally.  Fret not, this is an easy task you can give to an Amazon freelancer.  Let them look through products you know are not up to par and fix them.

Find Some Way to Take Tasks Off Your Plate

I hope this has sparked some ideas to help you grow your business by utilizing others in your business. Leave me a comment and let me know the best way you utilize an Amazon freelancer. If this article has inspired you to hire an Amazon freelancer, sign up to FreeeUp. I’ve been using them for a couple of months and their remote workers are amazing.


Chris Grant is an expert Amazon Seller, You Tube Star wanna-be, Dad, and blogger at Chris contributes his expert knowledge on Amazon and eCommerce for the FreeeUp blog.


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    1. Hi Voncile, if your business is small, you may be able to spread out the different jobs to just 3 workers and have enough time to get everything sorted. But have you considered their areas of expertise? You want each area to be expertly handled in order to build your business up strong with an excellent customer satisfaction level, prime product sourcing, clean accounts, and so on.

  1. I am working on optimizing my Amazon listings and hiring someone more experienced than me sounds really good for my business.

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