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In the age of the digital nomad, online freelancers abound. In this digital age, it’s also not uncommon to find businesses moving to the digital space. What follows, naturally, are digital agencies. The market is huge, and the opportunities seem endless. If you run a digital agency, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But getting started in this sphere isn’t the problem.

Have you come to the point where it feels like your agency has outgrown you? Have you done well with your founding members but are now struggling to scale?

Getting to that level where business is steady is great, but you want to be able to let your business grow. Using online freelancers to help you scale to the next level is the logical move. Online freelancers live in the world of web, where your agency also resides. The complex avenues of the Web are the playgrounds and workplaces of these online freelancers. They are in the best position to help you grow your agency, whether you are in eCommerce, digital marketing, or one of the many other internet-based businesses.

6 ways that your agency can use online freelancers to scale faster:

1  Traditional Ad Campaigns

While it is true that brand strategies, customer expectations, and the available resources and technologies have changed, there is still a place for the emotional approach to selling products and services. For this approach, you can use online freelancers with expertise in product photography, audio and video editing, graphic design, animation, and voice over narration, to name a few. Imagine how many campaigns and variations you can churn out on the many available digital channels with an army of online freelancers marching behind you.

2  Content Marketing

Content is still king as far as Google in concerned. Any hope of gaining sufficient exposure on the world’s largest-by-far search engine is dependent on quality content. Even the eCommerce giant Amazon is placing high value on quality copy. You have no chance for approval on you’re A+ pages if you can’t produce good copy. Rather than trying to build a staff of writers, you can use online freelancers to generate copy for you. Not even the best writers can create excellent pieces in every business niche. Hiring in-house for all the areas you need to cover can get really expensive really quickly. With online freelancers, you can hire several writers with different areas of expertise. They will deliver only what you need when you need it. This helps you to maximizing your spend and ensure quality content across all areas.

3  Web and Mobile

Creating websites as well as unique and proprietary applications has become almost indispensable. Both your agency and your clients need these to be and stay relevant in the digital age. It’s the millennial way to reinforce your brand and cultivate customer loyalty. They are necessary for visibility and accessibility, especially with customers who are always on the go.

Again, an in-house developer may not be the answer to your app needs. There might not me a huge difference in the coding requirements for business applications. The same goes for the design. Creating apps, however, is a one-time deal – maybe two or three times for bigger businesses that have a lot of processes running online.

Online freelancers can hop on to any website or app projects that come in without your having to keep them on as regulars. You then also have the option to hire the one that has specific expertise in the type of website or app that you need. Industry-related experience never hurts. At the very least, it can cut down delivery times and costs.

4  PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is still very hot. It has also grown more difficult as more businesses have leveraged it to increase visibility and sales. The competition is fierce, for one thing. It’s necessary to dig deep to find the niche audiences and specific phrases that can bring in sales without breaking the bank. The PPC craze may have started on Google, but other platforms like Amazon and Facebook have since adopted this internet advertising model. Each platform has made the model their own, and managing campaigns on these separate platforms have become careers in their own right. The rules for PPC are also constantly changing, so it takes a lot of skill to successfully run a PPC campaign.

Hire online freelancers to run your clients’ PPC campaigns. You can get workers who are experts at Google Adwords, Amazon PPC, Facebook PPC and the like. Much like in the above cases, their flexibility allows you to hire only which types and how many you need at any given time.

5  Social Media Marketing

PPC is not the be all and end all of internet advertising. You can have Facebook PPC campaigns, for instance, but an organic social presence on the site is still vital to your marketing efforts. Socials is where everybody hangs out these days. They spend a lot of time there, and many of them visit their networks every single day. Few websites or physical stores can boast that number of visitors. Socials are a channel that should not be left untapped.

The challenge is that your clients don’t have the time to build and nurture this type of presence on the internet. You probably don’t have time to do it for your own agency. Online freelancers are the best candidates for this type of project because they know the ins and outs of socials. You can find online freelancers almost anywhere who can do posts for you and upload media for you. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even hire online freelancers who specialize in social media marketing. They will know the importance of working with each brand. They will know how to craft relevant social content and create a schedule that works best.

6  Innovation

The online world changes much more quickly than our physical world. There are always new things to do and new ways to do them. Even the very definition of what constitutes a digital agency has changed! Running an agency, you know that you can no longer simply take a brand and run it through the marketing machine to produce results. You need to know what else is out there and what you can use to help your clients. To maintain and to attract more clients, you need to innovate.

You may be one of those high-powered individuals who is constantly learning and improving, but reality bites. You can’t know everything and do everything yourself – not within the timeframe that the fast-pace world of the internet allows. You need to offer new solutions to your clients now, before they become saturated and ineffective. You need help from those who have already developed knowledge and skills in these emerging areas.

Who better to help you discover new avenues for your clients than a child of the internet? Millennials are less afraid of getting out there and doing new things, which is exactly what you need here. And this generation makes up a huge chunk of the remote workforce. Hiring online freelancers also ensures that you have a wide pool of talent to choose from and work with. Having different workers managing campaigns can add a lot of value as they share and test out their ideas with you.

The Bottom Line

Your clients come to you because many of them lack digital expertise. You thrive as a digital agency because you have it to offer to them. Now that you need to expand to meet the demand, you need to find others who have digital expertise as well. Being of the digital world, online freelancers are well-versed in the technologies of this domain. You can find online freelancers who have expertise in a wide range of skills in various digital media.

Now to You

What areas and types of workers do you need so that you can finally let your business grow? Make a list and describe your ideal worker for each position and task. Then sign up on FreeeUp to start requesting the perfect freelancers to help you scale.


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