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Is your eCommerce store working you to death? As a small business owner running a successful online eCommerce shop, you may be working upwards of 100 hours a week to keep everything running smoothly. But what if that could all change by hiring remote freelancers?

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a life where you check in on your business each morning to make sure everything is set up for the day ahead and then sip margaritas and mojitos while your business runs seamlessly. Right now that may seem pretty far fetched, but the truth of the matter is that your business will likely be more profitable (and certainly less stressful) if you take a step back and turn over most of the day-to-day work to highly set up online freelancers. In fact, hiring remote freelancers can reduce your workload from 100 hours per week to only 5 hours per week.

If that sounds enticing, I’ll show you exactly how it breaks down and who to hire to make it happen.


Sourcing products likely is costing you at least ten hours per week, and it is a crucial part of your eCommerce business. In fact, it could be the key to your success. If you can find suppliers to sell you products at 10-20% less than your competition, imagine the extra margin you will have. With the extra money, you will have the freedom to reduce prices or invest in marketing or expanding your business.

But finding those suppliers takes time and energy. After all, there are hundreds of manufacturers to sort through and contact. This can easily be the most time consuming part of your business and keep you from living the lifestyle you likely imagined when you first started your business.

The great news is that there are experts out there who source products for a living. They are going to know the ins and outs of finding and tracking down new manufacturers as well as negotiating and securing deals. By hiring remote freelancers for this task, you will not only save yourself 10 hours per week, but you may just end up with cheaper inventory as well.

Listing Products

Your product listings are what convinces your potential customers to buy from you instead of your competition. Writing and maintaining these listings is an art, and it is likely taking you at least 10 hours per week to keep up. Your product listings must be compelling, persuasive and professional in order to help you stand out in the busy online world.

If this is a task you are performing on your own, you may not have the time or energy to invest to do it properly. Setting it up is only the first piece of the puzzle. Product listings should be reviewed, tested and tweaked over time to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. You need to consistently check your competition as well as the latest trends in order to keep your eCommerce shop performing optimally.

Hiring remote freelancers to complete your product listings can drastically change the success of your online store. The worker you hire will be able to put in the necessary work to make sure your listings are the best of the best.

Updating Inventory

You can’t sell products without inventory. And too much inventory can cost you big time. Juggling inventory in your eCommerce store is likely taking you at least 10 hours per week right now, and you may not be doing it as effectively as you could be. Inventory management is a balancing act, and this task is one best left to a professional.

Hiring remote freelancers to manage your inventory will free up your time to focus on strategy and growth of your business (or another margarita by the pool). But hiring remote freelancers for this task will also likely pay for itself. Your investment in a remote worker will probably be covered by the money you will save having a professional maintaining your inventory. Leave this one to the pros.

Fulfilling Orders

If you are spending 15 hours on order fulfillment, you are probably doing good. It can easily take more time than that if you aren’t highly skilled and efficient. The bottom line is that if you order fulfillment doesn’t go smoothly, you are going to spend a lot more time dealing with unhappy customers.

By hiring remote freelancers to take care of order fulfillment, you can save yourself a lot of heartache (and money) down the road. Keep your customers happy and outsource this task to a dedicated remote worker. You’ll be happy you did.

Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy is likely taking up 20 or more hours a week right now, isn’t it? Sometimes, it can even be full time work in itself. From answering questions and nurturing prospective buyers to professionally handling unhappy customers, customer service is a time consuming (yet critical) part of your eCommerce business. And it can distract you from other important tasks that keep your business running smoothly … which leads to more unhappy customers. This can actually become a vicious cycle if it gets out of control.

Without customer service in place, you could end up losing out on a lot of money. Not only will you be dealing with negative reviews and refunds, but you will lose out on a lot of potential new customers. Not good! Hiring remote freelancers to professionally manage your customer service could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Website Design

Does your website look as great as your competition? I’m willing to bet that you are spending around 10 hours a week tweaking and updating your website, and it still isn’t performing at its best. Website design is a specialized task, and your competition is probably outsourcing the design to a professional.

There are statistics to prove that today’s average buyer has a short attention span and short fuse when it comes to how easy things are online. If your website is overly complicated, visually unappealing or takes too much time to complete a purchase, you will lose customers. They will simply move on to someone else’s website where they can easily click one pretty button and be done.

Hiring remote freelancers to build and maintain your website will save you loads of time and frustration (unless you are set up in website design yourself), and you will end up with a website that is user friendly and pretty.

SEO for Products

You probably already know how important SEO is for your eCommerce store, and you likely are spending about 10 hours a week on it. While it is great that you appreciate the importance, you should consider hiring remote freelancers for this task who specialize in SEO. 

Unless you have the time and energy to learn all about Google (and keep up with all of the changes), learn how to create sitemaps, optimize content and images and more, your website simply isn’t going to pop up high in search results. And we all know what that means, right? Less traffic to your site means less customers which means less money. Your bottom line is going to suffer.

As a business owner, you just do not have the time to become an SEO expert. Hiring remote freelancers to keep your site and product listings optimized is a wise decision.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has changed the way businesses do business. You can now get your products in front of your ideal clients in ways that you never dreamed of before. If you aren’t utilizing Facebook advertising, you are definitely missing out on business.

But it isn’t intuitive, and it takes up a lot of time. If you are using Facebook ads, you are probably spending at least 15 hours a week trying to figure it all out. And by the time you start to get the hang of it all, Facebook changes the algorithms.

Hiring remote freelancers to manage your Facebook ads can drive a ton of business to your store. You have to know what you are doing to be effective with ads, and this task is best left to an expert.

Hiring Remote Freelancers Can Save you 95 Hours each Week

If you add up all of the hours I’ve outlined above, that means you are working 100+ hours per week. Not exactly the dream life, is it? The worst part is that you are likely feeling burnt out, exhausted and are starting to question if it is really worth it at all. It is impossible to be a jack of all trades and perform at your best online. This is why hiring remote freelancers is such a smart business decision.

Imagine a life where you spend an hour a day managing freelancers, and you start to make even more money! When you hire experts, not only does it free up your time but the work is likely being performed in a more effective manner. These freelancers are specialized, and they know what they are doing.

If hiring a whole bunch of freelancers sounds overwhelming, start small. Hire one remote worker and test the waters. I’m willing to bet that once you see the return on your investment (both financially and mentally), you will start to hire more. After all, do you want to work 100 hours a week or 5 hours a week?


writer Melissa Ricker


Melissa Ricker is a nuclear engineer and a professional freelance writer specializing in career growth, technical writing and online entrepreneurship. She writes a blog, Engineered Motherhood, for working mothers who need help balancing career growth and time management. 



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