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Are you getting the most out of remote workers? Honestly, it is a lot to think about if you don’t have a plan set in place so you can assign responsibility for online workers to follow your goals. If you’re just now hopping on board and haven’t seen tips 14, take some time to get caught up right now or bookmark them to read later, they are very helpful!

For now, you are setting up workers and you want to make the most out of them. Here’s some great tips on how you should set goals and assign responsibility within the online work force.

Explain Your Vision and Set Goals

When you onboard a new worker they need to be able to see what you see for your company. This is very important to accomplish because when you sit down with them personally and give them your backstory and why you’re doing something you become more personal with a worker.

Explaining your mission is also a great way to personalize it for them. The overall goal should always be in a remote worker’s mind while they are completing their daily tasks for you. You should at least be holding weekly meetings with workers to discuss where you are at with your company, what is being done to get there, so that they understand what needs to happen when you assign responsibility for their part in it all.

Amos 3:3 says, How can any two walk together unless they agree? This is so true of your business. When everyone walks the same line and has the same goals it is easier to produce success.

This is a great way to introduce personal goals within your business as well. Allow a worker to create daily and weekly goals they should work towards accomplishing. Give ideas for what your vision for the week is and create a reward system to begin promoting good goal setting within your company. When someone hits the goal reward them with an Amazon gift card or something fun.

The main goal for you is to get remote workers thinking about what they are going to accomplish in line with your goals. This phase also prepares them to be more receptive when you assign responsibility. When you do this successfully, you will begin to understand how your company will move forward faster when everyone is pushing in the same direction.

Assign Responsibility Accordingly

I understand you may need remote workers to push out productivity immediately. You can’t wait to start seeing results, and one of the mistakes most owners make is to hire anyone right out of the gate so they can start seeing those results.

However, this can lead to slow outcomes within your company. As you know, if you don’t hire the correct person to do the right job, it takes longer to onboard them and show them what they should be doing than it does to understand who you need before you need them.

As a productive owner, you should know each individual worker’s strengths and weaknesses. Without knowing this, you will meet frequent disappointment when you try to assign responsibility and workers are not responsive. Maybe you already have workers set in place? If that’s true, look into each worker’s attributes and compare this to the workload you need done in your business. Once you know who is good at what, you can easily assign responsibility that is suited to each worker. They will all be more productive as a result.

When you begin to assign responsibility to each worker, you need to know what each person can bring to the table. You can’t be an owner who sits back and allows this part to work itself out. You have to be actively involved in deciding which assignment gets delegated to what worker.

For example, you don’t want an Amazon listings expert writing deep content for your website or CSS coding for WordPress. Learn which person is the best worker for that particular job and allow them to take control. Once the responsibility is given, you can back off and allow them to work their magic.

A great leader is always on the front lines of battle telling the troops where they need them. A remote worker is a soldier. They have specific qualities which make them the top person in the army. Use this to your advantage when you assign responsibility.

Over To You

If you have a business that requires remote workers to be part of your company it is important to remember these two important aspects. Even though setting goals and assigning responsibility isn’t something deemed glamorous and romantic, it is the guts of your business which determines how well workers are driven to succeed.

Do you have a business who hires remote workers? What are some tips you can give the rest of us which talks about setting goals and assigning responsibilities within your company? I’m sure there are strategies you are using that could help someone out. Leave your tips in the comment section below!


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  1. Goals are most def an important point, and thanks for laying it out there about encouraging workers to be responsible for their jobs even if they are part-timers

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