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You should definitely hire a freelancer for your Amazon business.

There’s a right time to outsource eCommerce operations, and you may or may not be there yet. But hiring a freelancer is one of the smartest moves you can make for your Amazon business. Whether you are already feeling the crunch or you’re just getting off the ground with your Amazon business, start thinking about hiring freelancers. These are the best choices to help you take your Amazon business to where you want it to go, and to help you enjoy the journey.

Why hire freelancers for your Amazon business?

Getting help running your Amazon business is a smart move all in itself. Hiring freelancers for your Amazon business is even smarter, for several reasons which we will discuss below.

1.  Access

Possibly the best reason to hire freelancers is the access that it affords. You get to hire from anywhere in the world. You get access to the largest talent pool available for your Amazon business. Location barriers have been overcome by the World Wide Web. You can gather the specific people that you need, regardless of where they live, and have them all working for your Amazon business. No other business apart from large corporations and conglomerates can have this type of access to talent. You can then also take advantage of the value that the different cultures and points of view will bring to your Amazon business.

This level of access also ties into the next reason, savings. The ability to hire from outside your local community can mean paying lower rates because of the different economies. You are still paying well and getting the level of skill that you need without causing your Amazon business to suffer. The result is that the freelancers, you, and the business all get what they need to be happy. Everyone wins.

2.  Savings

There’s so much involved in running an Amazon business – finding products and suppliers, listing and SEO, inventory and orders, marketing and analytics, store upgrades and customer service. If your Amazon business is small, just the thought of hiring someone to take care of each of these things would be overwhelming. With freelancers, it doesn’t have to be.

You save a lot with freelancers mainly because you get to hire only when you need help. Hiring can be a huge commitment, and one that you are not ready to make. It means taking responsibility for another person in terms of their living. But that’s hiring in the traditional sense. With freelancers, you can get the help that you need for your Amazon business without making that huge commitment. You can hire them for as few or as many hours as you need, and with no strings attached, too. There’s no need to worry about insurance or taxes or any of that stuff connected with traditional employment. You only pay for the work that is done, and you stop paying when there’s no more work to do.

3.  Coverage

With freelancers, you get to hire people in different time zones without worrying about paying overtime or night differential. They can work while you sleep, and get everything cleared out for you by the time you start your day. They can also work alongside you if that’s what you need or is best for your business.

An Amazon business runs 24/7, especially if you have a presence on international marketplaces. Hiring freelancers who can take care of everything at whatever times it is needed is a huge advantage. And if you’re just considering entering Europe or Asia at this time, getting the hang of hiring freelancers as early as now is a good idea. You can perfect the process of organizing freelancers in different areas so that you enter the new marketplace all set to make a big, positive splash.

4.  Skill

Get what you need, where you need it. Career freelancers are specialists within their areas, just like any other type of worker. You don’t have to worry about them being of a lower caliber than someone who does the 9-5. In fact, freelancers are more likely to be better at what they do than people who are attached to companies. They have honed their skillsets, and continue to do so on a regular basis. Because of this, they have the confidence to offer their services solo. They don’t need the security of being connected with a company that offers them a guaranteed monthly amount plus benefits. They don’t need to hold on to the assurance that they either remain there or get a nice severance package.

Many people who are the most confident in their skills and have the track record to ride on prefer freelancing these days. Therefore, not only can you access talent, but you can access coveted talent. Some of the best minds in Amazon business operations have made the move over to offering their services on a freelance basis. You can tap into that.

Hiring for Your Amazon Business

Hiring people to help you with your Amazon business will become a necessity at some point if you want to grow. It is also essential if you desire to enjoy the freedom that running a business can give you.


This is what it all boils down to. Any business needs substantial time input to become stable and profitable. Hiring freelancers for your Amazon business is the most flexible option available to you that will give you the time that you need to succeed.

You can choose to do everything yourself. This way, you don’t have to worry about things being done just the way you like it. But you will burn out sooner or later, and at that point you can’t guarantee that you won’t make costly mistakes. Running your Amazon business alone also means that you reap all of the benefits and don’t have to share anything. But how much can you realistically generate all by yourself? And at what cost to the other aspects of your life? Are you completely fulfilled with just your business? What about work-life balance and time for others?

Free Time.

Hiring is quite inevitable. It might seem like an inescapable misfortune. More money out and how long before it comes back in? Hiring freelancers is a healthy, modest investment that will bring in substantial gain, even in the short term. Hiring freelancers for your Amazon business will allow you to take the small steps to reach your goals faster. It might sound like a contradiction, but taking steps, however small, is forward movement. The right time to do it all in one fell swoop may never come. Freelancers give you the opportunity for consistent progress.

Start small with what you can afford to outsource, focusing on what brings the greatest value to your Amazon business. Think deeply about what it will mean for you and your business to pass that off to a freelancer. What can you do for a few hours a week instead of this one task that is worth more than the few dollars you will pay to get that task off your plate? You may be able to do it all, and you may be perfectly fine doing it all. The point is, you don’t have to. The point is, you can be doing something better. You can be growing your business so you can enjoy bigger benefits. You can focus on other things so you can reap more rewards.

If you are looking for more advice on hiring for your Amazon business, reach out to Nate. He has years of experience hiring remote workers, many of them for his own multi-million dollar Amazon business.


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4 thoughts on “Does Your Amazon Business Need Freelance Help?

  1. The pressure is intense for companies like Amazon businesses. Getting freelance help in running your business is a smart move.

  2. Having your own Amazon business can get rough. I wouldn’t mind hiring freelancers as long it adds value to my business. It may be more money out, but sooner or later, more money in too! Win-win situation.

    1. For sure, Owen – it just depends on how you go about the process, focusing on hiring people with the right skills who best fit into your company culture.

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