How FreeeUp Can Help You Hire Online Workers to Run Your Business


Let’s set the scene.

The Life of the Online Business Owner Before They Hire Freelancers Online

You’re the owner of an online business selling tee shirts through and your own Shopify store. You built your business from the ground up, but have yet to hire freelancers online who can help you take the company to the next level. You are happy with where your revenues are and you’ve reached a point where you’ve created all of the critical systems and processes to run all of the operations of the business.

You’ve created a process for designing new tee shirts and submitting them to your manufacturer. You’ve created a process to easily manage the inventory between your Shopify store and your Amazon store. You’ve create a process to list the products on both of your online stores and your products are very well received by your customers. And, of course, you’ve created standard canned emails to use when communicating with customers via email. This includes tracking information, returns, refunds, cancellations, and all of the situations you may run into as an online business owner seller tee shirts.

Some would say that you’ve made it. You set out to build a business that earns enough revenue so that you could quit your day job and you’ve reached that point.

But, what about your time? Doesn’t all of these processes take time to operate each day, 7 days a week? Have you noticed your free time decrease as your business has continued to grow? Have you noticed the number of repetitive tasks on your desk increase over the past year since you started?

This is an extremely common point that many online business owners run into after they have reached a critical point of proof of concept with their online business idea. They reach this point where their business is fully running, but they are trapped in a position where they have less free time than they did when they started and they are performing repetitive tasks on a daily basis instead of continuing to grow the business.

I’m all too familiar with this because it was a position that my business partner and I found ourselves in when we first started our eCommerce business back in 2010. We quickly scaled, built systems, created processes, and divided up the work only to find ourselves in a place where we were working around the clock making it extremely hard for us to even take 1 day off without there being an issue we had to adhere to.

How FreeeUp Can Help You Hire Freelancers Online to Run Your Business

So, how do you get out of this hole and reach a point where your business is running itself and you have ample time to spend with your family, go on vacations, and focus on projects that are going to further increase your top and bottom line?

The answer: HIRE ONLINE WORKES to do it all for you.

What’s your first thought? Does it seem overwhelming? Have you tried it in the past and had a bad experience? Are you worried that it will actually end up costing you more money in the long run?

Those are all extremely valid questions to be asking and they were questions that I was worried about before starting to hire freelancers online to run my online businesses. What I can tell you is that it is 100% possible and anyone can do it as long as you take it one step at a time.

Hiring freelancers online can seem like a big task when you imagine the time that must go into identifying the roles, creating job postings, recruiting applicants, interviewing possible candidates, hiring the right person, and then onboarding them on the specific task within your business. I don’t disagree with you there and I encourage you not to go that route. was created to solve this problem that we’ve been talking about throughout this article. Let’s recall…you are an online business owner and you have reached a point where all of your time is spent on the repetitive tasks. You don’t have time for your family and friends and you don’t have time to work on growth projects for your business. removes the burden of hiring by removing the need to create job postings, recruit applicants, interview possible candidates, hire the right person, and onboard them on the specific task.


When you join FreeeUp as a client, you gain immediate access to hundreds of freelancers who are already pre-vetted and tested on 15 pages of communication guidelines that we have been using for the past 5 years while hiring and managing freelancers. FreeeUp handles all of the work up front to find the best freelancers and connects you to them through their online platform.

Ready for the most amazing part? 

You can meet with one of FreeeUp’s founders, Nathan Hirsch, before hiring to receive 1 on 1 advice on how to start building a group of online freelancers. He will listen to the business model you are using, ask you about the tasks that are most daunting on your day to day list, and then suggest how you can start.

Once you know the freelancer that you want to hire, you simply log into your account, fill out the Freelancer Request form, click Submit, and wait to be introduced to the best fit for the project within their network. And remember, the freelancers on the FreeeUp platform have years of experience within their given skill sets so there is little to zero onboarding required. You need someone to answer customer service emails for your online store, FreeeUp has someone that has been doing it for 5+ years within your budget and that can be introduced to you within hours.

Quit Wasting Your Time and Build the Online Business Life You’re Dreaming Of

Become the hero of your own story!

If you relate to the story above, let us at FreeeUp be your guide to fulfilling the dream life that you want as the owner of your online business. We’ve helped hundreds achieve their goal of freeing up their time through hiring freelancers online and we want to see you succeed next.

To get started, click the Set Up a Meeting button on the top menu of the site to meet with our CEO, Nathan Hirsch, or head to the Home page of and click Become a Client to create your account.

You’re the one holding yourself back from the dream life that you want to live. Quit wasting time in the day to day tasks and start creating more time to enjoy your life and grow your business.


Connor Gillivan


Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of When he’s not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he’s mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.


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  1. I’ve been through a lot of phases, mostly wasting my time. Looking for the right person, someone you want to work with, takes so much time when there’s a lot of other options out there.

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