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In today’s competitive eCommerce marketplace, eCommerce store owners are constantly looking for new ways to drive revenues, increase profits, and tap into new techniques to grow their business. This means any advantage that can be found should be used to its full potential.


One of the key things that many eCommerce business owners are trying to decide is whether or not they should hire on additional help to grow their business. When you hire on additional help, you can spread some of your workload around. This means you no longer have to worry about spending time and effort on something that doesn’t pay dividends in the long run.

You could avoid having to do things like responding to emails, writing product descriptions on eCommerce products you are about to sell in your store, or responding to help requests about the products – instead, you can just delegate those tasks.


There are plenty of clear advantages and disadvantages to delegating some of the tasks in your eCommerce business to a freelancer. But once you’ve decided to do that, what type of freelancer should you hire? You might be asking yourself, does their background matter? It’s a reasonable question to be asking, and the answer is Yes – the background of the freelancer matters.

Every single freelancer comes from a different background. And those backgrounds influence how they approach problems, come up with new ideas, and communicate. Hiring a freelancer is an interactive process with the goal of growing your eCommerce business.

If you can find a freelancer that you can bounce ideas off of, approach problems in a new way, and communicate effectively – then the sky’s the limit for growing your eCommerce business.

Freelancers who have an experience in the healthcare industry meet all that criteria, and in this article we’ll touch on why you should consider seeking experienced freelancers who have a background working in the healthcare industry.

Why You Should Hire a Freelancer in the First Place

There are plenty of great reasons as to why you, as an eCommerce business owner, should hire a freelancer to grow your business. In this section, we’ll break down some of the key benefits of hiring a freelancer to help grow your eCommerce business.


One of the key takeaways for hiring a freelancer to grow your eCommerce business is that they are more affordable over a period of time. Labor costs can become quite burdensome when trying to grow a business, and the same theory applies to the eCommerce business.

You have to determine as an eCommerce business owner, whether or not you should hire an additional person – and if you do, how many hours you need them to work.

When you hire full-time, the labor costs can get quite expensive over time. Before you know it, you’re spending more on labor than you are on advertising or marketing – which can actually drive additional revenue to your eCommerce store.

In addition, if you are hiring regular workers, you have to spend more money on things like paid time-off and benefits. Once you enter in to this type of agreement, it can also be quite burdensome having them on full-time when things slow down.

Depending on the nature of your eCommerce store, it might not always be a good thing to be attached to someone who will leech potential marketing funds when you don’t need them actively working all the time.

This is why hiring a freelancer is more affordable in the long run. You can send them work when you need it done, and don’t have to worry about spending money when they aren’t working. This effectively removes all the risk of traditional hiring where you know that things might get tricky in the long run.


One unique quality about freelancers is that they can bring in a bunch of experience from different backgrounds and projects. They then take that experience and apply it to growing your eCommerce business. In the traditional working world, people tend to stick to one area in an industry, and few companies and roles. This limits their experience, and can also limit their flexibility.

For instance, traditional marketing professionals typically stick to seeking new opportunities in a marketing role. Unfortunately, this means that they don’t branch out and explore new avenues. Freelancers don’t have those limitations – and frequently branch out to try new industries, new technologies, and engage in learning new skills.

This means that freelancers become more well-rounded professionals, who can ultimately offer more skills to your eCommerce business in the long run. If they can offer you more skills to bring to the table for your eCommerce business, then they can ultimately provide more value for you.

When those freelancers provide more value for you, this means that you’ll ultimately get more out of your money within the time in which they work for you. That’s double the savings, and you can consider hiring more experienced people for different projects than you would be able to if you were hiring regular workers.

Why You Should Hire a Freelancer with Experience in the Healthcare Industry

Freelancers who have previously worked in the healthcare industry can bring both unique skills and experience directly from the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals who have decided to leave their hospital jobs, and branch out to freelance opportunities bring with them a new way to approach unique problems, and a work ethic to go above and beyond in everything they do. Both traits can be extremely useful to you in your eCommerce business.

The healthcare industry is notorious for expecting a lot of their employees. Healthcare professionals are asked to go above and beyond when dealing with patients to make sure that they provide the best care possible, and that attitude will carry over directly into your eCommerce business.

In addition, healthcare professionals can bring with them a bunch of unique skills they learned from the healthcare industry – such as problem solving. In the healthcare industry, professionals are asked to come up with new and innovative solutions to care for patients.

Where Healthcare Freelancers Shine in the eCommerce Industry

Like any other professional, there are some areas of the eCommerce industry where a healthcare freelancer might shine. If you are looking to hire a freelancer to take customer engagement, customer retention, or customer complaints off your plate, for example, then a freelancer with experience in the healthcare industry is perfect for you.

Helping Others

Healthcare freelancers have a track record of demonstrating a passion for helping others. This is because helping others is at the core of the healthcare industry. This means that they are perfect for roles in which they can provide customer service or help customers with problems they might be experiencing with your eCommerce business or eCommerce store.

Healthcare freelancers can help engage with some of those customers that have questions about some of the products you have, some of the services you offer for your eCommerce business and ensure that they are ultimately driven to order.

This is a tedious process that can really take away critical moments from your eCommerce business. You can easily pass these off to a healthcare freelancer. A simple question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you really want to spend hours responding to customer requests, or customer emails when you can be spending that same time investing it in other areas of your eCommerce business.

Hire an experienced healthcare freelancer who has demonstrated a passion for helping others.

Complex Problems

We’ve all been in the scenario where it feels like no matter how we try and look at a problem, we just can’t come up with a solution that will work. In some cases, even when we think we have come up with a viable solution, the solution might be too expensive or time-consuming for it to be a true option.

This is where a healthcare freelancer can come into play. Healthcare freelancers have a history of approaching problems from a unique perspective since they worked in the healthcare industry. They can approach problems from a unique perspective that you haven’t considered before, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Hire a healthcare freelancer who is great at solving some of those complex problems that you can’t quite solve on your own.

Now that we’ve covered two of the areas where healthcare freelancers shine in the eCommerce industry, we’re going to break down some of the key advantages that a healthcare freelancer can provide to you in your eCommerce business.

Advantages of Hiring a Healthcare Freelancer for Your eCommerce Business

There are plenty of fantastic reasons why you should consider hiring healthcare freelancers for your eCommerce business. Here are some other fantastic advantages that they can offer from the skills and experience they have gained by previously working in the healthcare industry:

Swift Delivery of Work

Freelancers who have healthcare experience are used to working on strict timelines. This means that you can rest assured knowing that they will work hard, and deliver work on time.

That isn’t always the case with freelancers who have experience in other industries – because they are more accustomed to flexible timelines or a casual work attitude.


In addition to working hard and being talented at problem solving, healthcare freelancers are also innovative. Frequently, healthcare freelancers would be asked to come up with new and innovative methods to make things easier on them. This means they can bring that same approach of efficiency to your eCommerce business.

Used to Unique Hours

Another benefit of hiring healthcare freelancers is that they are used to working odd hours. They have worked changing shifts, and a lot of those are at odd hours of the night. Most freelancers don’t work the standard 9-5 work week, but healthcare freelancers are usually even more flexible in terms of working hours. This means that if you need someone to work at really odd hours for their time zone, a healthcare freelancer is most likely to be ok with that.

If you need someone from a similar time zone who can operate or manage your business when you are asleep, then you should consider an experienced healthcare freelancer who is used to working those hours.

Less Overhead or Expense Spending

Another fantastic advantage of hiring an experienced healthcare freelancer is that you can expect lower overhead and expenses.

Healthcare freelancers are used to the phrase, “make it work”. They can help catapult your eCommerce business on a limited marketing budget or limited budget. This means that you can expect to grow your business quicker and more efficiently due to the fact that you’re hiring a freelancer who has experience operating under those same guidelines. That is a unique quality that you won’t be able to find in many other freelancers.


As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic benefits to hiring a healthcare freelancer to take your eCommerce business to the next level. Freelancers who have a background in the healthcare industry can bring a lot of unique skills and unique perspectives to challenging problems that might arise in your eCommerce business. Choosing to hire a healthcare freelancer will help guarantee that you take your average eCommerce store to the next level.



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