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If you are a small business owner who has been running your online business for a year or more by yourself, you may be reaching the point where you need help if your company is ever going to have the potential to grow. Hiring online workers may be just the solution you are seeking. Not only will it save you money, high-quality remote workers are easier than ever to find in today’s market.

How Hiring Online Workers will Help Grow your Company

1) Remote workers will free up your time.

If you have been juggling all the tasks of running your small business, you probably already know that you don’t have any extra time to focus on the growth of your company. Once your business has been established, hiring online workers to assist with the everyday tasks of running a business will free you up to work on more important work such as strategic marketing and high-level planning.

2) Hiring remote workers is more cost effective than in-house hiring.

If you hire a worker to work in-house, you will have additional ongoing expenses such as office space, computer equipment, and potentially various benefit and healthcare packages.

However, hiring online workers is fast and affordable. There are several online hiring platforms that have already prescreened workers and can help you find the best remote worker in a matter of minutes. You will be able to review candidates’ profiles and in many cases talk to them before making a decision. There won’t be any ongoing health care or insurance costs associated with these online workers.

3) It is a scalable approach that will grow with your business.

By hiring online workers, you will never outgrow your office space as your business grows. By hiring remotely, you can grow your company as the need arises without the need to find new office spaces and move every year or two. The reverse applies as well. If your company hits a slump, you won’t have the overhead costs associated with in-house workers. The remote group of workers you hire can grow or shrink as often as you need it to.

4) You get access to the best talent.

If you choose to hire an in-house worker, you will be limited to those workers who are looking for jobs in your local area. Hiring online workers gives you access to talent all around the world. Why be limited to people who live in your city when the top talent may be in another state or country? Without the hindrance of geographical location, you can gain access to the exact worker for your specific needs.

5) Your business can operate around the clock.

Are you ready to grow your company? Imagine if your customer service, troubleshooting, content creation or design work was operating around the clock. By hiring online workers in different timezones, your company can run twenty-four hours a day. You can assign work before you shut down for the day and have results in your inbox in the morning. The options are endless.

How to Hire the Best Freelancers

Hiring good help has traditionally been a big problem. Identifying and recruiting top talent is time-consuming and expensive. Time and money are two resources that small business owners just do not have. The good news is that finding the best freelancers to come on board is easier than ever.

Where to Find Them

There are many options to find remote workers. You can take out ads, browse Craigslist or go with a proven online hiring platform. Today’s savvy freelancers often seek out the top platforms to go through to find work so if you want access to top talent, that is likely the best option. Most platforms, such as Freeeup, make it a smooth process from start to finish.

Speak with the Freelancer

Most online hiring platforms offer a free chat with the worker you have chosen or has been chosen for you. Use this to your advantage by screening the applicant. Make sure their personality and style jive with yours and that of your company.

Try Them Out

One of the many beauties of hiring online workers is that you aren’t committed to the worker. If it turns out you don’t like their work, you can quickly find a new worker. The best way to find the right person is to give them a trial run. Offer a small assignment to ensure the worker can meet your deadlines and quality requirements.


Hiring online workers isn’t an experiment anymore. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for small businesses around the globe. The sooner you start hiring online workers, the sooner you will be able to focus on the vision of your company while leaving the daily tasks up to new workers.

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Melissa Ricker is a nuclear engineer and a professional freelance writer specializing in career growth, technical writing and online entrepreneurship. She writes a blog, Engineered Motherhood, for working mothers who need help balancing career growth and time management. 


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