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Google likes quality content. Your page ranking improves with relevant content. Quality content drives more traffic to your website and converts leads into customers…you get more sales…your business grows. Then there’s the PPC ads, Facebook and other Social Media ads, brochures, newsletters, email campaigns…the list goes on and on…Don’t forget to optimize your website pages…How will you have time for anything else if you need to create all the marketing and sales content to grow your business? Hire a copywriter.

Why Hire A Copywriter?

Why should you hire a copywriter if you have already hired workers you can assign marketing and advertising content to?

The simple answer is that you need a qualified person for this task. You don’t send the accountant or tea lady to promote and sell products to customers. You send the sales force. If you want a cup of tea, you’re not going to ask the copy guy to make it. You are going to ask the tea lady because she knows exactly how you like your tea. You want to enjoy your cup of tea. Anybody can add a teabag to water, but it takes skill and experience to make the perfect cup of tea.

Anybody can write words. But it takes a professional copywriter to write copy that converts, that drives people to take a specific action.

If you want sales to be the result of your copy, you need a copywriter. Just like you send the sales force to customers, the copywriter is the sales force who writes the copy. Even the sales force needs a sale sheet and brochures to convert customers…Guess who writes the sales sheet and brochures…the copywriter.

The difference between advertising and ads written by a copywriter is the result. An ad can advertise your product or service. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do? Sure, but how much sales do you get from this great ad that tells the world about your product or service? Then there is the ad written by a copywriter. This ad prompts the reader to take an action, to buy your product, to make an appointment, to subscribe to the newsletter…. This ad does more than creating awareness of your product or service; this and increases conversions and sales.

Why Hire A Freelance Copywriter?

I already have a copywriter that works for me. Why should I hire a freelance copywriter?

A business with a marketing and advertising strategy knows the value of good copy. That is why you have a copywriter working for you. You also know that the content your business needs is ongoing, and a lot of content is required. Especially when launching new campaigns, strategies or products and services.

Hire a freelance copywriter during the busy seasons. The freelancer can assist when the workload becomes overwhelming. When the project is completed, you can end the contract. Then you can rehire when necessary.

Professional freelance copywriters often specialize in a specific niche in an industry. This means that you can hire a freelance copywriter who knows your industry. They also have ample experience in writing copy that the industry uses. You don’t have to spend time and money to make freelancers experts; they are already experts.

When you find such a copywriter, you can keep them permanently busy with writing copy for your business. Experience in your industry place them in a consulting position, too. They will be able to advise you and suggest marketing strategies and new content that will enhance your business because they know what works and what doesn’t.

Your Business Website Ranking

Do you want your business website to rank high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Then you need quality content on your website. Your website pages must be search engine optimized.

A website copywriter can review your current website content. They will present you with a report explaining the strengths of your website and where improvement is required. The report also contains suggestions and action steps needed to optimize your website content for page ranking.

SEO copywriters write content that is optimized for search engines. They understand how the algorithms work. When you need a new website, or you want to revamp your current website, the website copywriter will be able to assist you.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms are very humanlike. Quality and relevant content have become essential for page ranking. Other important factors are backlinks and shareable content. A content marketing copywriter knows how to write content that readers want to read and share. They can also increase your brand reputation by writing guest posts to be published on authoritative sites.

Website content should draw the potential customer to your website. It takes less than a second for a visitor to click away from your website to your competitors. Therefore, it is vital to draw and keep a visitor’s attention. A copywriter researches your target market and knows how to address their needs and issues.

You may have the best products or services but if it isn’t presented in the right way to the potential customer, you won’t make sales.

Building Customer Relationships

You want recurring buyers. Customers who come back again and again.

Blog posts show new customers that you are the expert. At the same time, you are providing valuable information to the reader. When they are ready to buy, your brand will come to mind. But what about the customers who have already bought? How do you build a relationship with them to increase sales?

Newsletters and e-letters are great follow-up tools the copywriter can assist you with. A monthly newsletter or daily and weekly emails are tasks a copywriter can do for you. With great editorial content, customers who bought a product will become recurring customers. They will be loyal to your brand because you’ve built a relationship with them. They will trust you to buy more expensive products from you and to refer your business to family and friends.

Are you ready to hire a copywriter? Below are 5 questions to ask during the interview.

5 Interview Questions When Hiring A Copywriter

These questions will help you hire the right freelance copywriter for your business.

  1. How do you optimize content for search engines? Give me one way how you write SEO copy.

To enhance your online presence your content must be search engine optimized. This question will give you information about the copywriter’s SEO skills, which are vital for your website and online content.

  1. Do you have links to website pages you’ve written? Can you review my website to optimize it?

It is good practice to ask for samples of the copywriter’s work. This gives you an indication of whether their writing style is what you are looking for. If they can provide links or samples that are like your project, that is great. However, it is not always possible. Some clients don’t give permission for their content to be used in a portfolio. Don’t disregard the copywriter. Take this as a sign that they respect their non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Look instead at other samples they provide. If you like their style, then test them by hiring for a small assignment first.

  1. Do you work within deadlines? What about tight deadlines?

Marketing and advertising projects have deadlines that need to be kept. If one person is late, it affects the whole project. This question will indicate if the copywriter sticks to deadlines and if they can work under pressure. You want to know if you can rely on them when an urgent task crops up.

  1. Do you follow instructions, or do you deviate when you have a better idea?

Copy never stands alone. It fits into the overall marketing strategy. Copy is also brand oriented and must align with the business’ brand and style. You know what you want the copywriter to do. Therefore, it is important that they follow your instructions to accomplish that. It is also important that they come with suggestions that can improve the content. However, make sure that the copywriter does not change your instructions as they want to without your consent.

  1. Tell me about the type of content you write.

You may need the copywriter to write a landing page for you today. They’ve given you samples proving that they can. But what else can they do? You need blog posts, product reviews, online ads, and a white paper. By asking them about the type of content they write, you’ll know what future projects you can hire them for.

Bonus Question: Are you locally based or international?

Depending on your product and service it is sometimes important to have a local copywriter. Most of the time, however, the freelance copywriter can write great copy for you from anywhere in the world. Before you decide to stick to the local copywriters, ask for samples. You’ll be surprised at the quality you may find internationally. AWAI (American Writers’ & Artist Inc), the world leader in teaching copywriting, verify the copywriters they teach, nationally and internationally. Why don’t you ask the copywriter if they are AWAI verified?

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Retha Groenewald is a web copywriter and published author. Her versatile background gives her the freedom to write for the B2B and B2C market. Her writing is featured at Christian Web Copywriter and at Writing That Breathes Life.



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