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Are you starting, or have you already started an eCommerce business?

If you’re thinking about expanding your knowledge into an eCommerce business you have a lot of work ahead of you in order to excel to the heights your business needs to achieve. Congratulations, you have just stepped into unfamiliar waters. However, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience.

Most eCommerce business startups are flawed and fail within a couple of months because they do not realize the steps required to create a company which drives success internally with workers and externally within their audience. Here are some tips you should always remember when beginning this experience with your eCommerce business.

#1 – Create Your eCommerce Business

For starters you need to have a business name. Something niched down which will specifically target the people you want purchasing product from you. After this, you need to secure a domain name and build a website around what your eCommerce business will be selling.

It’s important to remember your business needs the right tools in order to create a brand name in which people will know, like, and trust over time. The right tools consist of choosing a product niche in which you will sell. Make sure your eCommerce business is constructed around this principle because you will be selling to a pinpointed audience.

Also remember to start thinking about your customer service policies and how you will fulfill the needs which must be met within your company. It’s important to make sure everyone stays happy with your business.

This first step is important because it’s the launching pad from which your company will blast off. You really don’t get a second chance to make a first impression with potential clients if you launch first and then decide you don’t like the name of your business three months down the road. Secure everything and make sure the internal parts of your eCommerce business are to your liking before you branch out into the www.

#2 – Create Your Business Strategy

How will your business make money? What kind of products will it sell?

Let’s talk about fulfillment strategy to begin – you need to decide how you’re going to get your products to your customers. Here are some examples:

(a) – Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the way a lot of new business go. However, you must decide if you would enjoy selling other people’s products. This is the system where you sell a company’s goods on your own site and receive a commission for doing so. It’s very lucrative and you don’t have to handle any of the shipping to the customer. You don’t have to worry about storing products either. All the while it makes it easier on your business because you can work from anywhere in the world selling other people’s products.

(b) – Make Your Own Product

There are many benefits to creating your own product. You could even set up a drop shipping option within your company, like other brands have done, and allow other people to drop ship your product.

When you sell your own product, you’re not sharing in any of the profits. However, there’s more work to be done on this angle of the business and it could mean a large up front investment and also mean your business wouldn’t be able to scale up as quickly as you had hoped.

(c) – Use a 3rd Party Fulfillment

Most people use Amazon as a third party fulfillment practice for their business because it’s fairly easy to set up and get going.

In the end you have to determine the best fulfillment strategy for your business and how it will serve your customers and yourself. It is here where you will determine which platform you will sell your product on and how you will get it to your customers. Some businesses have had great success using all three of these options, and you have to determine what’s best for you.

#3 – Launch Your Online Store

Whether you have decided to drop ship, sell your own products, or even create a WooCommerce store for yourself, sooner or later you have to launch. So many people are afraid to launch. What if they haven’t completed something correctly? Let’s talk about it so you can be sure everything is in order.

Before Launch or Pre Launch

As you go through the steps to create your online store, you should also be thinking about the day you go live to the world. In between setup and processes, you need to create a viable option to make sure your launch doesn’t fall flat on it’s face when the time comes.

Here’s where most people fail.

However, you can avoid failure if you start an email list at the beginning. This goes hand in hand with communicating with your target market on social media as well. Have a Facebook page built and start engaging with your audience before launch. Get them talking about the product or store you’re fixing to show them.

While doing this, you share your email opt in. Maybe it’s on your Facebook page, or perhaps you have a landing page setup for this very thing. Either way, make sure you’re getting these same excited people opting in to your email list weeks and weeks before your store goes live.

Before the launch you should continually send them emails which are valuable and will help them. This is the best way to keep them engaged, reminding them of the upcoming launch date. Perhaps you could even put one of those countdown clocks in the email to visually show them. It spices things up.

These tactics are called the ‘pre-launch’ and Jeff Walker, author of Launch, an expert on launching a product, relies on this heavily within any type of launch in your business.

The Launch

What you do before the launch determines how your launch actually goes. Unless you’re Richard Branson, you’re going to have to work to get your presence known and your store busting out sales daily.

If you’ve setup your eCommerce business correctly internally, mapped out the perfect internal business strategy, and created engagement with your pre launch, you will have a noticeable impact.

Additional Resources

For an even more in depth look at starting your own online store, head over to our friends at X-Cart to see their article on How to Start an Online Store that Actually Grows. It’s packed with information on choosing your niche, registering the right domain, designing your online store, adding products, starting marketing, and much more.


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