Interview with Jay Lagarde- How eComEngine Helps Build Better Amazon Businesses


We have had the privilege this week of speaking with eComEngine Founder and President Jay Lagarde to get his insights on the applications of certain technologies to Amazon eCommerce. Below is the summary of our conversation about his background and role at eComEngine, how their tech solutions provide valuable support to Amazon businesses, and what makes the company thrive.

Please tell us about your background and current position.

I have a background in using technology, especially internet technology, to automate major processes. Before starting eComEngine, I worked on creating a new online framework for automating the administrative rulemaking process in Virginia, where we won a lot of national and international recognition for our work. For the last ten years, I’ve been working as the founder and president at eComEngine.   I still get to solve technical problems, but now, in addition, a lot of my work involves helping grow eComEngine so it can effectively meet the growing needs of our customers.

How did you get into the industry? What interests you most about it?

When I started eComEngine, I wanted to help empower retail entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses using the powerful leverage that technology can provide. In the last 10 years since eComEngine was started, the internet has continued to offer incredible opportunities for individuals and smaller organizations to bring value to a larger market. I love being part of this process.

Tell us about eComEngine. Who does it help most?

We are a SaaS (software as a service) company, providing tools for online retailers. Our objective is to provide the absolute best-in-class tools to empower Amazon sellers. We were able to introduce the first automated feedback management tool, FeedbackFive, which has the highest volume in the industry and supports some of the largest Amazon sellers worldwide. At the same time, we are also proud to be able to support new sellers who may just be starting out with a few orders each month.

What makes your company different from your competition?

First, I’d like to think we are company of integrity. A few years ago when we surveyed our staff about our core company values, integrity was far and away the number one survey response we received. For us, integrity means we communicate honestly and always seek to treat our customers fairly, and we do the same with our employees.

Second, we are very focused on our customers. We are constantly listening to and really trying to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs. We have great customer service. And as you would expect from a feedback company, we are really into listening to feedback and continuously improving our operations.

Last, we are very passionate about delivering great tools that our customers can truly use to grow their businesses. We don’t take quality for granted, and we don’t put our customers’ businesses at risk with questionable software or practices.

Where do you see the Amazon eCommerce industry going in the next 3 years? What will change?

Who knows for sure?! We will certainly see a lot of changes. Amazon is growing fast internationally. They are looking to grow in new markets, and will continue to seek out new international sellers to sell both into their local markets as well as into more established Amazon markets (such the the US and EU). You’re also going to see changes as Amazon continues to learn from Google, and from their own emerging status as a search engine. More people now start their product searches on Amazon than on Google – a big change from just a few years ago. Amazon advertising and organic SEO will become increasingly important for sellers and the brands they represent.

What advice do you have for business owners in the Amazon eCommerce industry?

There continue to be great opportunities for Amazon sellers, whether they own brands, represent brands, buy wholesale or operate under any number of other viable business models on Amazon. The key is not to get complacent. One of the original domains contemplated by Amazon was (try it, it takes you right to Amazon). Amazon plans to continue to optimize its marketplace (relentlessly), and that means sellers need to continue to be ready to take advantage of those changes when they occur.

Is there anything else that you want to share with our community?

Yes, thank you for the opportunity to share some of our background!  If any of your members are not using a feedback tool currently, or would like to try FeedbackFive, we’d like to offer a 30 day free trial, available by using the code: FB5-FREEE

Also, if some of your members are FBA sellers looking to optimize their supplier restocking and overall FBA profitability, I’d encourage them to check out RestockPro with coupon code RSP-FREEE for a no-risk 30 day trial.     

Facing the Amazon Jungle

Truly, you never know what will come up next in the world of Amazon eCommerce! But knowing that there are tools such as eComEngine provides is a great comfort to all of us who are striving every day to bring our businesses to the highest level of success.

FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan, serial eCommerce entrepreneur and expert in online hiring, eCommerce, and bootstrapping businesses.Connor Gillivan is a serial eCommerce entrepreneur and an expert in online hiring, eCommerce, and bootstrapping businesses. With his first eCommerce business, he sold over $20 million worth of product and built a group of over 60 workers. He is now the co-founder Chief Marketing Officer of FreeeUp, the hands-on hiring marketplace connecting hundreds of online business owners with reliable, pre-vetted remote workers. He is an avid writer on his own site,, and his business advice can be found in top publications such as He currently lives in Orlando, Florida.


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