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Creating an Amazon Product Listing

When you have a promising business like an Amazon store, you want everything to be perfect.  So much so that you’d want to do everything yourself.

You take photos of your products, manage your website and social media, and even create your own Amazon product listing.  These tasks may not be as complicated as you think, but they are undoubtedly time-consuming especially Amazon product listing.

Searching for products alone already eats up so much time.  If you add filling out product descriptions to the mix, and the fact that it’s not your expertise, you’ll be spending 30 minutes to an hour at best.

That’s just for one product.  What if you had to create tens, if not hundreds of them?

That’s just too much time to waste for someone who’s supposed to be running a business don’t you think?

Why Outsource?

The above approach is definitely not going to work.  There are other areas of the business that need your attention and you can’t provide that with a tight schedule spent mostly on product listing.

There’s no doubt that you need help.  You need an extra hand to take care of your product sourcing and writing product descriptions among others.  You need someone who has the expertise and experience to create listings that actually sells and attracts attention.

The good news is that there are freelancers who specialize in this skill, and below is a guide you can follow to effectively outsource this very important task to an eCommerce freelancer.

1. Outline Your Current Process

Before you start looking for the right candidate, you have to make sure that whoever you hire has everything they need to create Amazon product listing that sells.  Though you’ll probably be hiring someone who already has the right experience, you’ll need them to integrate your process into their daily workflow.

A good first step would be to create an outline of your current process.  Will you be providing the product photos and product descriptions?  Where can the freelancer access this information?  Which folder do they get the photos from?

These things must be clearly defined before you give the reigns to the product lister you hire so there will be fewer mistakes and everything will run like clockwork.

The person you hire may know product listing to the letter but in the end, they will need to conform to the process you’re already running if you’re looking to build a long working relationship.

2. Create a Description of the Ideal Freelancer

The next step is to define the ideal freelancer in your terms. This step is critical because you want to be precise when it comes to the qualities they should possess.  Be as detailed and specific as you can.

  • How good are they in writing engaging, SEO-rich product descriptions?
  • Do they possess a good eye in selecting appropriate images for the listings they create?
  • Do they have the ability to classify products correctly by placing them in the right category?
  • How well-versed are they when it comes to inventory management?
  • Are they capable of bulk product uploading?

Just like any other type of freelancer, the attitude and communication skills you are looking for should be pretty much the same.  You need someone who is diligent, professional, and with whom you can easily communicate.

These are some of the questions you need to consider in finding the right candidate.  You can add more to this list depending on your need.  Once you’ve established what you’re looking for, you should be ready to start hiring the right candidate.

3. Request a Worker Through the FreeeUp Platform

With the skillset of the product listing expert already defined, the next step is to request for one.

Do remember that you must become a FreeeUp client to access the pre-vetted Amazon product listing experts in the marketplace, so make sure to sign up before anything else.

Once this is done, all you need to do is submit a worker request for Amazon product listing experts along with details about your preferences like working times, budget, and length of the project.

Your request will then be offered to a pool of Amazon product listing specialists.

4. Get Introduced, Interview, and Make Sure it’s a Good Fit

You’ll receive an email introduction to the product listing experts they have in the pool to kick things off.  The product listing expert (or experts) will formally introduce themselves by replying to that email with information about their skills and experiences.

You will also be given a link to their respective Calendly schedulers or an overview of their available time slots so you can agree on a schedule for when you will have your 15-minute interview.

If you think the worker you were provided fits perfectly with your requirements (which is an Amazon product listing specialist in this case), you can then hire them through the system and begin working with them immediately.  Should they not meet your expectations, however, you can always request for others that match your criteria.

That’s how quick everything is with FreeeUp.  If everything fits, you can have the product listing expert working for you within 24 hours after submitting a worker request.

5. Set Clear Expectations and Get Started

Before you get started, make sure to set all expectations clearly.  Lay everything out on the table so there’ll be no room for misunderstanding between you and the product lister you just hired.

Creating an Amazon listing involves a number of steps.  From searching a product to sell to setting SKU’s, an Amazon product listing expert will definitely have his or her hands full.

How many product listings are they required to complete in a day?

Do they have to create and send you a separate spreadsheet when they finish work?

Are they also in charge of editing the image or are they just expected to add them to their product lists?

When looking for products to sell, are they expected to determine the category or will this be predetermined by you?

Again, the more specific you can get, the better.  There should be proper distribution and ownership of tasks so the product lister knows which tasks they are responsible for and how you are expecting them to perform.

Once everything’s clear, they should now be ready to start creating product listings for you.

6. Manage on a daily and weekly basis

With the process outline and the guidance you provide, the product lister should be able to carry on from that point forward.  They can’t do it alone though.

Your job now is to check their performance through the listings they create.  Are the product descriptions attractive enough to customers?  How many product listings can they complete in a day?  Are the products under the right categories?

By managing them regularly, you will able to help them improve the quality and quantity of the listings they create, making them more productive and efficient in the process.

This also a good way of determining if your current product listing process is working or if it needs to be tweaked based on the product lister’s capabilities and pace.


Creating each Amazon product listing takes a lot of time.  As a business owner, having to do it yourself will be nothing but counter-productive. There are other areas of your business that require your attention, so outsourcing your product listing task will prove to be a good decision. Just make sure to provide everything the product lister needs before you hand the keys to the kingdom.

With everything in place, the product lister should be able to create all the product listings you require correctly and with minimal guidance, helping you generate more sales in the process.

If you’re still doing each Amazon product listing as we speak, you need to quit stressing yourself out.  Go over the steps we provided above.  Pull out your pen and paper and start creating an outline for your current process as well as a list of all the skill sets and qualities you’re looking for in a product listing specialist.

Submit a worker request to FreeeUp as soon as you can so they can introduce you to their talented Amazon product listing specialists and have them start working for you in no time. It’s an investment of great value that you will appreciate in the long run.


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Noel Rosos is a personal development writer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of Life’s How You Live It, a personal development blog dedicated to helping people live the life they’ve always dreamed of.  He is also a writer/contributor for Arianna Huffington’s wellness site, Thrive Global.  He is an affiliate marketer, a full-time husband and father, and a self-proclaimed FAILUROLOGIST.


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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Outsource Amazon Product Listing to an eCommerce Freelancer

  1. Nice process! I think the first step is the most important – know what you want before you try and get someone else to do it!

  2. Really helpful tips about hiring eCommerce freelancers. They are of great help in creating listings that actually sell and attract more customers.

  3. I think finding a good fit sets the tone for everything that follows. No amount of feedback or management can compare to hiring the right person in the first place.

  4. Hi Noel!
    As a settled online-seller I know what importance product listing plays in the success of any e-commerce business. Many people just end up doing this most important work by themselves & then getting no lead for those products as they ignore other essential tasks like product description & title, Keyword usage & proper image uploading etc.
    So thank you for sharing this post with us.

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