outsource audio editing


Whether you run a podcast or need simple audio narration for social media videos; outsourcing audio editing can be a great way to free up your business to do list. But what if you have a limited budget to spend on editing your audio files? Hiring a Virtual Assistant who specializes in audio work can be a quick and efficient way to get the work done without spending a fortune.

If you’re ready to outsource this work to a Virtual Assistant here are a few key things to consider as you move through the process.

How to Outsource Audio Editing

1.  Create the scope of the audio editing project you need to outsource

Before you start the search for an amazing assistant to take on your project you need sit down and figure out exactly what you need done. Set aside a few hours to really think about what you need done and what you are willing to hand over to someone else. Ideally a project scope should include:

  • A list of project deliverables. This is a list of each of the final products or pieces that an editor will deliver at the end of the project.
  • Inclusions & exclusions. By specifically listing what will and will not be included, you can be clear with the editor and avoid additions and changes that will affect your deadlines or budget.
  • Resources available to the editor. Laying out the resources available to the editor will make it easy for the project to proceed without major hiccups.
  • Project constraints. If there are budgetary or time constraints on your project, the editor will need to know about them and understand how they will affect the project.
  • A rough calendar of the work to be done. This will include project milestones, deadlines, dates for check in calls, etc.

2.  Know who you want to hire

Now that you have a detailed scope of the project it is time to brainstorm who the perfect person for it is. Key pieces to consider before hiring include:

  • Budget. This is pretty self explanatory but if you are working with a very small or specific budget you’ll need to make sure you stay within those parameters. Be sure to also set a minimum and maximum amount that you are comfortable spending to easily sift through potential candidates.
  • Availability. You will also need to consider the availability and timing you’d like from the person you work with. Do they need to be in a specific time zone? How fast is the project turn around? Be sure to have these details worked out before proceeding to hire.
  • Experience. Once you have your ideal budget and availability set you’ll need to decide how much experience the ideal assistant should have, what specific software or platforms they should be familiar with and more. It is worth noting and keeping in mind that the more experience an assistant has in their area of expertise the higher the hourly rate.

3.  Find and hire from a site like FreeeUp

Hooray! You’ve finally made it to the fun part — hiring an assistant on FreeeUp. If you haven’t used a marketplace like FreeeUp before, here is a quick rundown of how to get started:

  • Create a free account to join the FreeeUp community and gain immediate access to hundreds of pre-vetted freelancers.
  • Provide the budget and project details that you brainstormed above on a FreeeUp freelancer request form. Then wait to be introduced to the freelancers that match your needs within 1 business day.
  • Set up a 15-20 minute interview with the first freelancer you’re introduced to. Ask detailed questions to make sure you find the right fit. If you’re not satisfied, request to meet other options.
  • Once you are ready to hire one, click the “Hire” to begin the project.

It truly is as easy as that!

 Be clear with your expectations & communication

Now that you’ve found the perfect audio editor for your project you need to start off your working relationship by clearly defining your expectations for the work to be done. If there is particular style or platform for communication that you prefer from the editor (emails, tests, calls, Skype conversations, Slack channels, What’s App, Line, etc.) make that choice abundantly clear. The editor isn’t a mind reader and will need to know how to best get in touch with you. In the same vein, if you expect to have weekly or monthly reports, weekly calls, etc you will need to make sure that is scheduled with the new assistant.

Hopefully this article has helped you have a clearer understanding of how you can easily outsource your audio editing needs. Remember to first brainstorm your project objectives, needs, & budget before moving to the hiring stage.

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