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Why outsource Facebook Ads to expert freelancers?

It’s fair to say that among all social media channels, Facebook is still considered the gold standard. With most of the world’s population using Facebook every day, it would be a total waste not to take advantage of its wide reach.  One of the ways to do this is by choosing to outsource Facebook Ads to remote experts.

Business owners recognize the potential of having a Facebook presence. The good news is, the platform has more to offer than simply allowing you to be seen by friends, family, and fans. It can introduce you to more people. Not just any other people, either, but people who comprise a custom-made audience who are and ready to buy your stuff.

All of this is made possible through Facebook Ads.

With that being said, it’s not surprising for businesses to want to invest in Facebook Ads. It’s not every day that you get a tool that lets you reach more targeted people for a very low price.  Finding the right audience and feeding them with the appropriate ad is never easy, though. It requires unique skills to create attention-grabbing graphics, provocative copy, and sound strategy.

If you want to get the most out of it, opting to outsource Facebook Ads to a couple of freelancers would be a good decision.

Below is a simple guide you can follow to who you need and what they can do for you:

1.  Campaign Manager

outsource Facebook ads

If you want to get ahead in the Facebook Ads game, it would make sense to outsource Facebook Ads to expert freelancers, don’t you think? Who better to give you those much-needed insights than someone who eats Facebook Ads for breakfast?

A Facebook Ads expert can easily help you draw up a strategy based on your existing audience and what makes them tick. This person can do all the research on your potential buyers. They can help you find out where they live, what websites they visit, or what apps they usually use.

The skills of a Facebook Ads expert go beyond knowing your audience, though. What these individuals bring to the table are their knowledge and experience in creating, testing, and running campaigns. They also give your brand someone who understands how to generate leads via Facebook Ads and how to track and interpret results for future use.

Will the graphics you use, combined with the copy you attached produce the results you’re expecting? Where should your ads appear to maximize engagement? Which locations should your ads be targeting? What age range and gender should you be feeding your ads to more?

These are just some of the important questions that will get answers if you decide to outsource Facebook ads to experienced remote freelancers.

Value for clicks

outsource facebook ads

How do all these skills and competencies benefit you, anyway?

For one, it saves you a lot of money because as most of us know, each click comes at a price. If your ad gets clicked on by someone who falls outside of your target audience, that click automatically goes to waste. On the other hand, if the ad gets clicked by someone who is part of your target audience, that’s a win because chances are, this person will likely buy from you.

A Facebook ad expert ensures that each click doesn’t go to waste in two ways. One, by identifying the right audience and two, by crafting an ad that your target audience will likely click on.


Depending on your budget, the price of outsourcing Facebook ads varies depending on location and skills.

For remote Facebook Ads experts located outside of the United States, you can hire someone for as low as $10 per hour. For experts within the US, prices range from $25 per hour to something as high as $250 per hour.

2.  Ad Copywriter

outsource Facebook ads

An excellent copy is one of the most important components of a Facebook Ad, which makes choosing to outsource Facebook Ads even more important. Most business owners are not expert copywriters and only see Ads as a play on words. There’s more to ad copy than an invitation to click, however.

Ad copy should possess the following to be considered effective:

  • simple
  • capable of holding the reader’s attention
  • suggestive
  • educational
  • factual

As you can see, it takes above-average skills to create concise ad copy that achieves all of the desired results with all of the ingredients mentioned above. If you want to ensure effective ad copy is used in all of your campaigns, it would be smart to hire a copywriter who has experience with Facebook Ads copywriter.

Expert copywriters do more than just come up with ideas and write them down. Excellent copywriters understand sales psychology, which means they know how your target customers think. This presents a huge advantage because it allows them to write copy that makes sense to the audience.

By getting into the customers’ minds, copywriters can craft ad copy that will likely convert, or at the very least, encourage engagement.


As above, pricing for ad copywriters varies. You can expect prices to be a little bit higher if you hire someone from the United States where rates range between $50 and $250 per ad. Freelancers outside of the US are relatively more affordable and usually charge between $10 and $50.

As with anything that relates to hiring freelancers, going for the lowest price doesn’t guarantee top quality. Though going expensive doesn’t, either, the chances of getting someone good is higher considering the skills and experience they bring to the table. For best results, using a well-planned hiring process would be ideal. Then you can overcome any fears you have of hiring remote freelancers.

3. Graphic Designer

outsource Facebook ads

While social media has millions of audiences to offer businesses, there’s no denying that the competition has become tougher than it was before. With more businesses competing for the audience’s attention, getting noticed has never been this crucial. The option to outsource Facebook Ads has, therefore, become even more important.

The visual elements that you use in your ads need to be of the highest quality possible. Just because you used a colorful, high-quality photo and you attached a well-written copy to it, it doesn’t mean that it will automatically rope people in. Much like the copywriter, you would ideally hire a graphic designer who understands sales psychology.

Will people pay attention at once to what the ad design shows? Does the design communicate the brand? Does the design drive conversions? Are important elements like calls to action highly visible?

These are things that average graphic designers would not know. It takes a deeper knowledge of selling and understanding what goes on in the mind of a buyer to recognize the answers to these questions — and how to create visuals that work.

It goes without saying that when hiring for this position, you need to look beyond Canva or Photoshop skills. Don’t get me wrong, technical skills are essential when we’re talking about graphic design. In the case of Facebook Ads, knowledge is power. You must hire a graphic designer, however, who has both these technical skills and sales talent.


outsource facebook ads

The cost of hiring freelance graphic designers also depends on several variables. As you may expect, location, as always, plays a huge role in determining how much you should expect to pay. Freelancers hailing from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada will cost you more than remote freelancers from the other side of the world.

Location isn’t the only determinant, though. The graphic designer’s level of experience, as well as the scope of the project each, have weight when it comes to pricing.

With that being said, you can usually hire freelancers from the West at around $25 to $35 with experts coming in between $35 to $75 per hour. Hiring freelancers from the Philippines, India, and other developing countries, meanwhile, will cost you around $9 to $15 per hour for basic work, $15 to $25 per hour for mid-level experience, and $30 to $50 per hour for experts.

The Next Steps

Now that you are aware of your options and have a much clearer view of the bigger picture, all that’s left is to get the ball rolling. Just like any other huge endeavor, however, knowing how and where to start can be such a struggle.

Here’s some guidance on how you can properly outsource Facebooks Ads to experts.

1.  Plan your budget

outsource Facebook ads

The first thing you need to do before you start outsourcing Facebook Ads to freelancers mentioned is to plan your budget. Since freelancers usually work on a per-hour basis, determining the number of hours you’re willing to pay for makes perfect sense.

Look at your brand’s current social media standing. How many followers do you currently have? Is your current customer engagement enough? How many sales/conversions are you getting from social media?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine how often you’ll need to run campaigns. The less following and engagement you have, the more often you need to run ads. By knowing these metrics, you’ll also get a better idea of how much you’ll need to spend, and ultimately, for outsourcing Facebook Ads to the freelancers mentioned.

2.  Know who you’re looking for

outsource facebook ads

While it is ideal for you to get the best of the best, you need to be realistic, especially when it comes to how far your budget can take you. Skills and experience are, of course, already a given. What you need to decide on now is what kind of freelancer will suit your needs.

Will a mid-level freelancer from outside of the United States be the right fit? Are you willing to make a compromise in terms of availability, especially for non-US freelancers who work in a different timezone? Is communication going to be an issue?

With all the cards laid out in front of you, deciding on the kind of freelancer you’re willing to hire based on your budget should make things easier.

3.  Sign up for a FreeeUp account

Once you have established avatars for the freelancers you’ll need, the next step is to sign up and become a FreeeUp client. Becoming a client gives you access to the entire FreeeUp community as well as the thousands of pre-vetted freelancers in the marketplace. Signing up wouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes and is free.

4.  Request the freelancer you’re looking for

Once you’ve signed up for a FreeeUp account, you’re ready to begin hiring! The first step is to send FreeeUp details about the freelancers you’re looking for as well as your budget. Just provide all the information FreeeUp needs and you’ll be introduced to someone who matches your requirements within the next 24 hours.

Since FreeeUp gives you access to pre-vetted freelancers, you don’t need to assess their skills and experience anymore.  FreeeUp has already done that for you.

5.  Hire the best freelancer

outsource Facebook ads

FreeeUp recommends having a 15 to 20-minute conversation with the freelancer you’ll be sent just to see if you are a match. You can formally hire them via your FreeeUp account if you think they’re a fit. You can also request for additional options if you feel that the freelancer you were sent doesn’t fit your style.

6.  Properly onboard the freelancers you hired

Contrary to what others believe, the hiring process doesn’t end after clicking on the “Hire” button. There’s still more that needs to be done, particularly on your part.

As a business owner, the success of hiring a freelancer doesn’t depend on the freelancer alone. A huge part of it relies on how well you set them up for success. It would be a huge mistake to assume that they already know what to do for your specific business because of their experience.

You have to take into account that every business has unique systems and processes. Getting them accustomed to the different tools and apps you use will help make the transition faster and easier.

This is also the perfect time to let them know about your expectations. Do they need to send you reports every week? Would you like them to work in the same timezone as yours? How often would you like to have a catch-up meeting with them?

Onboarding is essential if you want to foster a lasting and fruitful relationship with a freelancer. If you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to meet each of them, you can always have your onboarding process documented or recorded via video.

Final Thoughts

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Facebook Ads are without a doubt a powerful tool that business owners can rely upon. The platform is capable of increasing a business’ reach and engagement in the quickest time possible, especially when handled by experts. This fact alone should make deciding to outsource Facebooks ads a lot easier.

If you’re looking for immediate results without spending a lot, it would be wise to outsource Facebook Ads to freelancers.

If you’re ready to begin the hiring process, we suggest you take time to check where your brand stands. Write down all the necessary metrics that affect your business so you can gauge how many campaigns you’ll need to run to achieve your target goals. This will give you an idea of how many hours of work you’ll need from freelancers, helping you plan your budget accordingly.

Facebook campaign managers, copywriters, and graphic designers are worthy investments, especially when used the right way. Allow your business to grow faster by choosing to outsource Facebook Ads to these experienced freelancers.

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