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For most business owners, there’s more work to do than time to do it. As a result, many entrepreneurs feel like they’re falling behind on things like social media marketing. They feel it isn’t a core component of their business, so this vital marketing channel often gets pushed to the side.

The result?

Leaving an important business growth strategy on the shelf can cause stress, but forcing oneself to take it on can cause burnout. However, it’s not all gloom and doom, and there’s a solid solution to the never-ending to-do list:  outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a way to delegate the everyday tasks that help your company grow and thrive.

In today’s online culture, hiring freelance social media virtual assistants makes a lot of sense.

Social network content gives businesses a direct line to their customers and an opportunity to reach the masses like never before. There are literally billions of people worldwide using social media on a daily basis — its benefits as a marketing tool have proven indisputable. In order to reach a level of consistent, professional and up-to-date social networking, it takes time and effort. By maintaining a strong online presence, your followers stay engaged and curious for more.

If the biggest hurdle for your business is simply finding the time to post on social media, then outsourcing is a no-brainer.

To maximize social engagement and generate standout posts, here’s a guideline of how to outsource social media without compromising quality.

Lay out all the social media tasks you handle

Facebook page, Twitter posts, LinkedIn networking, Instagram uploads, etc.

Prior to interviewing freelancers for social media, it is recommended to make a list of all the tasks you handle on your social network pages. Which social media platforms do you regularly use? Which ones are of the utmost importance? What kind of posts do you write? What are your daily tasks on social media?

Making a list of each task you handle on your various social network platforms will outline a clear guideline of what you’ve posted in the past, and how your online presence can grow and evolve. An expert social media freelancer will know the online trends and help you build an effective strategy to grow and reach more followers.

Create a strategy for each aspect of social media

Social media requires effective and engaging storytelling. Followers are turned off by the non-stop sales pitch. Social network pages are based on building virtual communities that allow consumers to express their needs, wants and values. Through social media, businesses can keep in touch with customers and create an environment of followers and potential customers.

Social media experts know their audience and the demographics of each social network platform. According to Sprout Social, Facebook’s most popular demographics include women aged 18-29. On Instagram, mostly men in rural areas are engaging on a frequent basis. Meanwhile, LinkedIn boasts female followers who typically earn over $75,000 or more.

An expert social media freelancer will know your product and the audience in order to create an engaging and effective strategy for each of your social media platforms.

Know the content you want to produce each day

After creating quality products, finding the perfect freelancers and discovering the most effective social media strategies, it’s time to create exceptional content.

It is key for your business to post daily, engaging and eye-popping social media posts. Your online business must stand in order to promote your brand. When considering a freelancer, it’s important to communicate not only your business goals, but also the overall ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ of your brand. This way, you’ll know if the virtual assistant can effectively produce high-quality and engaging social media posts on a regular basis.

Hire a social media VA ($5 to $10/hour) 

Feeling ready to embrace the untapped power of social networking?

Finding the perfect social media virtual assistants is a breeze when using a professional marketplace like FreeeUp.com. FreeeUp gives you the opportunity to find freelancers, spend time on new projects and optimize your earnings.

“FreeeUp has been growing rapidly since its founding in 2015,” says FreeeUp CMO Connor Gillivan. “In its first 3 years, FreeeUp has signed up over 10,000 clients, has received over 100,000 freelance applicants, and seen a 5-fold increase in revenue in 2017 over 2016.”

With freelance social media experts and virtual assistants at your fingertips – available for hire from $7 to $50 per hour – outsourcing for your social media channels makes a lot of sense.

When using FreeeUp.com, your contract will protect both parties. The roles are clearly defined and you get experienced advice in key areas. Your time is valuable, and when you free up your days to re-focus on the mission of your business, the sky is the limit.

Send content topics to post via email

Communication is key when working with virtual assistant(s).

Nowadays, company culture is not limited by workspaces. When collaborating with freelancers, it is easy to maintain a close-knit work environment with instant messaging, regular check-ins via email and Skype video, and overall transparent communication.

It is key to send daily emails to virtual assistant(s) outlining the content to post. That way, you are all on the same page and collaborating about the goals of the business, current social media trends, updated information, and ongoing social media growth.


Hiring freelancers to work for your company is ideal in today’s online culture to help your business thrive.

Freelancers are highly skilled in their specific niches, and outsourcing for social media management will benefit your business. One person cannot do it all, and when you free up your time to work on the core goals of your company, success will be imminent.

To find the perfect social media VA for your needs, check out FreeeUp Socail Media!