If you’re running a business, you know how important it is to balance the small details while managing the big picture. Overseeing the entirety of your shipping transactions is tedious, and it’s easy to make it a low priority given all the other demands faced on a day-to-day basis.

Though you may have put your fair share into researching how to save most effectively on shipping, you may not be optimizing your overall spend to its fullest potential.

Why Monitor your eCommerce Shipments?

Monitoring your shipments is important to your bottom lineWhy? Both FedEx or UPS offer 100% money-back guarantees on service failures. This means that if your delivery is late, your business can claim refunds for the full cost of the shipment. Your business should be holding its shipping carrier accountable for delivering the service that you paid for.

On average, an e-commerce business spends a minimum of 10% of sales on shipping costs. As a business who may offer free or discounted shipping to sustain the expectations of your customer, every shipping dollar you get back from these refunds makes a difference.

If You Don’t Have Time, Outsource It

Here’s the catch… capitalizing on these potential savings does require time, money, and resources that not every business has to spare, especially within the 15-day window allotted to claim a refund. So, outsource it!

Shipping experts can help you monitor and identify the refunds that you are entitled to, on your behalf. The benefits of outsourcing are that you not only remain focused on your business by leveraging a third party, but also take advantage of their reporting tools, which provide insights into your shipping spend easily and quickly.

Take advantage of shipping refunds. Contract out to save time and money. See the impact on your bottom line.


This article was contributed by FreeeUp’s partner, 71lbs. 71lbs’ automation process coupled with its team help businesses optimize shipping spend by identifying and claiming their due refunds.


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  1. The key to any business is reducing mistakes. Mistakes will eat up a great deal of time. When you outsource you need to address the mistakes issues and cost.

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