I had the pleasure of speaking with Sara Nash, the President of AllGreen Funding over this past week to talk about how her company is making business financing simpler for business owners. We had an amazing conversation and I took the key questions and answers that stood out most to share with you.

Question: Please introduce yourself to everyone. What is your story and how have you reached where you are today? 

Answer: Hi! I’m Sara Nash, President of AllGreen Funding, a business growth solutions firm in Irvine, CA. I grew up on the East coast to a family of business owners. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with an International Business degree from Marist College, and upon graduation, accepted a management position with Bank of America in California.

During my tenure at the financial conglomerate, I learned the inner workings and intricacies of credit and corporate finance along with how difficult it was for small business to qualify for traditional bank financing.  This experience led me to develop this proprietary engine that explores all business funding alternatives within a matter of a few minutes. We then educate small businesses nationwide of all the funding programs available without any personal information needed for pre-qualification.

AllGreen offers it’s knowledge and lending network to help small business owners strategically develop and implement smart financing solutions that allow companies to build, grow, and achieve their goals.  We do anything and everything related to financing businesses, including even start-ups.

Question: So, I’d love to hear more about AllGreen. What makes AllGreen so unique to other business financing solutions? 

Answer: AllGreen makes business funding easy as A, B, C, offering a variety of alternative business loan and funding programs across the spectrum of financing options, so we are able to match businesses with the appropriate program for their needs.

We see a lot of business lenders who only offer a few programs (the ones that make them the highest commissions), so even if a particular loan isn’t right for that business owner it’s the only option they’re given. AllGreen, on the other hand, prides ourselves on serving the client rather than our own interests, and we have a proprietary online system that we have created to match our clients with the lowest cost of capital with the maximum financial leverage, based on the specific situation.

AllGreen also knows how important it is to educate and offer guidance every step of the way. We are advocates for our clients and experts in our field, so business owners can spend less time on obtaining funding and use their time and energy running their business and focusing on what they do best.

AllGreen also offers lending to pre-revenue start-ups and creates customer financing programs for any business that sells high ticket products and/or services. You can fund your business and fund your customers.

Question: That’s all extremely interesting. A lot of correlations to FreeeUp’s focus on the customer experience. What are the biggest challenges you have seen business owners encounter when seeking funding? 

Answer: Oftentimes, business owners just don’t know what financial leverage programs are available to them or even where to start. A lot of people will go to their local bank, apply for one of the limited options that institution offers, get strung along for months, only to end up getting declined and damaging their credit profile with multiple hard credit inquiries. After that type of experience, many business owners then assume they only qualify for a hard money loan and end up in a sub-prime program with an exorbitantly high rate.

Another really common challenge we see is that entrepreneurs will have a great idea and seek equity investors, only to be either shot down or under-valuated because they have no proof of concept, no revenue generation, none of their own skin in the game, and/or no legally compliant investment documents and financials. A good idea only goes so far; only about 1.5% of those seeking equity financing will ever actually receive any money from an investor.

Question: Okay, let’s dive into it. What types of funding do you offer to businesses? 


1. Business lending: AllGreen really offers everything when it comes to funding. AG has loans for pre-revenue start-ups all the way up to multi-million-dollar businesses; that includes credit lines, term loans, real estate financing, retirement asset rollovers, private bank SBA loans, equipment, asset-based loans, and many other programs that you may have never knew were available.

2. Customer Financing: AllGreen also has customer financing solutions, so businesses can get more “yes’s” from their prospects and close more business by easily overcoming the objection “I want to hire you but I can’t afford your services!”. Businesses that offer financing to their clients simply make more money.

3. Private Equity: AllGreen also has relationships with private equity and VC groups, for the circumstances that are right for that type of funding. We truly offer anything and everything when it comes to capital for businesses.

Question: Why should a business owner use AllGreen over other funding options and companies?  

Answer: AllGreen offers educational guidance first and foremost so the business owner can make informed financial decisions.  Our proprietary AllGreen Funding Machine quickly guides decision makers to the most viable programs to capitalize and grow their business.

Question: What advice do you have for small business owners as they are starting their company? 

Answer: To make it short and simple, surround yourself with qualified experts, don’t be anxious when making critical and costly decisions, be properly capitalized and offer financing solutions to your customers.

Question: For all of those who will be reading, what success stories have you seen as a result of working with AllGreen?

Answer: In 2015 we helped a national equipment parts company that was generating $1.1M in annual revenue.  AllGreen structured an aggregate total of $350k in revolving credit lines at less than 10% interest and in 2016 they did $3.8M in revenue.

Another success story was a food distribution start-up we obtained $185K in funding, allowing him to buy all the equipment he needed and pay his start-up costs

We align with creative marketing and advertising agencies to finance their clients.  For example, one web and app development alliance uses our AllGreen Funding Machine to finance their proposals in the range of $25k-$300k.  By using AllGreen they have increased closing ratios by nearly 30%.

Wrap Up

We love featuring industry experts to learn more about their story and how they’ve reached the level of success with their online business that all of us are looking for. If you have any online business that has raised financing in some shape or form, tell us in the comments. We want everyone to be educated on how you can fund your business as an entrepreneur.

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