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Ecommerce businesses using Shopify for websites and online sales may require the assistance of a marketing expert to help get the site set up, drive traffic, and optimize sales. Fortunately, if you require the services of a Shopify marketing expert, there are skilled freelancers with a wide variety of skills that can help you start, build, and grow your Shopify site. And now, more than ever, those experts are easy to find and hire online.

25 Tasks for Shopify Marketing Experts

When you’re building and optimizing a Shopify site or ecommerce store, there are a lot of experts you can bring in to help you optimize conversions, find new customers, and improve sales. Here are 25 specialities that Shopify marketing experts can bring into your business.

1. Design Your Business Logo

Every business needs to have its own unique logo or trademark that sets it apart from the rest. It’s the symbol by which the business can be easily identified. A Shopify design expert is creative and will assist you in developing your very own logo for your company that you can use on your website, as a letterhead on all your documents and emails, and even add to your original products.

2. Find Products for You to Sell

shopify marketing expert

If you would like to incorporate new products on your website, a Shopify expert can assist you by researching wholesalers and manufacturers to source products that fit in with your ecommerce business strategy. You can review who your target customers are with the expert, who can then conduct the product research and make connections with product distributors to find and source the perfect products.

3. Account and Website Setup

A Shopify expert can help set up your account and website for you so you don’t have to. Creating your website and all the required accounts that go along with it (i.e., Stripe, Amazon, Google Ads, etc.) can be time-consuming, but with a little direction, a Shopify expert can create your accounts and your site, populate your store’s products, and complete all the technical setup required for ecommerce stores.

4. Create Mock-ups

Shopify marketing experts

Web design experts can help you create mock-ups for your website with user interface (UI) kits provided by Shopify that include numerous creative elements that can be used on your site. These kits, in the hands of someone who knows how to use them, can help bring your website vision to life.

5. List Products

There is a lot more involved in listing products on a Shopify site than many consider, especially to optimize conversion rates and sales. This task will require importing and listing your products for sale and adding a brief description, prices, photos, and additional product information.

6. Take Photos for your Website and Marketing

Many Shopify store owners don’t think about all the photos that will be needed to set up their ecommerce shop. You will need photos of your products, and unique photos that stand out give your website and products an attractive appearance. Many ecommerce newbies underestimate the value of a high-quality product photo.

7. Create Content

Shopify marketing expert

Content marketing is imperative to your business success as you will require content for your website, blogs, social media, ads, and other marketing collateral. A good content writer can provide valuable articles that will help optimize your website to show higher in Google searches.

8. Email Responders and Mailing Lists

There are many uses for autoresponder emails in ecommerce. One example is after a customer sends an email they get a reply almost immediately saying something like, “Thanks for sending us your message, we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.” Other examples include order receipts, shipment tracking, product review requests, replenishment emails, and many more.

9. Build Backlinks

In general, the more high-quality backlinks you have from other websites to your site, the better your site will rank in google search engines. A Shopify SEO expert will know how to garner backlinks for your website.

10. Optimize Site Speed

Shopify marketing experts

Not just Shopify stores, but all websites and online stores, need to load fast—especially on mobile devices. A Shopify expert with marketing, development, and coding experience can review your site and make sure it’s optimized to load quickly on all devices and internet connections.

11. Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO and website optimization for search engines are very important to whether your website is found by potential customers. A Shopify SEO expert can use techniques and tools that will reveal keywords to optimize and opportunities to improve rankings and organic traffic.

12. Social Media Management

Another requirement for ecommerce success is to have a strong presence on social media platforms. With millions of individuals on social media every day, it is one of the most powerful earned and paid media categories available. A social media manager will not only post information to your social media accounts regularly but will also keep your profile information and reviews up to date. The social media posts can feature your products, ongoing sales, and what factors make your store unique.

13. Manage and Setup Inventory

shopify marketing experts

Experienced Shopify freelancers can help to get all your inventory uploaded and organized into your ecommerce store. And if your inventory system isn’t automated or integrated, they can also manage and add new inventory as it is delivered.

14. Create Subscription Emails and Build Mailing Lists

Most online businesses have—or should have—an email system that allows customers and leads to subscribe for promotions, new products, and other information. This requires keeping an updated mailing list of all subscribed leads and customers. Shopify email marketers can help build and manage your email list so you will always know how to contact the people who want to hear from your brand.

15. Reply to Reviews

Reviews have grown to be a very powerful indicator of social proof in the age of ecommerce. Most consumers today will base their buying decisions on what others have to say about products or services. Therefore, it is essential to have someone monitor and reply to reviews about your business—both those posted to your website as well as any posted on other sites like Facebook and Yelp. The only thing that can help fix a customer’s bad experience is good customer service.

16. Email Marketing


Email marketing is an affordable, effective method of promoting your products and services. There are Shopify email experts with the skills required to create email marketing campaigns to boost your profits and returns. The emails have to be well written, look good on desktop and mobile, grab the reader’s attention, and be distributed in a way that’s not spammy.

17. Google Analytics

Hiring a virtual assistant who knows the functions of Google Analytics can be a great addition to your business. Google Analytics provides data about visitors, traffic sources, and purchases that can be used to find patterns for when and why sales were up or down.

18. Website Design

You can hire a Shopify designer to make your store look streamlined, easy to use, and on brand. This expert can create color schemes, images, design elements, and bring them all together into a clean-looking website that will showcase your products and entice customers to buy.

19. Backup Website and Other Data

shopify marketing experts

Every business owner knows the importance of backing up data because anything can happen and you can’t afford to risk losing valuable information. But many business owners don’t know how to go about protecting and backing up their data. You can get help from a Shopify expert to back up your data so if anything happens, you can always restore it from your backup copies.

20. Create Advertising Campaigns

When your Shopify store is up and running, a Shopify expert can help with advertising and promoting your products and services. This freelancer can help ensure word gets out about your business and work toward optimizing sales and conversions.

21. Customer Service

As stated earlier, good customer services can mean the difference between running a profitable business and your store closing down. Nobody wants to have to deal with a rude or sarcastic customer service rep. Shopify customer service freelancers can be available around the clock to reply to customers’ questions and concerns. They will be able to process refunds, respond to customer inquiries, and much more.

22.Create Coupons, Sales, and Promotions

shopify marketing experts

Offering sales and coupons can help you attract more customers as people are always seeking to buy products at discount prices. You can hire a freelancer to create special promotions, sales, and valuable coupons to help promote your business and products and bring in new customers.

23. Track Shipments

Once your products are shipped to a customer, you will need to keep track of them and make sure deliveries are running smoothly and arriving on time. With a freelance VA, you won’t have to worry about these things as they can take on the responsibility of watching for issues and ensuring that products get delivered to the right place at the right time.

24. Create Video Ads

Video ads are growing as a great way to market your business and products. There are numerous Shopify experts capable of creating videos to promote whatever you are selling. And many of these experts also know how to distribute and place the finished video ads as well. 

25. Virtual Assistant for Additional Tasks

shopify marketing experts

A Shopify virtual assistant can perform other tasks that may be required in your business such as do research, assist other freelancers, and more. Having a VA helps free up your time as a business owner to focus on tasks only you can complete.

Where to Find and Hire Shopify Marketing Experts

Thanks to freelance marketplaces like Freeeup, Fiverr, and Upwork, setting up a Shopify shop can be a breeze. You can find and hire a Shopify expert to help get everything set up the right way.


hire freelancers online

FreeeUp is a freelance marketplace that connects freelancers, including Shopify experts, to clients worldwide. Many of the pre-vetted freelancers on FreeeUp have experience and specialize in ecommerce. 

FreeeUp offers a wide variety of skill sets and price ranges so you can get the help you need that fits right in your budget. And all freelancers are tested and vetted before they can join FreeeUp, so you can rest assured they’re capable of providing the services intended.

You can create your FreeeUp account here



Fiverr is a global marketplace online that offers services and tasks, starting at just $5 per project as its name suggests. This site is basically a place where freelancers and clients from all around the globe can connect to buy and sell services online.

Freelancers sign up for an account and create a profile where they state their skills and expertise and offer services to buyers. Services offered are known as gigs and although they start off at $5 for a basic gig, costs for services can range greatly based on what you need done and the experience level of the freelancer.


freelance marketplace comparison

At Upwork you will find a large range of top agencies and freelancers, from creative and development agencies to individual designers and creators, copywriters, marketing agencies, campaign managers, customer support reps, and more.

You begin by posting a job and then telling Upwork about the project you need help with and what specific skills you require.

Upwork will then analyze your needs and perform a search to highlight the best agencies and freelancers for the project based on their expertise and skills. Upwork will help you locate the talent that matches your preferences, and then send you a list of likely candidates. You can also search the site for specialized professionals or choose from submitted proposals.


There is a marketing expert for basically everything you could need done in your business. You can create, set up, and manage a Shopify site entirely with the help of remote freelance Shopify experts. Learn how to sell on Shopify using freelancers from FreeeUp. 

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