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Hiring social media freelancers becomes a good investment when you’re trying to boost your brand awareness online. For a business owner, it is important to have an online presence. However, simply being on social media is not enough. And you can’t spend your precious time doing it right. You have to focus on what you do best and let experienced professionals help you with the rest.

Building online presence means increasing customer engagement in order to drive traffic and boost leads and conversions. It takes a lot of skill, experience, and time. You can’t just create accounts or build pages and sit there waiting to attract likes and followers. Social media is competitive. You have to actually work hard for your brand to be noticed.

In this post, we will categorize the ways that social media freelancers can help you on the top 5 social media platforms online and how to manage your social media accounts in general.

How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

social media freelancers

Managing social media accounts involves a lot of time and money. You need to:

  • Design attractive graphics
  • Update your pages daily
  • Create ad campaigns
  • Engage with your customers

So let’s dive into the general responsibilities that social media freelancers need to be able to cover for you.

1. Set-up social media accounts.

In this digital age, social media has become a great influence in our lives. Everyone is on Facebook. People follow popular hashtags on Twitter. Influential names have dominated Instagram with interesting photos. Anyone can become an instant celebrity on YouTube.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — you name it, buyers have it. There are various social media platforms where you can promote your product and services. However, not every platform is suitable for your business. A part of building brand awareness online is knowing the best place to find and engage with your target market. This is the first thing that a social media expert will help you figure out.

2. Coming up with a social media strategy.

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Every photo, comment, video, and article you post on social media should serve a purpose. A social media strategy is significant when it comes to making sure that your goals are met. A social media expert is skilled enough to keep objectives feasible and come up with a concise plan for more effective execution.

3. Create and curate different types of social media content.

If there is one thing you need to do on social media, it’s writing and posting every day. It could be a photo, an article, a link to an article, trending news, or a video. Your content should vary to allow your audience to get a sense of who you are. This is to humanize your brand and get your audience to feel more and more connected to you.

4. Creating and managing a social media content calendar.

Quality and consistency is the key to success. If you slow to post updates, your audience will soon forget that your brand exists. However, if you are posting too often, they may dread seeing you on their timelines. The time and frequency of posting your content is a crucial part of your social media strategy that social media freelancers know how to determine. They also know to schedule and manage this with a content calendar.

5. Be knowledgeable of different social media tools.

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Scheduling posts to social media by hand is tedious work, especially if you need to do it every day. You want to be organized as much as possible. All social media freelancers understand the importance of social media tools like Hootsuite or Buffer when managing multiple social media accounts.


Facebook is probably the best platform on which to engage your customers. As of January 2018, Social Report cites an estimated 40 million small businesses who have active pages on Facebook. As it dominates the social media landscape, it becomes challenging for brands to stand out from the crowd.

Social media freelancers have the skills to leverage Facebook to strengthen brand awareness through the following:

6.  Update your Facebook page with photos, text, shares, and videos relevant to your business.

A Facebook administrator understands what kind of content will capture everyone’s attention. This includes writing powerful and sensational text to accompany each post. Their objective is not just to garner likes but to actually build a good number of followers. These are people who are willing to engage with your posts by liking, sharing, and commenting on them.

7.  Create campaigns to invite more likes and follows.

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The first question you would most certainly ask a social media expert is, “Can you get me plenty of likes and follows?” A true expert would be able to answer, “Yes,” and explain how they can do it. Setting up discount coupons or raffle entries for liking your page are some of the methods they might mention to grab customer attention.

8.  Engage in discussions with your followers and monitor customer issues.

Every Facebook business page has a rating and reviews feature to allow people to share their experience with you. Followers are also free to react to all status updates. This is a chance for you to connect with your customers by responding to their comments. A Facebook freelancer responds to both positive and negative reviews to lift your brand’s reputation.

9. Create Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook has a feature called Facebook Ads Manager where you create and manage your advertising campaigns. If you want to do several ads, you can set different objectives (e.g. brand awareness, reach, traffic, lead generation, conversions) depending on your desired outcome. Social media freelancers can set up your campaigns, do A/B testing, and monitor results.


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According to Social Media Today, Instagram was seen to have 10 times higher engagement than Facebook towards the end of 2017. Most online businesses mainly use the platform to generate leads and connect with them.

Social media freelancers can boost your Instagram marketing through:

10.  Uploading memorable photos

Instagram is the platform for beautiful and unique visual content. Your account manager is responsible for creating catchy content that people will love to share over and over again. Instagram also promotes brand awareness. The kind of content you share represents your brand’s personality.

11.  Growing your Instagram followers

It’s never good to use automated bots just to show you have a large following on social media. Instagram users are very active. They will engage with your posts if they are hooked on your brand. An Instagram expert analyzes the trends of similar accounts and follows their active followers. They understand how to make them feel special such as liking and commenting on their posts which results in them following you back.

12.  Using the right tools to allow people to find you

social media freelancers

#hashtags and location tags make it easier for businesses to reach their target market. Together with effective engagement, social media freelancers with Instagram expertise can collect lots of new leads for your brand.

13. Doing damage control.

The convenience of the internet has changed the shopping experience for buyers. They have become more entitled, demanding better products and service. It’s so easy to leave a negative review on social media, so you must be vigilant. One focus of social media freelancers is to track down these mentions and address them ASAP.


Twitter has been around since 2006. Despite the decline in growth of new users, Twitter still proves to have a loyal following of 330 million active users daily. It is considered an ideal place to directly engage with your audience and provide prompt customer service. (Ilfusion, 2018)

A Twitter expert can build your brand’s identity by:

14.  Tweeting regularly

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Tweeting every day is ideal to make sure that your followers remember your brand. It also gives you an opportunity for people to like and share your updates for more users to see. A Twitter freelancer is responsible for posting relevant and striking content.

15.  Engaging with users who share the same interests

The most influential people typically have the largest following. If your Twitter account is mentioned in these users’ accounts, it can boost brand awareness and increase followers. A Twitter expert will target favorite bloggers, leaders, and potential customers to try to build a connection.

16.  Following the latest trends and creating your own

Twitter promoted the #hashtag feature before Instagram did. It works the same way, especially in digital marketing. Apart from including a hashtag for popular topics in your tweets, your Twitter expert can also build your own hash and make it a trend.

17. Building your fan base.

Live conversations build a stronger fan base. With the right strategy, you can gain thousands to millions of followers. However, engaging in real-time interactions encourages your fans to be loyal to your brand and be active promoters. Take advantage of Twitter chats within your industry and participate without excessively promoting your business.


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One of the reasons businesses use YouTube to promote their brand is because, much like Facebook, it is free and has a large following. The ability of this platform to show high-quality videos entices customers to watch and follow YouTube channels.

YouTube social media freelancers can increase your brand’s customer engagement through:

18.  Posting attractive videos

Whether you are posting user guide vids, testimonials or featured videos, a YouTube expert can create, schedule and promote valuable content that users will love to watch and share on other social media sites. The authenticity of the videos your brand creates builds trust with your market.

19.  Leveraging YouTube as a search engine

The same as other social media platforms, YouTube uses tags and keywords. A YouTube freelancer who is knowledgeable in SEO can take your digital marketing to greater heights. This expert will take your videos to the top of the search pages to get more traffic.

20. Automate your channel management.

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There are many ways to manage a YouTube account. Being knowledgeable of innovative social media tools gives you an edge from your competitors. Ask an expert to pre-moderate your daily comments on your channel and moderate YouTube for any kind of mention about your brand.

21. Keep track of subscribers, potential customers, and leads.

Having a social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool will centralize all the information you gather about buyers. Social media freelancers normally use a social CRM like Zoho or Nimble to keep track of new subscribers and people who comment and/or mention you in posts.


Pinterest is a fun platform that allows people to create their dream lists. Through it, your business can promote how your products and services can help them achieve their goals.

A Pinterest social media freelancer can help you:

22. Customize your Pinterest profile.

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If you want to stand out, you should never settle for mediocre. Move beyond the standard look and take your brand up one notch by customizing your profile with board covers, board titles, and optimized board descriptions.

23.  Target the right audience

Pinterest’s audience is categorized by demographics and interests. A social media expert will be able to strategize based on the qualities of the customers you want to reach. This is will result in better leads and greater conversions.

24.  Rank your pins on search engines

Like Google and YouTube, Pinterest also makes use of keywords to rank your images on the platform. A Pinterest freelancer will optimize keywords in your image descriptions to extend your reach and improve customer engagement.

25.  Strategize your pins

Pinterest users are organized people. This is why they love lists. It is important that you have social media freelancers to manage your account because they understand this audience and how group boards work. As a part of your marketing tactic, they will usually schedule pins during Pinterest user peak times through third-party platforms such as Later and Tailwind.


Social media is not a fad – it’s here to stay. It’s up to businesses to take advantage of these free platforms to promote brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and convert leads to sales. 

There is definitely more to social media marketing than just posting random things at random times, however. Having social media freelancers to help you build and manage your accounts will prove to be a great asset to your business.

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