Do you recall the days where we would all sit around large round tables for business meetings? It seems so long ago. Today, thanks to technology and the countless number of apps that allow us to communicate in different ways, meeting face-to-face in a conference room is simply not the most efficient way to get work done. While working in an office setting surrounded by coworkers has some benefits, hiring remote freelancers can accelerate your business in ways that traditional office workers are unable to.

My own company has remote freelancers that work across the world from me. They are great assets to our company because they are passionate about their work, highly productive, and eager to grow with the business. The company would not be where it is today if it weren’t for these vital roles. Your business can also take advantage of the benefits of hiring remote freelancers , and here are ten reasons why you should.

1. You will have access to high-quality freelancers

Instead of having access to only the competent candidates in your city, imagine if you could access the best talent from across the world. When hiring remote freelancers , you will attract self-driven and talented people. The type of people that can deliver high-quality products is the type of people you want and need. Remote freelancers are often highly passionate about their work and strive to always deliver top notch products.

2. You will have a group with different perspectives

By hiring remote freelancers , you will bring together people with different backgrounds, cultures, and outlooks. Having people with different perspectives will come in quite handy when you have a unique problem to solve or if you need to reach out to a wider audience.

3. It is easier and faster to hire remotely

It only takes a few minutes to look up each candidate’s online profile and explore their achievements and education. Experienced remote freelancers will have an extensive portfolio and testimonials from previous clients. There are even services, such as FreeeUp, that pre-vet candidates for you so that when you need a remote freelancer, there is one available right away. You barely have to lift a finger to get a highly qualified freelancer working on your project right away.

4. You can have people working in different time zones

While having freelancers in different time zones can sometimes be a communication headache, the benefits are amazing when it comes to around the clock service. Right when one freelancer clocks out of work for the day, another one across the world is clocking in. Your business can literally operate twenty-four hours a day. Production never has to stop.

For example, the freelancers I’ve hired include engineers in both the United States and India. My US engineers set up the design and boundary conditions during the day so that my engineers in India can run analysis through the night. The lead engineer has the results he needs in his inbox the next morning. No down time required!

5. Remote freelancers are more productive

There are some people who work best at an office desk inside the cubicle of a tall building. There are some people who work best at their own kitchen table. The beauty of hiring remote freelancers is that it will not matter where they work. Why wouldn’t you want your people to work where they are most efficient and comfortable?

I know that when I am comfortable, my productivity skyrockets. That is why I do not set limits on my remote freelancers. They are free to work wherever and however they want as long as I get quality work from them. If they want to work on the couch, that is fine with me. If Starbucks is where they want to work, there is no sweat off of my back.

6. Freelancers are happier

Traffic and long commutes stress me out, and I imagine they stress out other people as well. By hiring remote freelancers, you are taking that stress away and essentially adding hours to their day which makes them very happy. A good manager or business owner wants happy people around. Happy people are more willing to go the extra mile when required. They are also more likely to stay with your company long term, therefore reducing expensive turnover costs.

7. Your company will save money!

Hiring remote freelancers is an economical choice. The average business can save over ten thousand dollars per hire per year with a telecommuter. The number of unscheduled absences and sick days will also greatly reduce. Why? Because sick freelancers can still work from home if they choose to without the risk of spreading illness or getting sicker.

8. Hiring freelancers will save money

The businesses aren’t the only ones that will have extra cash in their pockets. Remote freelancers will save money too. They will not have to commute to and from work or spend money on office attire.

9. Office space will be reduced (or eliminated)

Think about it. How much office space do you really need if the majority of people are working remotely and independently? Hiring remote freelancers allows your business to scale easily in the future. As your business grows and expands, you will not have to move office buildings every year which can be very expensive.

10. Your meetings will be more effective

There aren’t too many people who actually enjoy meetings. I can recall working for a manager in the past who just loved to meet about everything. By the time we were done meeting, there was no time left in the day to do work. Meetings can be a lot more efficient and effective with remote freelancers. With a few clicks, you can have ten people or more in a virtual teleconference that will last only 15-20 minutes instead of an hour or more that it would have lasted in person.

In Conclusion

Hiring remote freelancers is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it is growing in popularity by the day. Those remote freelancers might actually end up being the secret ingredient to your company’s success and the competitive edge in your market. Having freelancers around the world has helped grow my business, and it can do the same for yours. So what exactly are you waiting for?

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Melissa Ricker is a nuclear engineer and a professional freelance writer specializing in career growth, technical writing and online entrepreneurship. She writes a blog, Engineered Motherhood, for working mothers who need help balancing career growth and time management. 



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