Using social media sites like Twitter for business growth can be incredibly challenging. This is especially true if you have no prior preparation in the effectiveness of these platforms. In fact, many businesses still see Twitter as nothing more than a PR tool. But this is the digital age, after all, so the appropriate use of apps such as this is essential for many aspects of your business.

However, getting crucial social media instruction or providing it to people you’ve hired is time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, this setback can easily be avoided by hiring a virtual assistant to take over Twitter business tasks instead. VAs already have the skills and experience needed, and will cost you less than onboarding in-house. You can even find some who specialize in certain topics and business niches.

How can a VA help you with Twitter business tasks?

Today, we’re going to look into 4 ways that a virtual assistant can use Twitter to grow your business. We’ve highlighted the key things they’ll cover for you as they run Twitter business campaigns.

1.  Using Twitter for customer acquisition

use twitter for customer acquisition

It’s obvious that you’d want to use Twitter for business client acquisition. There wouldn’t be much point in setting up social media accounts otherwise. But what may not be that obvious to you is just how easy it can be to gain those new customers on the platform.

To give an example, let’s say you’re a marketer. A VA could simply search ‘I need a marketer’ on the site and engage with all the matching results that show up in the search. Similarly, they could search for specific hashtags like #NeedAMarketer. Unfortunately, following hashtags isn’t as simple as it is on Instagram, where the action is integrated into the app. But a VA can conduct constant manual searches or install third-party apps (like TweetDeck) to monitor the use of each relevant tag.

You could also use Twitter to attract clients by helping them with their service issues. Make sure the VA you’ve hired keeps an eye on interactions and offers to help any customers who are struggling. The customer will greatly appreciate your help, and it may convince them to hire you.

2.  Using Twitter for business market research

twitter for market research

Twitter seems to have been designed with businesses like yours in mind. In fact, it’s the optimal place for a virtual assistant to conduct market research. Consider the site as a user testing ground. You can find what your clients both love and hate about any new services or products you’ve got in the pipeline.

However, making a sale is one of the least interesting benefits of using Twitter for market research. Beyond the actual sales of your business, this is where you also learn to relate to your business. Anything they do, from the way they communicate to the emojis they use, can be studied to form better interactions between you both. Let’s face it, the companies that have better communication with their customers encourage more repeat sales.

If, for example, you take a look at the global clothing brand, Pretty Little Thing, you’ll see that they often call their customers ‘babe’ and respond to them with a lot of emojis and memes. As their target audience is young, fashion-forward girls, this social media language suits them perfectly. However, it’s highly unlikely this language would elicit the same positive response from a chartered accountancy firm. It’s important to speak the correct social media language for the customer base in question, to truly get your point across.

3.  Using Twitter for business customer service

twitter for business customer service

According to Hootsuite, Twitter currently has “145 million monetizable daily active users.” That’s a lot of potential reach for you. Though not all of your customers will follow you, many of them will still engage with you quite frequently. This is a great point of contact, making Twitter for business customer service a great alternative avenue. Customers will likely already be on Twitter, and will appreciate not having to navigate to your website.

There are three main reasons that consumers prefer using social media sites like Twitter to get help over a standard help desk:  cost, automation, and consistency. People are a lot less likely to contact you, even to complain, if it’s going to cost them. Shamefully, a lot of companies still have a phone line as their only form of communication, and customers have to fork over cash from their own pockets to use it. This does not make them happy.

Plus, even if they do decide to call, those same companies usually only operate during certain hours – business hours – not ideal for most shoppers. And on the off chance they do get a day off to call in, they’ll probably have to spend at least 20 minutes battling an automated machine. In reality, they’ll most likely not bother with this at all and just stop doing business with you.

People don’t use public forums to discuss their good experiences as much as they do to complain about a problem. They will also most likely contact you when they have an issue, not praise. A virtual assistant with the right experience and attitude will go above and beyond to ensure that they provide the highest level of customer service. When issues are solved quickly and efficiently, not only do you save face but strengthen brand loyalty, too. You’re more likely to gain a repeat customer when they have a good experience, and they might even leave you a nice review.

4.  Using Twitter to increase SEO ranking

increase SEO rankings

If you have a website, you want people to find it easily and visit it. Twitter is a great tool to increase your brand’s reach and drive traffic to your site. More traffic interested in what you’ve got to offer increases your SEO (which, in turn, increases your traffic even further.)

If you create informative, engaging content, it’s much more likely to be shared with other Twitter users. The more interaction your content gets, the higher it will rank on Google. So, use a VA to craft tweets with the aim of getting them to rank.

Also, the more frequently you produce engaging content, the more authoritative your profile will seem. Your profile will then more likely rank above even your own website when people search for you. Surprisingly, your website getting knocked down a rank is a good thing. This is because it’s been proven that around 85% of users prefer to view your social profiles before they view your website. Having a VA to consistently engage to achieve this saves you a lot of valuable time.

In conclusion…

We’ve given you a lot to consider when it comes to the importance of using Twitter for business growth. And this isn’t the end to what a virtual assistant can do for your business, either. In fact, there are at least 100 tasks a VA can do for you.

If this post convinced you to give virtual assistants a go, set up a meeting to learn more or sign up to get started hiring the VAs you need to rock Twitter business tasks.

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