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You’ve likely heard that video content is vital to a business’s online marketing strategy. But did you know that by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic (Source: Cisco)?

Here are some cool video marketing statistics:

Creating consistent, quality video content is incredibly time consuming and requires a well-laid-out strategy. Part of that strategy could include hiring a video editing virtual assistant to free up your time for other business management activities. They have the tools and talent you need to get things done fast and done well.

Here are 10 video editing tasks a virtual assistant can complete.

1. Edit Raw Footage for Quality and Color

Your online video content doesn’t need to look like a professional, expensive agency created it. However, it does need to meet certain quality standards that viewers expect. An experienced video editing virtual assistant can edit your existing footage so it meets those standards. You save time and avoid buying expensive video editing software.

2. Remove Bloopers

If your videos have embarrassing flubs or bloopers, your business looks less professional. Have a video editing VA remove these clips and add seamless transitions so it’s like those moments never even happened.

3. Insert Narration, Music, Dialogue, Etc.

Even though a lot of people watch videos without sound, a video’s voice over, music, and dialogue are still really important for the people who do turn on the volume. A video VA can add these elements and make sure they align properly with the visual content.

4. Add Subtitles

Typing up video subtitles requires five to ten times the video length to transcribe. So a five-minute video could take 25 to 50 minutes to create subtitles for because of stopping, starting, and re-watching. A video VA can help transcribe or proof automatic subtitles as well as apply them to your video so they display seamlessly on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other video platforms.

5. Add Sound Effects

Videos without sound effects can seem awkward and like they’re missing something (because they are). A video editing virtual assistant can add natural-sounding audio effects to make your videos even more compelling.

6. Add Titles, Banners, and Graphics

Many videos require graphics, text overlays, and banners. A video editing VA can add these elements to identify people, highlight key points, and clarify a message in your video.

7. Add Intros and Outros

A standardized intro and outro for your videos adds an air of professionalism. A video editing virtual assistant can add these elements at the beginning and end of your video file to help reinforce your brand, promote other content, and look more professional.

8. Edit Order of Video Clips

When a video is being shot, it’s not always done so in the same order as the script or storyboard. This will cause your video file to have clips out of order, which would be very confusing for a viewer. A virtual assistant can rearrange the clips so they’re in the appropriate order and add necessary transitions or overlays.

9. Final Video Review

Like text-based content (blog posts, emails, etc.), videos benefit greatly from a second set of eyes. A video editing VA can do a final review of your video to make sure there are no weird cuts, that all text is spelled correctly, and there are no other out-of-place items.

10. Publishing on YouTube

Depending on the size of your video file, it can take quite a while for your video to upload on YouTube. In addition to uploading the file, a video editing virtual assistant can help with the following:

  • Optimizing video title, description, and keywords
  • Organizing videos into playlists
  • Adding on-brand custom thumbnails

Does this sound like a good opportunity for your business? Read our step-by-step guide for hiring a video editing virtual assistant.

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