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Marketing is an essential component of every e-commerce business, and like many other elements in running one, it continually evolves as the market changes. The tasks related to building and promoting your brand have to be done by a skilled professional who has relevant experience, is adept at using different marketing tools, and up to date with the latest marketing trends. As you take steps to expand your business, hiring a virtual marketing assistant will give you an edge over your competitors.

17 Types of Virtual Assistants to Help Grow Your Business

It is normal to see a hands-on CEO who is very capable of running a business. However, if you want to achieve more, you have to do more – and that means knowing when and what tasks to delegate. This is your next big step to success. Because marketing is a broad field but is very specific when it comes to the tasks, we have a list of virtual marketing assistants who will help drive traffic to your store and increase customer engagement and sales.

1. Social Media Manager

Engaging your customers through social media is one of the most effective strategies to go with if you want to bring your game to the A-level. In the hands of an experienced virtual marketing assistant, you can customize your ads with high-ranking SEO, curate meaningful content, create an impact on your audience, and draw patronage to your brand. A social media manager has the time and the expertise to build a name for you online.

2. Copywriter

Digital marketing is all about connecting with your customers across different media channels. When you invest in this effort, you will need talent and skill in writing to create good copy because in the digital marketing world, content is king. An excellent copywriter will provide all of your marketing content from listings to ads, social media posts, emails, newsletters, and more.

3. Adwords Expert

At one point in your marketing plan, you will invest in Pay Per Click or PPC advertising where keywords make or break an ad campaign. But then, PPC is more than just a bunch of keywords that go well with your product. Adwords specialists have a vast knowledge in this field and you will need their skill in order to set up ad campaigns that convert into sales.

4. Facebook Ads Expert

You can choose to set-up as many ad campaigns as you want, but nothing will come close to the audience reach you can achieve with Facebook ads. Almost everyone is on Facebook and spends hours scrolling through its feed every day. A virtual assistant who is an expert in Facebook Ads can easily target the right customers to get high quality leads.

5. SEO Backlinks Expert

Backlinking is a component of SEO that leads people to your website. Only an SEO backlinks expert has an extensive understanding of how quality and relevant SEO links pointed back to your website help improve your ranking in search engines like Google. Furthermore, backlinks help get you targeted referrals which increases conversions and sales.

6. On-Page SEO Expert

Your website is your store and the higher your ranking on search engines, the more sales you are likely to get. On-page SEO focuses on the elements of your website from the page content to the technical side. A virtual marketing assistant who is adept on on-page SEO will make your website more attractive to search engines and other sites who will be willing to link back to a beautifully made e-commerce store.

7. Content Planner for SEO

There are many types of content that you can utilize to market your brand. It can be a web page, a blog article, an Ad, or a social media post. It can be anything that has the specific purpose of driving search traffic. A virtual assistant with SEO experience will know how to optimize the right kind of content for a specific search engine, which makes planning a vital role in such marketing efforts.

8. Email Marketer

Email marketing is a different form of reaching out to your customers as you try to connect to them directly. Relevant and convincing call-to-action phrases drive more traffic to your business. Apart from just writing the copy for the emails that you will send out, an email marketer would also know how to find leads and time the sending out of emails for maximum effect.

9. Graphic Designer

Whatever the audience sees from your website, social media page, ads, and/or emails must be consistent with your brand. A virtual assistant skilled in graphic design will help maintain your company image across the different kinds of marketing content you will send out.

10. 3D Graphic Designer

With the advancement of technology, our imaginations are brought closer to reality. If an image speaks a thousand words, how much can a 3-dimensional design deliver? Creating 3D models implants clear images of your brand in the minds of customers. The longer the information stays in their minds, the higher the chance of getting their buying decision and making a sale.

11. Traffic Generation Expert

Traffic is what helps a website or an e-store get sales. There are plenty of marketing methods to choose from such as free or paid, getting on social media or creating a blog, and curating content or writing SEO-rich original articles. A traffic generation expert must understand who your target market is and follow their online presence.  

12. Sales Funnel Expert

Most entrepreneurs are not aware of sales funnels and how you can utilize them to become your best and most effective marketing tool. Used correctly, you can generate more traffic and build credibility within your industry. Having a virtual marketing assistant who has a full grasp of sales funnels is critical for your business in order to get more clients, increase profits, and steadily grow your business.

13. Lead Generation Expert

Leads are potential customers that, in relation to the task above, can be captured into your sales funnel to build your database. It is crucial for e-commerce businesses to be able to build a list, especially today where everything moves fast on the internet. In order to catch good leads, you need a marketing expert who can build the perfect landing pages to capture and guide them to make a purchase, and another.

14. Blog Writer

All of us can be writers but it takes talent to come up with words and arrange them in a meaningful way that will get your real message across to your audience. Communication is a talent and a skill, so you need a talented freelance writer to create original content for your blog regularly. With relevant and high-quality content, you can build your brand’s credibility and build a following of customers, prospects and other people within your niche.

15. Photographer

Commercial photography in particular is used by companies to market products and services. Original is always the best, and apart from graphics, you need good photos to fully showcase what your brand can offer. The same as a designer, a photographer is also able to help visualize the image of your brand through perfect professional-looking photos. Instead of just relying on free stock photos, why don’t you hire a virtual marketing assistant who can capture unique images for your brand?

16. Video Editor

One of the steadfast trends marketers have noticed today is the increasing demand for videos. Not to say that videos are better than photos, but definitely, they are more engaging. Hence, incorporating videography into your marketing style is critical nowadays. A video editor does not need to be a professional videographer – a creative virtual assistant who knows how to create eye-catching intros, outros, use awesome effects, and write relevant text is already a good investment.

17. Podcast Editor

Podcasting is another marketing strategy that is steadily rising in popularity within the e-commerce industry. It is definitely a trend that marketers need to follow. Your podcast is the audio equivalent of your blog, for people who don’t get around to reading. A skilled editor is need to be able to plan and produce informative and entertaining episodes that will touch the hearts of your audience. Your most loyal customers are actually your avid podcast followers.

How to Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant

There is no better timing than now to start delegating your marketing tasks to a virtual marketing assistant. If you are ready to take your business to a whole new level, hire virtual assistants to help you multiply your sales and double your profits – which you’d be hard put to take on alone.

Let us help get things started with these tips:

  • Plan out your marketing strategy and list down all the marketing activities your business will undertake.
  • From the list of tasks, choose the ones which you can do without taking up much of your time, and the ones you have experience in.
  • Looking at the rest of the tasks, recognize that these are the ones that are better placed in the capable hands of virtual marketing assistants.
  • Register as a client at and speak with one of the founders – Nate or Connor – to get free and solid advice about hiring top VA talent for each of these tasks.


Marketing is an integral part of the success of your business and delegating such an important area is a risk, especially for start-up businesses and bootstrapping-solopreneurs. If you are still thinking about whether to outsource or not, remember that business is a venture and you need money to make more money. If you really want your profits to exceed your costs, you have to value your time and bring more skills to the table that will enable positive results quickly. Hiring virtual marketing assistants for your e-commerce business is one of the most intelligent and worthwhile investments you can make as a business owner.

If you want to know more about how you can streamline your e-commerce business with a workforce of talented, passionate, and professional freelancers, visit the FreeeUp blog. You will also find awesome tips there to help boost your business.