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If you are a freelancer looking to start contract work or wanting to expand your client base, chances are you feel overwhelmed with the choices available to you online. In the past 5-7 years, thousands of gig-based, freelancing sites have popped up in every corner of the world wide web. We know the time and hassle it can take to wade through these choices.

This list of 50 freelancing websites is designed to show you exactly where new clients can be found quickly, thus eliminating the headache of hours worth googling to find the right fit.


1.  Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance project sites on the Internet currently. It came from the merger of two former giants in the freelancer marketplace sphere, oDesk and Elance. One of the only major drawbacks with Upwork is that they take 20% of your earnings as freelancer.

2.  Guru

Guru has a very similar layout, design & process to Upwork. The main difference between the two is in the amount of fees that freelancers pay. Instead of 20%, Guru only charges between 4.95%-8.95%.

3.  FreeeUp

FreeeUp runs a little differently than most Freelance marketplace sites. The main focus is recruiting and finding the top 1% of freelancers to effectively complete projects. Unlike other sites, freelancers do not pay any fees, out of their earnings or otherwise.

4.  Freelancer

Freelancer allows individuals to apply to projects and make submissions to ongoing design contests. It offers a wide array of global talent, clients and diverse projects.

5.  We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a board for all niches of freelance services, including customer service, programming and more. All tasks are location independent.

6.  Fiverr

Here you can offer just about any kind of freelance service at a starting rate of $5 per project. Note that the quality of offerings may vary, and you need to distinguish yourself from the rest. You can get a consistent flow there, however, and clients like it because they can find inexpensive help for one-off projects.

7.  Onsite

A marketplace of freelance opportunities in a variety of fields. It’s an invite-only platform, and you’ll have to provide work examples to be considered for admission.

8.  Folyo

A platform that connects businesses with a network of freelancers and influencers who review their needs and refer them to different freelancers who might be the right fit.

9.  Indeed

Indeed gathers data from opportunities from around the Internet all in one place. You can easily find more than 2,000 remote opportunities on the site.

10.  Skip The Drive

Skip The Drive offers a database of searchable remote positions in business, accounting, web development, human resources, customer service, engineering, and more.

11.  Matchist

Matchist is platform where anyone can submit a project idea they want to bring to life. They are going through a few internal changes currently but overall it is a solid platform.

13.   FlexJobs

FlexJobs is all about finding you flexible, telecommute opportunities. All positions are hand-screened.

14.   Freelanced

Freelanced is a social network designed just for freelancers. You set up your profile, set your rates and apply for projects on the site.

15.   Working Nomads

Working Nomads offers a curated list of openings delivered to your inbox. It’s catered towards people who want to be location independent.

16.   Virtual Vocations

This platform offers a hand-selected database of online telecommute positions from more than 2,500 vetted companies. The website updates with more than 450 new opportunities every day.

17. Remotive  

Remotive offers an online board of various freelance positions in marketing, sales, engineering, human resources, and a few other areas.

18.  People Per Hour

People Per Hour was originally designed for freelance positions inside the UK, but there are now opportunities from around the world for freelancers in every niche.

19.  CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps is an online community helping businesses find local or remote professionals to help with their marketing, content creation, designs and more.

20.  Crowdsite

On Crowdsite, clients post a 140-character shout describing their freelance needs.  Their main focus is on design and content projects.

21.  Project4Hire

Recently acquired by; Project4Hire is an online freelancing platform for all sorts of services including IT, web development, translation, and more. You have to pay a 5% project fee at the beginning of every project, but it will be refunded if the client falls through.

22.  Linkedin ProFinder

Linkedin ProFinder is still a relatively new feature for the platform. Linkedin now offers a professional services marketplace helping businesses find the best freelance or independent professionals in their area or remotely.

23.  iFreelance

iFreelance is another platform for many different kinds of freelancers, including writers, coders, and marketers. As far as I know, it’s also one of the only platforms out there that lets you keep 100% of what you earn.

24.  Damongo

Damongo calls itself the #1 website for micro jobs online. A lot like Fiverr, you can get paid for completing a wide variety of simple tasks related to graphic design, business, music, audio, and more.

25.  Aquent

Aquent offers a community of creative, digital, marketing and technical professionals from around the world that you can join. As a member, you can help fill gaps in digital and marketing positions for various companies in their network both online and onsite.

26.  YunoJuno

YunoJuno is another great platform that helps connect businesses with top freelancers. It also offers features to support contracts and invoices. They also offer onsite freelance project for companies in New York & London.

27.  MeFi Jobs

MeFi is creates projects based on location. They create a map of available opportunities based on longitude and latitude so it is easy to search.

28.   Krop

Krop offers a simple board for various positions, from marketing to design, administration and more.

29.  Rat Race Rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion is a platform that helps people find real work-from-home positions easily. They host a board with over 100,000 positions listed.

30. ThumbTack

ThumbTack is designed to help businesses find help with just about any kind of service locally or remotely, whether it be car repairs, photography, accounting, or more. The site is catered to helping people find someone close by that can help.

31. is yet another marketplace that helps to match freelancers and clients in a streamlined way.

Web Development & Design

32.  Hirable

Hirable connects businesses with freelance developers for projects. They also pre-screen before connecting you with potential clients.

33.  WPHired

WPHired is a platform focused on helping you find freelance tasks related to WordPress needs, including design, plugin development, theme development and more.


RemoteOK is focused on helping freelancers work from anywhere. Most of the projects listed are in tech or design but a few projects in writing & marketing appear occasionally as well.

35.  Mashable

Mashable is tech news site that has recently expanded its offerings to include postings for a variety of positions in the tech sector.

36.  PowerToFly

PowertoFly is an online community focused on women in the tech & design sector. They want to give women a chance to grab amazing opportunities regardless of location.

37. was created for developers and designers to facilitate connections with companies who need freelance work done. Many large companies like Amazon use them for projects.

38.  99Designs

99Designs is the go-to site on the web for businesses who need logos, websites, and other material designed. Businesses post opportunities and designers submit their creations.


39.  ProBlogger

Problogger is a board for open writing positions across the internet. It is a go to resource for quick writing projects.

40.  Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is an online database of open positions and freelance opportunities in all areas of media. Many of the positions may be not be location-independent.

41.  MediaBistro

MediaBistro is another great board that writers, editors, and other professionals can use to connect with companies in their industry. The site features thousands of remote positions.

42.  Online Writing Jobs

This site is a great place to find simple writing gigs online. A wide variety of niches and industries are represented here.

43.  TextBroker

Founded in 2005, Textbroker is a platform that connects businesses with professional writers in a simple and straightforward manner.

44.  DailyPosts

DailyPosts is a freelance writing agency based in the UK. They work with writers and client across the world to create effective content.

45.  The Shelf

On this platform, you can connect with other businesses and become an influencer to help them reach the right audience using your writing services.


46.  Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a leading board for designers, hackers, and more. Both normal 9-5 positions and remote projects are available.

47.  Sologig

Sologig is a searchable database of IT projects. You can search for positions based on keywords or location. There are many remote options available.

48.   Gigster

Gigster is a platform that connects companies and entrepreneurs with developers, designers and project managers to help them streamline  with their projects. They use a vetting process similar to FreeeUp to ensure quality.

49.  FreelancerMap

FreelancerMap can help you find freelance, contract positions in the IT industry from around the world.

50.  Dice

Dice is another online search platform for a variety tech positions. You can search based on title or keywords and location.


Now that you know where to look for your next freelance project or hire, where will you start?

Make a list of your top five sites and spend some time getting to know how they work before committing to using just one.

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