outsourcing development

7 Questions To Ask When Outsourcing Development

    One of the most common concerns that business owners have is efficiently growing their company with minimal-to-no risk. When it comes to these growth standards, you begin to understand you can get more work done by outsourcing development to professionals in their industry. You may be wondering if it makes sense for your […]

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Remote Weekly Meeting

4 Steps to Run a Remote Weekly Meeting

    So maybe you haven’t actually run a remote weekly meeting yet. You have reached out to individual workers, but just for task tracking. Or maybe you have set a remote weekly meeting, but it’s not going so well. Maybe you have trouble getting value out of it. Maybe workers are not into it, […]

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Recognize Remote Workers

5 Unique Ways to Recognize Remote Workers

  Business owners who outsource need to make an effort to recognize remote workers to improve productivity. Most telecommute workers are happier working from home. However, the reality is that many of them also find that working from home can be stressful. Freelancers must prove that they are hard workers who are not taking advantage […]

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worker timesheets

How Worker Timesheets Can Increase Performance

  Worker timesheets are often a necessity for both business owners and workers, but traditional timesheet methods often fall short. They’re time-consuming, usually full of mistakes, and nobody likes filling them in or reviewing them. However, the development of automated time tracking apps has paved the way for a much easier way to track how […]

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