Amazon Buy Box Bible

How a Customer-First Strategy and the Amazon Buy Box Work Together

  One of Amazon’s foundational principles is customer-obsession. Business owners are taught to “start with the customer and work backwards.” The e-commerce giant’s sales platforms and algorithms align with this standard, as they are designed to highlight and reward sellers who provide outstanding customer service and performance. In this article, we will explore how Amazon […]

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remote culture

How to Make Remote Culture Work for You

  The Remote Culture Boom As digital infrastructure and consumer technology has become completely ubiquitous across most of the world, the idea of hiring a worker from another city, state or even another country has become entirely effortless. A major driving force behind the remote culture boom is because of how easy it is to […]

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growth on Amazon

9 Tools to Accelerate Growth on Amazon

    Chances are, as a business owner, one of your key goals is growth on Amazon as a seller. Not only that, but also scaling quickly. How do you actually do that? Thinking about a strategy for long-term growth on Amazon can be overwhelming, especially when you’re running the day-to-day operations of an e-commerce […]

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communicate with freelancers

How Do I Communicate With Freelancers?

  The key to organizing a business run by freelance hires is to have a good system to communicate with freelancers. Hiring freelancers can become addictive, but it can also get overwhelming. They can be scattered all over the globe, or working at different times of the day and night even if they’re in your […]

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manage workers remotely

How to Manage Workers Remotely Using Your Smartphone

  Company leaders need to learn how to manage workers remotely as they shift from traditional hiring to the freelance option. There are numerous skilled and talented people around the globe that can help build a company. Therefore, company leaders are enticed to hire people from different cities, states, and countries. Leaders have realized that […]

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eCommerce VAs

6 eCommerce VAs to Hire in 2018

  eCommerce has been steadily on the rise for the past couple of years, and 2017 told the same story.  With behemoths like Amazon and Alibaba leading the way, the industry continued to dominate and is expected to continue to do so throughout 2018. With thousands of brick and mortar stores closing shop due to […]

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