small business clarity

The Jump from Chaos to Small Business Clarity

  I am Jason Scott Montoya, and I’ve been freelancing full-time since early 2014. I have been working with small business owners to grow themselves and their income. I also work with small business clients to build virtual teams of freelancers, sometimes utilizing the talented freelancers at FreeeUp. As my freelancing journey progressed, I applied the lessons learned and systems created from my prior seven-year journey as a marketing firm owner. I became so successful […]

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hire remote freelancers online

Work from Home: Top 50 Companies that Hire Remote Freelancers Online

  We live in a world full of technology and remote capabilities that allow companies to hire remote freelancers online. We are no longer limited by geography when it comes to the people or projects that we choose. In fact, more and more companies all over the world hire remotely online to fill the shoes previously worn by in-house full-timers. And why shouldn’t they? Hire Remote Freelancers Online to Boost Business With remote freelancers, businesses […]

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upwork alternatives

5 Upwork Alternatives for Finding Top Talent Faster

  Upwork is one of the most popular global freelance platforms today, having millions of registered freelancers from all over the world with a multitude of skills and services to offer. Despite the wide pool of talent, however, some clients still find it difficult to secure the success of their projects. Companies are always on the lookout for an UpWork alternative. Since the growth of the freelance economy, the options for both clients and freelancers […]

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Amazon consultant

5 Traits of Great Amazon Consultants

  Investing money in Amazon consultants can be very rewarding. A consultant can balance the experience and expertise in areas you may lack. Nowadays there are thousands of professional Amazon consultants, advisors and consulting agencies. Everyone claims to be the smartest, most experienced and most professional in the industry. Even though it’s never been easier to find an Amazon consultant online, it can still be difficult to find out if the advisor of your choice […]

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what is a freelancer

What is a Freelancer and How Do They Help Your Company?

  What is a Freelancer? Curious about what a freelancer is? Interested in hiring one? In this article, we’ll explain how a freelancer is different from a regular employee. We’ll then discuss how you can use the unique advantages of using freelancers to help your business grow. A Freelancer is someone who works on a contract basis for a client, rather than working as a full-time employee. Typically, freelancers work for more than one client […]

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hire a freelancer for your amazon store

How to Hire a Freelancer for your Amazon Store

  You may have not yet had a chance to hire a freelancer for your Amazon store. But if you are running a thriving online store, you likely already know the value of good help. In order to build a booming business, you have to hire skilled people at some point to help with the day-to-day tasks. You simply cannot expect to scale your business to the heights that you aspire to if you insist […]

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eBay SEO

10 eBay SEO Secrets: How to Rank First in eBay’s Cassini Algorithm

  These are our top tips on ranking first with eBay SEO designed to please the Cassini algorithm. But first, a bit of interesting trivia: What do a 17th-century astronomer and eCommerce have in common? More than you’d think. Today, eBay sellers are often mystified by Cassini, the sophisticated algorithm that ranks listings and search results on the platform. In 1675, Giovanni Cassini, the algorithm’s namesake, discovered gaps between Saturn’s rings. He was able to […]

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diversify hiring with freelancers

Why You Need to Diversify Hiring and How to Keep it Feasible

  The best reason to diversify hiring is to gain access to a wider knowledge pool. In today’s world where so many changes are taking place rapidly, it is important to keep up with the times. But, how do you keep up with the times when things are changing before you even know they exist? You may not know, but someone else does, and they can shed some light on certain innovation and new technology. […]

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profitable product listing

How to Build a Profitable Product Listing on Shopify with FreeeUp

  As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your goal is not just to find interesting, high-quality products that customers buy over and over again. One of the biggest challenges in running a Shopify store is how to build a profitable product listing. Coming up with a guaranteed collection of inventory that continues to sell gives you a chance to explore and focus on other streams of revenue for your business. Without the right expertise and focus, even […]

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