product reviews

Ways to Get More Product Reviews in 2018

  Product reviews play an important role in the success of any Amazon seller. Amazon users rely heavily on this feedback from other users when making decisions about whether or not to purchase a particular product. Amazon has made the integrity of product reviews a continued priority, allowing users to put absolute faith in the […]

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ecommerce freelancers

36 Key eCommerce Freelancers to Grow your Business

  Running and managing an ecommerce account is not a one-man show.  Though most of the work is done online, there’s no question that as a business owner, you’ll be needing all the help you can get from ecommerce freelancers. While hiring experts and specialists makes a lot of sense, the hiring process should be […]

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Run Completely By Freelancers

Can An eCommerce Store Be Run Completely By Freelancers?

    ECommerce is one of the most resource-intensive businesses online. An online store owner is expected to wear multiple hats every single day in running their business. The role involves negotiating with suppliers, listing your products, marketing your business, managing ads, attending to customer support requests, handling shipments, managing reviews and so on. Despite […]

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amazon prime day

5 Tips to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

  Amazon Prime Day is such a big event that it can be mistaken for a national holiday. It isn’t. However, it must be a significant event for Amazon to hold it every year. The big box giant of e-commerce has taken their growth to a whole new level. This day has become a strategy […]

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