amazon prime day

5 Tips to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

  Amazon Prime Day is such a big event that it can be mistaken for a national holiday. It isn’t. However, it must be a significant event for Amazon to hold it every year. The big box giant of e-commerce has taken their growth to a whole new level. This day has become a strategy […]

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learn from Amazon

How Online Retailers Can Learn from Amazon

  Amazon has become a staple in the eCommerce industry; however, this success hasn’t come easy. Thanks to 22 years trying different things — some that failed and others that didn’t — Amazon has found success. Today, it’s reported that fifty-five percent of people start their product search on Amazon. From reviews to their worldwide […]

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productive remote freelancers

3 Top Characteristics of Productive Remote Freelancers

    The world’s workforce is changing. Remote freelancers are taking the driver’s seat. Individuals are ditching the nine to five drag for more favorable working conditions in the comfort of their homes. While this holds several potential benefits for both businesses and workers, it also comes with a plethora of complications on your end. […]

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Effective Confrontation Emails

5 Steps to Effective Confrontation Emails

  When working with contractors or freelancers there are bound to be some confrontation emails coming. Working with freelancers is different from managing regular workers in an office. How you send those confrontation emails to resolve issues is also very different. Communication issues are common, largely because email tends to be relied upon when dealing […]

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Amazon Listing Optimization

A Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization

  These days, it’s all about Amazon listing optimization. Getting your product listed on Amazon is the easy part. Getting that product seen by eager buyers is the real challenge.  Amazon’s Sponsored Products pay-per-click marketing platform should be part of your strategy. That’s going to cut into your profits, though, and won’t be as effective […]

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Amazon Buy Box Bible

How a Customer-First Strategy and the Amazon Buy Box Work Together

  One of Amazon’s foundational principles is customer-obsession. Business owners are taught to “start with the customer and work backwards.” The e-commerce giant’s sales platforms and algorithms align with this standard, as they are designed to highlight and reward sellers who provide outstanding customer service and performance. In this article, we will explore how Amazon […]

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remote culture

How to Make Remote Culture Work for You

  The Remote Culture Boom As digital infrastructure and consumer technology has become completely ubiquitous across most of the world, the idea of hiring a worker from another city, state or even another country has become entirely effortless. A major driving force behind the remote culture boom is because of how easy it is to […]

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